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Threat Detection

SecureAge Insider Threat Protection

SecureAge CatchPulse Protects from Threats

SecureAge CatchPulse provides real-time threat detection by simply preventing all unauthorized applications, processes, or scripts from running. It assists organizations in staying one step ahead …

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Aryaka collaborates with CyLab

Aryaka partnered up with CyLab, Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU’s) Security and Privacy Institute, to research new threat mitigation techniques and innovate enterprise networking and security …

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C2A Security Cybersecurity

C2A Security and Stefanini to Bring Cybersecurity Solutions

C2A Security and Stefanini Group have announced a partnership to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to the automotive industry. The partnership brings together Stefanini’s advanced …

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Index Engines Threat Intelligence

Index Engines Introduces CyberSense Dashboard

Index Engines’ CyberSense detects the most sophisticated attack vectors by scanning backup and snapshot data with over 200 content-based analytics and machine learning to identify …

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Intigriti Ethical Hackers

Intigriti Raised €21 Million to Help Ethical Hackers

Intigriti integrates over 15,000 ethical hackers from 130 countries with businesses to test and improve their security. Through continuous pen-testing, bug bounty, and asset monitoring …

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AttackIQ optimized security controls

AttackIQ and Vectra AI Have Joined Forces to Optimize Security Controls

The integration of AttackIQ and Vectra AI will aid clients in detecting attacks that have evaded existing security controls and in responding to the most …

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Prevailion ARKTOS

Prevailion introduced ARKTOS to enable network security tests

Prevailion launched ARKTOS to help businesses combat precursor attacks by creating “Malware Replication Profiles” (MRPs) that are remarkably comparable to APT and commodity malware encountered …

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identity protection, trusted user fraud

SpyCloud Launched Session Identity Protection

SpyCloud launched session identity protection, a technology dedicated to preventing trusted user fraud, which is one of the most difficult types of fraud to identify. …

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The AWS Marketplace has the Menlo Security Cloud Security Platform!

According to Menlo Security, the Menlo Cloud Security Platform is now available in the AWS Marketplace, a leader in cloud security. Menlo Security’s isolation-powered platform, …

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  Security analytics is a method of threat detection and security monitoring that employs data collecting, aggregation, and analysis technologies. Security analytics technologies enable organizations to …

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Seclore announces partnership with TD SYNNEX!

NordVPN Threat Protection enhances the internet security and browsing experience!

NordVPN has released Threat Protection, integrated into the NordVPN app. This new feature offers complete protection against cyber threats by blocking trackers, criminal attempts to …

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Cofense Validator Detects Security Overlaps In Email.

Cofense released Cofense Validator, a technology that allows businesses to validate the effectiveness of their secure email gateways (SEGs) with active, live phishing threats on …

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