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Wallarm API Leak Management helps to detect API keys and secrets  

Wallarm API Leak Management helps to detect API keys and secrets   
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Wallarm has released the Wallarm API Leak Management solution, an improved API security technology designed to assist organizations in identifying and remediating attacks based on leaked API keys and secrets, as well as providing ongoing protection against hacks in the event of a leak. 

Ivan Novikov, CEO of Wallarm commented, “API keys and secrets are an essential part of enterprise applications, but they are also a common target for attackers since they provide direct access to the data and infrastructure. 

Our API Leak Management solution allows enterprise customers to automatically detect and block the use of leaked API keys, providing an additional layer of security for their data to reduce organizational risk.” 

In light of the recent surge in hacks involving leaked API keys and other API secrets, Wallarm created the API Leak Management solution to provide a comprehensive solution to this problem by automatically detecting leaked API keys and secrets, implementing controls to prevent their use, and protecting against any subsequent attacks. 

This prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data within enterprise organizations while also protecting internal operations and end users from unauthorized use of that data. 

Wallarm’s proactive API leak management solution prioritizes automated detection, remediation, and control via a three-pronged approach: 

Detect: Wallarm automatically scans public sources for leaked API secrets, which hackers can find and exploit in less than a minute. 

Remediate: Wallarm immediately blocks requests that use compromised API secrets across the entire API portfolio, regardless of protocol. 

Control: Wallarm also monitors and prevents the use of leaked API secrets in the future. 

The Wallarm API Management solution is integrated with other Wallarm capabilities such as API Discovery, API Threat Prevention, and Cloud-Native WAAP. The Wallarm API Security Platform provides customers with full-spectrum visibility, detection, and protection across their entire web application and API portfolio, regardless of protocol or environment. This reduces tool sprawl and costs while improving risk management and fostering innovation. 

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