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Check Point Infinity Spark safeguards SMBs against security threats 

Check Point Infinity Spark is a threat prevention solution that provides AI security and integrated connectivity to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Infinity Spark provides enterprise-grade security for networks, email, the office, endpoints, and mobile devices. It protects SMBs against advanced threats such as phishing, ransomware, credential theft, and DNS attacks, with a malware detection rate of 99.7%. 

Pete Finalle, Security Research Manager at IDC stated, “Hybrid work has complicated SMB security and created demand for a simplified and consolidated security platform. Check Point Software offers a unique comprehensive security suite specifically built to enable SMBs and MSSPs to protect networks, devices, and applications against cyber-attacks, while reducing the complexity of deployment and management. The Infinity Spark security suite is designed to provide SMBs with a simple, affordable, and integrated security solution right out of the box. This solution spans network, cloud, mobile and endpoint security, including advanced threat prevention to make it easy to protect SMBs from security risks.” 

The Check Point Infinity Spark suite includes the following features: 

  • Threat Prevention: Check Point Infinity Spark protects SMBs against phishing, ransomware, credential theft, and DNS attacks with a 99.7% prevention catch rate. 
  • All-in-one SMB Security Suite of Enterprise Grade: Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are struggling to properly secure their critical assets, making them a growing target for cybercriminals. Designed to protect small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across the network, mobile, endpoint, email, and office. 
  • Next-Generation Quantum Spark SMB Firewalls: Check Point’s Quantum Spark 1500 Pro Series gateway with integrated artificial intelligence security, 5G, SD-WAN, and Wi-Fi 6 are featured in Infinity Spark. Point of Contact Quantum Spark Pro provides three times faster Wi-Fi, a high-speed 1 Gbps WAN connection with 5G, and integrated SD-WAN for improved application performance and uptime. 

Emiel Harbers, CTO at Harbers ICT commented, “Infinity Spark is a great and affordable way to offer end-to-end security for our small and midsized business customers. It provides complete protection for their employees both in and outside of the office. We have seen a significant reduction in our operational overhead with Check Point’s unified management console.” 

N-able Managed EDR streamlines threat event investigation 

N-able introduced N-able Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (Managed EDR), a threat monitoring, hunting, and response service designed for managed service providers (MSPs) who have standardized on N-able Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). 

Managed EDR augments EDR by providing dedicated managed security services. Managed EDR, powered by SentinelOne Vigilance Respond, uses SentinelOne’s 24×7 security operations center (SOC) and Vigilance security experts to monitor, review, and respond to every product-identified threat that puts your network at risk. 

Troels Rasmussen, GM of security products at N-able stated, “We are delighted to continue building our relationship with SentinelOne; we recognize how much our partners value important world-class cybersecurity solutions, and the ability to overcome the day-to-day challenges they face to keep themselves and their customer endpoints secure. 

Managed EDR can help bridge the current security skills gap we are facing, providing elite security experts as an extension to an existing security team. It also provides global, 24×7 peace of mind by offloading day-to-day operations, allowing teams to focus on more strategic initiatives. Whether you have a well-established SOC in place or you are looking to expand your security practice, enlisting the help of SentinelOne’s security experts can help you meet your specific security and business needs.” 

For MSPs that have standardized on EDR, N-able’s Managed EDR functions as an extension of their IT or SOC teams, with security analysts available 24/7/365, allowing them to refocus time and resources on higher-value initiatives. 

The industry is facing challenges, such as historically high labor shortages. According to the (ISC)2 2022 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, the global security workforce gap has grown by 26%, with 3.4 million more people required to effectively secure businesses. 

Building an internal security team can be difficult: finding staff, paying for staff, and providing 24-7 coverage are all challenges. The introduction of Managed EDR enables N-able partners to scale their security operations, which are supported by an enterprise grade SOC, while supplementing their current security team with native EDR technology and expertise to help navigate the challenges of hiring and retaining talent. 

This enables MSPs to reduce time-consuming staff efforts and divert the costs of developing a new technology stack, while also providing the opportunity to add net new capabilities, such as revenue from advanced security services. 

