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Xiaomi Showcased Privacy Rules and Protections Practices at June Meeting

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At the Xiaomi Science and Technology Park, Xiaomi's Security and Privacy Awareness Month came to a close today. Xiaomi showcased its information security and privacy protection procedures to its staff, industry professionals and the general public during the June activities.

At the Xiaomi Science and Technology Park, Xiaomi’s Security and Privacy Awareness Month ended today. Xiaomi showcased its information security and privacy protection procedures to its staff, industry professionals and the general public during the June activities. It also issued white papers on security and privacy, as well as a data security transparency report.

Xiaomi’s Security and Privacy Awareness Month is in its second year. The topic for this year was ” Security is our shared responsibility. Always think before you act.” The goal was to demonstrate Xiaomi’s dedication to industry-leading security and privacy standards, as well as its commitment to transparency.

“As a leading Android smartphone manufacturer, we carry a great responsibility. We are committed to letting consumers know how their personal information is collected, used, and protected. We are proud to say that Xiaomi upholds world-class standards on security, privacy, and transparency,” said Cui Baoqiu, Xiaomi Vice President and Chairman of Xiaomi Security and Privacy Committee.

Xiaomi has always prioritised the security and privacy of its users’ data. Xiaomi formed its Security and Privacy Committee in 2014. Xiaomi was the first Chinese company to receive TrustArc accreditation in 2016. In 2018, Xiaomi passed the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance assessment. Xiaomi’s security and privacy processes like ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018 were certified in 2019. The first version of the MIUI security and privacy white paper were published.

Employees and guests learnt about security and privacy issues during this year’s month-long event. These included an interactive exhibition on how to preserve personal information. Employees were also given classes from Xiaomi’s Security Academy, which covered subjects such as “How to Stick to Privacy Protection in Product Development,” “General Safety Research and Development,” and “Business Risk Control,” among others. Thousands of engineers were given the opportunity to act as “hackers” and compete in a coding competition to tackle privacy concerns as part of the Xiaomi Cup CTF competition.

During the month, two key privacy papers were released: the MIUI Privacy White Paper and the Xiaomi loT Privacy White Paper. They provide an overview of Xiaomi’s privacy rules and practices in MIUI and IoT products, as well as information on what types of user data are collected and how they are handled and safeguarded. They also showed the privacy policies of each MIUI app as well as all regularly used loT goods.

Xiaomi’s privacy protection principles are transparency, responsibility, user control, security, and compliance. Xiaomi complies with local regulations in every market where it operates. It will never stop producing safe and dependable products all around the world in order to enable everyone live a better life through innovative technology.

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