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ZIRO incorporates Dubber to boost productivity for Microsoft Teams

ZIRO incorporates Dubber to boost productivity for Microsoft Teams
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An IT company with a promise to make unified communications simple and easy by updating and managing technology in a dynamic workplace, ZIRO has signed a Foundation Partner Agreement with Melbourne, Australia based world’s leading provider of cloud native unified communications Dubber Corporations Limited which would integrate a wide range of products from Dubber, such as the newly launched Dubber Notes and Dubber Moments, as functions in Microsoft Teams. This service will be available to every user and will be launched in January 2023 by ZIRO and elevated by Dubber Foundation Program.

An engagement model, Dubber Foundation program is a solution that focuses on availability of Dubber to every user allowing differentiation from other service providers and opening a plethora of opportunities by improving viability. This program enables Dubber to embed their product into every service, as a feature, to the end user. In this way, both the product and the service provider can engage with the customer directly and drive improved margin, accretive revenues and differentiation and retention for the Service Provider.

The CEO of Dubber Steve McGovern said: “We’re really pleased to be launching a ‘Notes’ based Foundation program with ZIRO which will enable a fantastic user experience for their customers. ZIRO’s passion for innovation and market leading features for their Unified Communications services fits perfectly with the aspirations of Dubber’s ground-breaking platform. Customers can put away their pen and paper and enjoy AI driven note taking as a source of information and productivity without having to rely on ‘whole of conversation’ transcription.”

“We look forward to working with ZIRO to help them capitalize on their differentiated product offering to continually deliver more outcomes for more customers, turning UC into an increasingly valuable tool at the core of everyday life and business workflows.”

By setting up Dubber Moments within all MS teams subscription provided by ZIRO, the Colorado established company aims to deliver increased productivity and value so that their end users get an exceptional user experience. Customers can upgrade from Dubber moments to a feature-complete Dubber Notes which serves a full AI powered automation for call and meeting note taking. Other features include auto actions, speakers, sections of conversation, topic and Dubber Moments which would facilitate users to manage communications.  

The CEO of ZIRO, Steven Karachinsky said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Dubber because they share our passion for innovation and no-hassle values. They take recording to a whole new level by making it accurate, compliant, and actionable. That speaks volumes to us and to our customers, especially those in healthcare and financial institutions. How many times have we sat in meetings and either forgotten to take notes or dreaded making sense of a native app’s transcription? With Dubber, those days are over. We look forward to working with Dubber and to continue providing more value to customers by making UC easier than ever.”

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