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Veriff Modifies Its Face Match Identity Verification Technology

Veriff Modifies Its Face Match Identity Verification Technology
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A global identity verification service provider, Veriff has updated its Face Match identity verification technology. Face Match’s latest version speeds up creating a user verification procedure by using face biometrics (through a selfie) to match the returning user. It analyzes the person’s selfie to Veriff’s existing session data, allowing it to immediately recognize the user and activate their re-authentication settings, and workpiece and promote a more pleasant user engagement.

Veriff founder and CEO, Kaarel Kotkas, stated “For the past six years we’ve been working to build the most accurate verification service on the market. Now we are ready to launch a continuous authentication Face Match product that represents another step in the identity workflow. It enables biometrics to secure accounts throughout their whole lifetime making account takeover fraud history.”

Veriff’s AI-powered Face Match technology verifies that a returning user is who they say they are by employing biometric techniques to detect and mitigate fraudulent actions including account takeover and identity theft, while also reducing user friction.

Growing consumer verification and ongoing KYC are currently popular throughout all online enterprises. As the cryptocurrency industry depends on the notion of seamless virtual currency transfers, authentication is becoming increasingly important for businesses in this field as the demand for actual end-user security develops.

Veriff’s upgraded Face Match solution will provide the following benefits to users:

  • Increased protection against account takeovers. Face Match will need to confirm user actions like adding a new bank account, requesting a significant withdrawal, or logging in from a different location.
  • Increased asset protection.  Veriff’s biometric analysis improves overall safety in a simple, secure, transparent, and reliable way.
  • User security was maintained through a single solution setup. Current user and customer re-authentication activities are time-consuming.
  • Verify identity using a secure and reliable method. If users need to reset their crypto account credentials, Face Match assures that only the account owner has access.

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