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YouAttest Partnered with JumpCloud for Identity Governance

YouAttest Identity Governance
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YouAttest has announced a partnership with JumpCloud, an open directory platform that allows IT, security operations, and DevOps to control and manage employee identities, and devices to apply Zero Trust principles in a secure, frictionless manner. Customers can get a cost-effective and easy-to-implement open directory platform with an Identity Governance solution from JumpCloud and YouAttest. YouAttest’s cloud-based identity governance allows you to review and attest all privileges, including group privileges, which are the foundation of roles and trust in a zero-trust architecture.

Garret Grajek, CEO and Founder of YouAttest commented, “Our partnership with JumpCloud comes at an ideal time when we are seeing a shift in the Identity Management ecosystem. JumpCloud’s open directory platform has an incredible unified device management solution that will greatly benefit from the YouAttest cloud certification process that we provide. While YouAttest will continue to expand on functionality and messaging around the JumpCloud’s open directory platform, we are also anticipating working on advanced concepts such as automated identity triggers and identity attestation as it relates to the Zero Trust architecture.”

YouAttest offers a simple solution to meet these requirements. The product is intended to be simple to use for risk managers and business-line managers conducting the reviews. The entire review, certify, revoke, and report access process takes place within the console, with no assistance from IT or other technical support services required. YouAttest is now directly integrated with JumpCloud to streamline this critical security and compliance process, reducing cost, complexity, and error.

The NIST 800-53 Cybersecurity Framework, for example, states that enterprises must review their identity and access privileges regularly. These NIST best practices are followed by regulatory guidelines, which specifically require the user access reviews that YouAttest performs for JumpCloud clients. HIPAA/HITRUST (Health Care), PCI-DSS (Retail), SOC2 (Cloud), ISO 27001 (International), SOX (Public), CMMC (D.O.D. contractors), and others are examples of compliance frameworks.

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