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Venafi Joins VMware Tanzu for Cloud Native Machine Identity Management

Venafi Joins VMware Tanzu for Cloud Native Machine Identity Management
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The creator and industry pioneer of machine identity management, Venafi, declared that VMware has integrated its Tanzu Service Mesh with Venafi’s machine identity control plane. With the Venafi integration, Tanzu customers can implement bilateral Transport Layer Security (mTLS) across Kubernetes clusters by integrating their Service Mesh with a trustworthy certificate authority (CA) of their choice.

In terms of machine identity management, Venafi is the market leader in cybersecurity. Venafi products manage and safeguard identities for all sorts of machines from the ground up, including IoT and physical devices as well as software programs, APIs, and containers. For all machine identity types, as well as the security and dependability issues related to them, Venafi offers global visibility, lifecycle automation, and actionable intelligence. Using Kubernetes and OpenShift, Jetstack, a Venafi company, provides enterprises with cloud-native solutions and strategic advice.

“It’s exciting to see VMware simplify customers’ cloud native journey, while still ensuring enterprise-grade security,” comments Kevin Bocek, VP of Security Strategy and Threat Intelligence at Venafi. “Other service mesh – such as Istio – only support self-signedmachine identities out-of-the-box, which fall outside of companies’ existing machine identity management infrastructure and trust chains. It’s great to see VMWare is addressing this security gap by tapping into the control plane for machine identity management in a frictionless way and security-team approved,” he adds.

Through sophisticated security and end-to-end connectivity, VMware Tanzu Service Mesh offers security and connection for application domains across cloud-native Kubernetes systems, allowing conformity with data protection and privacy laws and Service Level Objectives (SLOs). It accomplishes this by assisting in the regulation of east-west traffic across application workloads, APIs, and data as well as north-south traffic from clients at the application edge via mesh egress and ingress. By enabling businesses to automate the administration of the machine identity lifecycles as a part of their preexisting CA trust chains, the Venafi integration improves the Tanzu Service Mesh. By doing so, compliance in regulated businesses is ensured while observability and control are increased.

Customers can:

  • automate the creation and restoration of machine identities using Venafi’s control plane, which enables developers to work quickly and securely.
  • Instead of depending on self-signed mTLS identities, users can create identities from more than 40 trusted certificate authorities (CAs) that are compatible with their organization’s trust chain.
  • Gain unrivaled control over machine identity management with unrestricted observability, consistency, reliability, and flexibility of choice, ensuring legal compliance.

With enterprise control over digital innovation, California-based company VMware is a top provider of multi-cloud solutions for all apps. VMware software provides businesses with the adaptability and options they need to create the future as a dependable basis to accelerate innovation.

Vice president and chief technology officer at VMware, Pere Monclus says, “We are thrilled about the integration with Venafi, enabling our customers to use Tanzu Service Mesh in their own enterprise CA trust chain and use their own registry system.” 

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