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The Salt Security API Protection Platform is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

The Salt Security API Protection Platform is Now Available on Google Cloud Marketplace
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Leading API security provider Salt Security has announced that it has become a Build Partner in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. Users can now get the Salt Security API Protection Platform straight from the Google Cloud Marketplace thanks to the cooperation. The Salt Security API Protection Platform can now be rapidly and simply used by Google Cloud clients, giving them access to rich context for API discovery, shift-left capabilities, and attack detection and prevention.

Salt Security safeguards the APIs that are the foundation of every modern application. The only API monitoring solution that combines the strength of tried-and-true ML/AI and cloud-scale big data to identify and prevent API assaults is its unique API Protection Platform. Salt provides deep context with ongoing insights for API discovery and real-time analysis, attack avoidance, and shift-left practices by connecting behaviors across tens of millions of APIs and customers over time.

The Salt platform offers users immediate value and security so they can experiment with confidence and advance their digital transformation activities. It can be swiftly deployed and fully incorporated within current systems. Salt Security offers Google Cloud customers unmatched visibility into and governance over API traffic as a Google Cloud Build Partner. The Salt platform baselines millions of clients and APIs using cloud-scale big data in conjunction with AI and ML, enabling automatic and continuous discovery of all APIs and sensitive data exposure.

Additionally, Salt makes use of its distinctive design to find and stop even the subtlest and most complex API attacks, like those included in the Top 10 list of OWASP API Security. The Salt platform also enables shift-left approaches, such as OAS analysis, pre-production testing to identify security flaws and comprehensive remediation insights gathered in runtime to assist developers in hardening APIs, in order to gradually improve API security.

Gilad Barzilay, head of business development at Salt Security said, “By joining the Google Cloud Marketplace, Salt reinforces its ongoing commitment to bolster the protection of sensitive company data and files in the constantly evolving Google Cloud ecosystem. By integrating Google Cloud environments with the Salt Platform, customers can see and protect all APIs running within these environments through dynamic API discovery.”

On Google Cloud environments, Salt Security provides a complete range of capabilities, including:

• Identification of all active APIs and the private information they reveal.

• Runtime defense to identify and thwart attacks on production APIs.

• Organizations can analyze user activity to spot operational or security issues thanks to the visualization of all API call sequences.

• Possibilities for threat hunting within precise attacker timings.

• Before APIs are made available for use in production, attack simulation features for APIs in development may assist in finding security flaws.

• The capacity to provide developers with remedial insights gained during runtime that they can utilize to enhance API security.

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