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Vicarius Launched Nmap Scan Analysis to Identify High-risk Assets

Vicarius Nmap scan anlysis
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

Vicarius Nmap Scan Analysis is the most versatile tool for port scanning, network discovery, and security auditing. Nmap helps security and IT professionals determine which hosts are available, what services they offer, what operating systems are in use, and what software versions are installed on each host. Vicarius is offering Nmap Scan Analysis services for free to help security professionals, IT administrators, and pen-testers who use Nmap with vulnerability assessment, prioritization, and remediation.

Michael Assraf, CEO of Vicarius stated, “We’ve long believed in the value of open-source projects and the community that supports them. This is an exciting way for us to give back and contribute to the Nmap legacy. With our integrated analysis, we are putting more resources and sound decision making in the hands of system and network administrators and leading the way for democratizing security tools.”

Nmap is praised by network administrators for its pace, flexibility, and performance. The scan results can be difficult to interpret, particularly as the network’s scope grows. Vicarius hopes to enhance what is already one of the most valued resources in the security community by providing comprehensive data visualization.

Users can import an XML file of a Nmap scan result directly into the Vicarius TOPIA dashboard using Nmap Scan Analysis. Following the completion of the analysis, users are presented with a comprehensive and visually coherent interpretation of their results, which includes open ports, services, operating systems, and detected CVEs. The tool is available for free on the company’s website.

Vicarius has made its Nmap scripts available to the public via its Github repository. Vicarius engineers will push code updates and new features directly to the open-source project, ensuring that enhancements are always available. Nmap users can expect improved precision, dynamically updated CVE content, and daily CVE updates. The company has also set up a Research Center, which offers free and unlimited access to the world’s CVE database, as well as information on vulnerable apps and operating systems.

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