Schneider Electric collaborates with BitSight 

Schneider Electric, a global leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced a collaboration with BitSight, a leading provider of security ratings, to enhance its operational technology (OT) exposure detection capabilities. The partnership will allow Schneider Electric to leverage BitSight’s real-time threat intelligence, risk management and analytics platform to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities in its industrial control systems. 

OT systems are responsible for controlling critical infrastructure such as power plants, water treatment facilities, and manufacturing sites. They play a crucial role in the functioning of these facilities, but their exposure to cyber threats can have severe consequences. 

The collaboration will allow Schneider Electric to use BitSight’s platform to continuously monitor and analyze the security posture of its industrial control systems and identify any potential vulnerabilities. The platform will also provide Schneider Electric with real-time threat intelligence that will help the company proactively defend against known and emerging cyber threats. 

“We are excited to collaborate with BitSight to enhance our OT exposure detection capabilities,” said Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric. “By leveraging BitSight’s real-time threat intelligence and analytics platform, we will be able to better protect our customers’ critical infrastructure and ensure the continuity of their operations.” 

As part of the collaboration, Schneider Electric will also have access to BitSight’s security ratings service, which will provide the company with a detailed understanding of the cybersecurity performance of its suppliers and partners. This will help Schneider Electric to identify potential vulnerabilities and take action to mitigate them. 

“Schneider Electric is a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and we are honored to collaborate with them to enhance their OT exposure detection capabilities,” said Stephen Boyer, Co-Founder and CTO of BitSight. “By providing them with real-time threat intelligence, we will help ensure the continuity of their operations and the protection of their customers’ critical infrastructure.” 

The collaboration will help Schneider Electric to improve the security of its industrial control systems and better protect its customers’ critical infrastructure from cyber threats. It highlights the growing importance of cybersecurity in the industrial sector and the need for companies to continuously monitor and analyze their systems for potential vulnerabilities. 

Christophe Blassiau, SVP, Cybersecurity & Global CISO at Schneider Electric stated, “With the enriched data and insight collected by BitSight, Schneider Electric is developing an OT threat intelligence capability to notify and work with customers who have exposed assets or insecure Internet facing deployments.” 

Trustwave Announces Enterprise Pen Testing for Global Threat Prevention! 

Trustwave  launched its new Enterprise Pen Testing (EPT) offering. It has been created to meet the complex testing needs of large organizations with an extensive breadth and depth of vulnerability identification, the ability to deliver scaled programs of work, and extremely competitive pricing. 

“With over two decades of global industry leadership in vulnerability research and findings, we thoroughly understand the threat landscape of known, unknown, and emerging threats,” said Nick Ellsmore, SVP of Worldwide Consulting and Professional Services at Trustwave. “Our proven methodologies performed in accordance with industry standards, allow us to find even the most difficult vulnerabilities and provide a world-class testing solution to global enterprises.” 

Ad-hoc testing can provide valuable point-in-time insights but having a security testing program in place offers a more comprehensive perspective of corporate risk over time. Additionally, clients who have a dedicated TAM have a professional to consult with as they examine findings, create corrective action plans, and oversee ongoing validation testing. 

The Enterprise Penetration Testing service from Trustwave is created to satisfy client needs. 

Regulatory: Businesses that must comply with regulations (such PCI DSS, CPS234, and MAS) and the financial services industry need ongoing, unbiased third-party testing services. With a professional TAM guide, Trustwave delivers extensive work plans and streamlines the management of testing programs. 

Affordability and Flexibility: Because of its global reach, Trustwave can provide clients with “best-shore” delivery by combining on-, near-, and offshore delivery models. This makes it possible for Trustwave to offer the organization the best pentesting at value-based pricing. 

Scale: Trustwave is a global provider with the scale and availability of testers required to perform tests, delivered with the range and depth of pentesting skills accessible, given the international nature of EPT clients. 

High Quality: Trustwave’s holistic method uncovers the potential commercial enterprise impact, similarly to the distinct technical findings. Trustwave allows customers efficiently prioritize and observe remediation movements and is one of simplest a handful of Global CREST licensed businesses capable of do this. 

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