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Valeo and C2A Security partner to improve security for modern vehicles

Valeo and C2A Security partner to improve security for modern vehicles
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A strategic partnership between Valeo, a prominent global automotive supplier, and C2A Security, a market leader in automated cybersecurity services for electric, autonomous, and connected automobiles, has been announced to improve Valeo’s cybersecurity offerings for its ongoing development and operational products. The new cooperation responds to the need for effective and streamlined cybersecurity in the sector.

Started in 1923 in France, Valeo has expanded its reach in 33 countries and frequently collaborates with automakers around the world. As a technology firm, they provide radical solutions that promote smart mobility with an emphasis on CO2 emissions reduction and intuitive driving in particular. The Group additionally provides and distributes replacement parts to independent aftermarket operators and manufacturers.

Security is becoming increasingly important as cars turn more software-centric and as new cyber regulations for the automotive industry appear. Scalable and automated cybersecurity solutions are required since inefficient cybersecurity can obstruct OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and other suppliers from producing competitive products. The automotive industry will be able to deploy automated cybersecurity thanks to C2A Security’s collaboration with Valeo, prioritizing security while fostering innovation and business for the future.

Geoffroy Bouquot Group CTO & SVP Strategy at Valeo said, “A software-defined architecture involves many more challenges when it comes to cyber security and we take these challenges very seriously. This is why we are partnering with C2A, which specializes in mobility cybersecurity”.

“C2A is the future of cybersecurity, and with their technologies to automate security, together, we will go further in monitoring, preventing risk, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities. This means even greater cybersecurity for our products, customers, and for your cars. We will act on the whole lifecycle of our products,” added Geoffroy Bouquot.

For the autonomous, connected, and electric transportation revolution, C2A offers automated cybersecurity solutions. The flagship product of C2A Security, EVSec, is a DevSecOps framework that supports the security cycle from production to operations and beyond. It helps automotive companies stay competitive and boost the corporate value that their clients receive in the software-centric vehicle era. . The software was created to automate the cybersecurity standards and regulatory compliance process. Customers of C2A who use EVSec receive integrated, effective, and streamlined cybersecurity, manage software at scale while also overcoming the shortage of skilled cyber specialists, and automatically comply with all new requirements.

“This partnership enables Valeo to enhance its cybersecurity management of its products, adds another layer of confidence to Valeo’s customers and turns cybersecurity to a real business enabler,” said CEO of C2A Security, Roy Fridman. “We are proud to be working with Valeo on our common goal to enable the electric, autonomous, and connected mobility revolution while maintaining the safety of vehicles and their drivers across the globe,” Fridman continued.

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