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TSB Golden Gate Release Helps Developers Configure Policies For Their Applications

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Tetrate declared the general availability of Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB), Golden Gate release.

API Gateway, a web application firewall (WAF), and service mesh capabilities are all combined into a single administration plane in this latest edition, resulting in a cloud-agnostic unified application connection platform.

TSB delivers centralized governance and decentralized enforcement to application networking by unifying these capabilities—essential for enabling zero-trust security across historical and new workloads.

The Envoy-based application networking layer from TSB blurs the lines between north-south and east-west traffic, making it all just application traffic. From the edge to the workload, developers may now apply capabilities previously only available in an API gateway to any element of their application topology. API Gateway and a comprehensive set of API governance tools are included in the TSB Golden Gate release out of the box.

Developers may find it difficult to gain access and understand how to configure application-specific network and security policies, which can have a negative impact on productivity. Simultaneously, networking and security teams lack the resources necessary to enforce policy demands and ensure that they are followed. This misalignment of access and knowledge results in non-compliant networking and uneven policy enforcement, which leads to security breaches.

With the Golden Gate version, TSB now allows developers to create policies for their applications without having to grasp the complexity of new technologies like Envoy and Istio while yet harnessing their potential.

CEO, and co-founder of Tetrate, Varun Talwar said, “Application architectures are increasingly becoming distributed in nature. When combined with the need for multi-cloud infrastructures, application networking, and security policies, management becomes a complex problem. TSB elegantly simplifies this challenge with its management plane, a layer that binds the runtime system to the users and teams. Enterprises can implement controls for regulatory requirements with confidence and maintain many unrelated teams on the same infrastructure without shared-fate outages.”

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