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Transmit Security Announces Record Growth and Expanded CIAM Capabilities!

Transmit Security Announces Record Growth and Expanded CIAM Capabilities!
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Transmit Security introduced significant updates to its customer identification and access management (CIAM) platform as well as significant milestones, record client and revenue growth for the first half of 2022, and other noteworthy information. Additionally, the business changed the names of its identity products to reflect the move to a developer-friendly strategy for providing secure identification services via APIs. 

Mickey Boodaei, co-founder and CEO of Transmit Security said, “From our founding, we have delivered identity orchestration, multifactor and passwordless authentication, and other capabilities for the most risk-aware companies. We understand that account security, threat intelligence, and identity verification — seamlessly integrated as an end-to-end solution — are essential to protecting customer accounts while delivering an excellent user experience. We’re proud to introduce those expanded capabilities as core parts of our cloud CIAM platform.” 

To make it simpler for businesses to get the identity services they require for the best balancing of security and customer experience, the company renamed and repackaged its integrated platform products — BindID, RiskID, FlexID, VerifyID, and UserID — as the Transmit Security CIAM Platform. The platform offers modular services, which are provided as user-friendly APIs for developers. Passwordless and Multifactor Authentication, Authorization and User Management, Digital Identity Fraud Protection, and Embedded Orchestration. 

Rakesh Loonkar, co-founder and President of Transmit Security said, “Since we launched the industry’s first omnichannel identity orchestration product in 2016, we have consistently enhanced our capabilities and grown our customer base to support more than $2 trillion in annual commerce. Our experience in securing and supporting mission-critical, customer-facing services for many of the most demanding enterprises guided us to delivering the next generation of CIAM software.” 

Jim Routh, former Fortune 500 CISO said, “Transmit Security is doing something no one else has: they’re providing best-in-class passwordless authentication, fraud detection, identity verification and orchestration in a cohesive developer-friendly platform. This combination gives product teams a very powerful arsenal to tackle fraud while giving their customers a seamless experience. Every CISO and fraud prevention executive should seek to give product teams these important capabilities.” 

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