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Variscite Introduced Over-the-Air Updates for IoT and Edge Security

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Variscite introduced improved security for IoT and edge devices that use Variscite SoMs. Integrations with Variscite and leading third-party providers enable advanced over-the-air (OTA) software updates on edge devices based on its SoMs, such as the popular i.MX 8M series and i.MX 6UL, both of which are frequently used in IoT devices.

Ofer Austerlitz, VP of Business Development and Sales at Variscite stated, “Variscite is strategically enabling our customers’ access to the most advanced platforms to help build secure devices from the ground up, manage security over their entire lifecycle and ease the process to reduce time to market. The days are long gone when a technician can physically update every device with an SD card or USB drive, and OTA updates are no longer a nice-to-have feature, they’re a necessity.”

Variscite partners with Foundries.io, Sequitur Labs, JFrog (formerly Upswift), and Mender to provide device developers with an expanding range of security solutions. They deliver highly secured OTA updates on Variscite-enabled devices, as well as a plethora of complementary features such as software version management, large-scale device fleet management, key and certificate management, and secure boot.

Update processes are frequently personalized to the device’s application, sensitive medical monitors may necessitate different approaches than rugged industrial robotics, and Variscite’s partners and free software update tools provide best-case scenarios for all industries. Because bug fixes can be performed without customers shipping their devices back, OTA updates help to reduce device recalls and their logistics and costs.

As smart devices become more prevalent, so do their security flaws, such as data and IP breaches, cyberattacks and malware, unstable connectivity, and even “eavesdropping” in consumers’ private areas. Because of the number and geographic spread of edge devices, regular updates and patches are critical to their protection. Device manufacturers rely on fast, reliable, and robust options due to the frequency of updates required and their sprawl.

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