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Mission Secure and XONA partners to offer zero-trust OT cybersecurity solutions to industries relying on remote operations capacity

Mission Secure, the world’s leading Industrial control (ICS) cybersecurity tech firm, announced a strategic partnership with XONA, the developer of a zero-trust user access solution for remote industrial operations, to provide more comprehensive and integrated operational technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions across several industries.

Remote operations capability is becoming extremely important in a pandemic-affected operational landscape for sustaining resiliency, enhancing efficiency, and accomplishing corporate goals. However, as IT and OT systems converge, businesses are exposed to cybersecurity vulnerabilities that standard IT security solutions can’t address. In order to protect essential infrastructure and business data from malicious attackers, organizations need OT-specific cybersecurity features.

In the defence, critical infrastructure, and process industries, Mission Secure offers comprehensive OT security solutions. This partnership improves their security by bringing a zero-trust user access layer to their product offerings, which include integrated closed-loop multi-factor authentication (MFA), browser-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), moderated secure file transfer, system connection segmentation and monitoring, protocol isolation, and deep user access forensics, all offered through a single platform.

“Mission Secure is proud to bring XONA’s ‘best-in-class’ solution to our customers Our OT/ICS customers often face challenges with remote access, but the XONA technology adds an important feature set to our Platform-as-a-Service that will bridge the gap between cyber protection and operational efficiency. That’s especially important now as threat actors increasingly turn their attention to vulnerabilities in OT/ICS to avoid the increased security in IT infrastructures,” said John K. Adams, Mission Secure’s CEO.

“Simple to deploy, zero-trust user access empowers companies to embrace OT remote operations capacity without compromising cybersecurity. As ransomware and other cybersecurity threats increase in scope, frequency and severity, it’s critical that companies fortify their remote operations to account for a shifting threat landscape. We’re excited to partner with Mission Secure to deliver just those necessary capabilities,” said XONA CEO, Bill Moore.

Together Mission Secure and XONA will offer a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that protects companies as they embrace remote operations.

DesktopReady introduces comprehensive DaaS solution for MSPs market

DesktopReady has officially launched its much-anticipated DaaS Solution for MSPs. As a result of the pandemic, the need for digital transformation has grown even more. Now, Virtual Desktops have become standard, safe and scalable ways to satisfy the requirement of a distributed workforce.

DesktopReady is the go-to solution for MSPs looking to take advantage of this rapidly expanding industry. MSPs launched DesktopReady, a fully managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for MSPs. It offers a comprehensive range of technologies and services, ranging from design implemention, migration and continuous monitoring and service support, to suit MSPs’ skill and resource requirements.

To assist their clients in the digital transformation path, MSPs have begun to navigating the pandemic and DesktopReady’s Virtual Desktop solution is a critical component of that plan. DesktopReady and Microsoft have strategically formed partnership to build on top of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), integrating Microsoft Azure’s scale and customization with the DesktopReady DaaS solution.

DesktopReady provides MSPs with the tools they need to deliver a Virtual Desktop solution to their customers, as well as support services that can help them launch a successful DaaS strategy.

“MSPs are the trusted advisors for their customers and as a global leader in VDI design, and implementation, we know it takes more than technology to earn that trust. DesktopReady combines technology with value-added services designed to allow MSPs to focus on their customers. With the launch of this white-label MSP DaaS Solution, we help accelerate the adoption of Microsoft Azure in SMB through MSP channels and enable modern workspaces for their clients’ distributed workforce,” says Ashish Bambroo, Chief Revenue Officer, DesktopReady.