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Viakoo Launched Device Certificate Manager

Viakoo Launched Device Certificate Manager
A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

To help enterprises expand Zero Trust to IoT Networks, Viakoo, the leader in IoT vulnerability remediation, launched Device Certificate Manager (DCM) as an addition to the Viakoo Action Platform. DCM can use 802.1x certificates to authenticate devices and TLS certificates to encrypt traffic. Automating the IoT certificate process ensures that approved IoT devices maintain consistent and secure network connectivity.

Organizations can achieve Zero Trust for their IoT infrastructure at scale with Viakoo DCM automation while improving efficiency. All software modifications, zero-trust certificate provisioning and administration, and password enforcement are managed by the Viakoo Action Platform, an automated, agentless, and scalable solution for enterprise IoT device rehabilitation and repatriation. It not only fixes IoT device vulnerabilities but also allows them to reconnect to the corporate network in a secure manner.

The CEO, and Founder of Viakoo, Bud Broomhead stated, “As more and more organizations leverage the power of IoT devices, the IoT attack surface simultaneously expands. Deploying certificates manually device by device across geographies and vendor systems is not efficient or secure. We’re at a point where it’s essential to automate IoT security processes to contend with the scale of these environments.”

In today’s rapidly developing IoT settings the process of installing and maintaining certificates for multiple IoT devices from several suppliers across countries is not feasible. Enumerable organizations protect their networks by manually verifying that every device connected to the network has valid 802.1x and TLS certificates. At nearly any scale, the Viakoo Action Platform with DCM provides centralized, automated, full life cycle management for 802.1x and TLS certificates.

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