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Theta lake announces meetings risk manager for zoom security management! 

Theta lake announces meetings risk manager for zoom security management! 
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Meetings Risk Manager (MRM), a patented solution for Zoom meeting safety, security posture, and configuration drift monitoring, alerting, and remediation was announced by Theta Lake, a pioneer in modern collaboration compliance and security solutions. It is the company’s sixth Zoom-certified module in the Zoom App Marketplace.  

This ground-breaking new security module has been developed by Theta Lake with funding provided by Zoom and is available for free download from the Zoom App Marketplace. Theta Lake MRM is built on a proprietary, special set of capabilities that can meet the requirement for increased oversight and insight into controlling the security posture, settings, and activities of Zoom meetings. This aligns with Zoom’s shared aim of “helping businesses and organizations bring their teams together in a frictionless environment to get more done.” Notably, this proprietary MRM system operates without bots, meeting content recording, or meeting content retention. 

The key features of Theta Lake’s Meetings Risk Manager are: 

Continuous security posture monitoring 

Configuration drift management 

New feature impact assessment 

Troubleshooting and remediation recommendations  

Risk correlation reporting  

Risky Content and Conduct Detection 

Devin Redmond, CEO at Theta Lake stated, “Organizations are increasingly mature in their deployments and usage of video meetings, but there’s a reason that a recent survey showed 66% of respondents see risk in unmonitored communications. Unified Communication and video meetings are a part of the workplace that is here to stay, and UC operations teams and their security stakeholders need new technology to start putting their security controls and posture into focus. The Meetings Risk Manager uses patented technology to quickly get security posture, drift reporting, and advanced, real-time risk correlation in the hands of the right teams without tricky privacy issues. Making it easy to turn on at no charge with a privacy-first approach, allows organizations to boost their safety and security confidence in a unified communication-first workplace.” 

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