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VMware Releases VMware Carbon Black Workload for AWS

VMware Releases VMware Carbon Black Workload for AWS
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VMware, an American cloud computing and virtualization technology company, launched VMware Carbon Black Workload for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide protection that is especially suited for safeguarding both conventional and cutting-edge workloads.

By utilizing a single unified console that integrates into current infrastructure, security and information technology (IT) teams will be able to decrease attack surfaces, reinforce security postures, and achieve uniform and unified visibility for workloads running on AWS, VMware Cloud, and on-premises.

VMware Carbon Black Workload for AWS gives security teams access to workloads that are ephemeral and transitory in nature, providing authoritative context to aid AWS customers in tightening application security. In addition to further reducing the attack surface by hardening workloads and identifying risks automatically, CI/CD packages for sensor deployment also make agent lifetime management simpler. Following this launch, AWS clients will be able to gain deeper, more thorough, and more comprehensive visibility into the workloads that go beyond the first deployment of the VMware Carbon Black Workload sensor by onboarding their AWS account.

Furthermore, to monitor attacker behavioral patterns over time and assist in attack prevention, VMware Carbon Black Workload for AWS also integrates fundamental vulnerability assessment, workload hardening, and next-generation antivirus (NGAV). In order to prevent hunting for the same threat again, AWS customers can now use enterprise threat hunting for workloads that integrate behavioral endpoint detection and response (EDR). This information goes into VMware Contexa, a threat intelligence cloud that enables visibility, management, and workload anomaly detection while reducing the distance between attackers and defenders.

“Security and IT teams lack visibility and control in highly dynamic and distributed environments. VMware Carbon Black Workload for AWS improves collaboration between these teams via a single consolidated platform for all workloads, regardless of where they’re running, to help defenders see and stop more threats. This real-time visibility into workloads helps prevent attacks on your most valuable assets and provides AWS customers a finite surface area to protect”, said Jason Rolleston, Vice President of Product Management and Co-general Manager for VMware’s Security Business Unit.

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