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Trend Micro introduced Trend Micro Service One a new managed service

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Trend Micro Incorporated, a worldwide cybersecurity leader, has introduced of Trend Micro Service One, a new managed service that combines Trend Micro’s managed services to improve enterprise threat management. The new service packages, which might include premium support, an advance warning service, Managed XDR, and incident response, supplement internal resources to help customers prevent, identify, and respond to cyber threats faster.

Businesses are susceptible due to the frequency of cybersecurity threats and the dynamic threat landscape, and security experts are in great demand to triage and analyze occurrences.

“The weight of the world was felt by our security team as we work tirelessly to enable organization success in the digital transformation journey. Trend Micro’s managed services have empowered our small team to manage risk and compliance at scale. Having threat experts support day-to-day detection and response for our security platform allows our employees to focus resources on serving our constituents,” said Andre Castleberry, cybersecurity manager of Hall County, Georgia.

Trend Micro’s expert threat analysis and monitoring via its different services helps fortify business risk management plans. Managed threat detection and response across a complete security platform takes the burden of threat data triage off of stretched security teams, allowing internal resources to focus on business enablement.

“Security teams are stretched to the max while the business risk of cybersecurity continues to increase. We want to help make our customers’ lives easier while also minimizing their risk of attack. Providing better insight across the entire security platform, from product enablement, to risk monitoring and mitigation, to attack detection and response is one way we’re doing that. Our proactive services that cross the threat lifecycle enables more advanced visibility and protection, helping businesses manage threats most effectively,” said Wendy Moore, vice-president of product marketing for Trend Micro.

To adequately manage the business risk posed by cyber-attacks, enterprise security requires streamlined processes with a broader perspective, including improved context to seek, detect, and contain threats. Trend Micro’s sophisticated cybersecurity platform detects malicious activity using threat intelligence from a variety of sources, allowing the SOC team to focus on high-value operations while catching threats faster and improving investigations, analysis, and response times.

Trend Micro is dedicated to assisting customers with their digital transformation efforts, as well as supporting internal resources, to ensure that they get the most out of their security platform.

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