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Waterfall Security Solutions joins Yokogawa to improve industrial security 

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Waterfall Security Solutions, a leading provider of industrial cybersecurity solutions, has announced a partnership with Yokogawa, a major player in the industrial automation and control systems market. The partnership aims to improve the security of industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) networks, which are critical to the operation of many industrial and infrastructure facilities. 

The partnership will see Waterfall’s “unidirectional security gateways” integrated into Yokogawa’s control systems. These gateways allow data to flow only in one direction, from the control system to a secure network, preventing malicious actors from accessing and manipulating the control system. This is a crucial measure for protecting against cyberattacks, which can have disastrous consequences on industrial operations. 

According to Waterfall, their unidirectional security gateways will provide an additional layer of security to Yokogawa’s control systems, ensuring that unauthorized access to the control system is prevented and that any cyberattacks are detected and blocked. Yokogawa’s control systems are used in a wide range of industries, including power, oil and gas, chemical, and water and wastewater. 

Yokogawa is a major player in the industrial automation and control systems market, with a strong reputation for providing reliable and secure control systems. The partnership with Waterfall is in line with Yokogawa’s commitment to ensuring the security of its control systems and improving the overall security of industrial operations. 

This collaboration between the two companies is expected to enable customers to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks that can cause data breaches, service disruptions and ultimately disrupt the critical infrastructure. It also allows for a more safe and secure environment for the organization which in turn helps a better protection for the people working at the facility, nearby communities, and the environment. 

Iijima Katsunori, GM of Cyber Security Management at Yokogawa Electric stated, “Operational and technical reliability is a key focus at Yokogawa. Our collaboration with Waterfall will improve the security posture of Yokogawa customers and will enable better protection of critical industrial infrastructures from targeted ransomware and nation-state attacks. 

Yokogawa is proud and excited to support this initiative with Waterfall to better serve the security needs of our joint customers.” 

The partnership between Waterfall Security Solutions and Yokogawa is a major step forward in the effort to improve the security of industrial control systems and operational technology networks. As the number of cyberattacks on these systems continues to increase, it is essential that companies take proactive measures to protect their industrial operations from these threats. 

Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder at Waterfall commented, “Our global collaboration with Yokogawa is driven by a shared commitment to secure critical infrastructures around the world. Waterfall and Yokogawa have been aligned globally for many years. Together, we bring to our mutual customers strong unidirectional protections to meet modern cybersecurity challenges. We look forward to continuing our close cooperation in the years ahead.” 

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