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Ivanti Partners With Absolute Software for Improved Customer Productivity

Ivanti collaborated with Absolute Software to strengthen the health and resiliency of Ivanti Neurons for Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) using Absolute’s Application Persistence capabilities through Absolute Resilience customers.

Joint customers can now extend Absolute’s firmware-embedded, self-healing device connection to Ivanti’s UEM solution, ensuring that it stays installed and functional. This is an addition to the company’s Application Persistence ecosystem.

Edward Choi, SVP of Global Alliances at Absolute Software, commented, “By joining our Application Persistence ecosystem, Ivanti is taking the critical steps needed to empower our Resilience customers to harden their mission-critical application – and keep their sensitive data and devices protected. Absolute’s unique intelligence consistently shows that the complexity of today’s device environments has left endpoint agents under constant threat of colliding with other applications or being disabled by malicious or negligent users. By ensuring their app remains healthy and working effectively, Ivanti is helping to strengthen the overall security posture of our joint customers.”

Absolute provides an unbreakable digital tether to every device to help ensure the highest levels of resiliency. Its patented Persistence technology is present in over 500 million endpoints. Absolute’s Application Persistence service uses this unbreakable, two-way connection to monitor the health and behavior of mission-critical security applications, identify missing or corrupted components, and automatically repair or reinstall them, when necessary, without requiring human intervention.

Organizations can now have visibility into all their IT assets, including mobile devices, through Ivanti Neurons for UEM. This gives IT teams a path to hyper-automation and allows them to self-secure, self-service, and offer a customized, contextual digital employee experience on devices.

Daren Goeson, Vice President & GM of Unified Endpoint Management Products at Ivanti, stated, “Organizations across the globe rely on Ivanti Neurons every day to deliver visibility into their device estate and provide the automation capabilities needed to improve productivity. The ability to extend Absolute’s undeletable line of defense to Ivanti Neurons gives us the confidence that our joint customers always know where their most valuable assets are – and with continuous secure access.”

Absolute’s extensive Application Persistence catalog includes over 50 security and business applications required for a dependable, resilient work-from-anywhere experience. Customers with Absolute Resilience can also keep Ivanti Endpoint Manager, Ivanti Security Controls, and Ivanti Connect Secure in addition to Ivanti Neurons for UEM.