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GBA introduced Subsidiary for Cyber Supply Chain Threat Mitigation

GBA Sentinel, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Global Business Alliance (GBA), is launched to assist global enterprises in promptly identifying and addressing potential supply chain and cyber risks.

“Given the scale of threat vectors, combined with the velocity of recent regulatory activity, international companies in the U.S. want to lead the way in safeguarding critical governmental systems and services. GBA Sentinel will give global companies access to the cutting-edge tools they need to efficiently audit and monitor their supply chains and digital assets. We believe this initiative will help rapidly advance our nation’s effort to prevent future attacks and underscores how seriously world-class companies take protecting America’s supply chains,” said Nancy McLernon, president and CEO of GBA.

International corporations understand how critical it is for the private sector to collaborate with federal agencies in order to maintain a safer environment. Global firms can access Fortress Information Security’s industry-leading supply chain risk management compliance solutions through GBA Sentinel. Fortress provides actionable risk insights on the supply chain ecosystem of assets and vendors, allowing businesses to intelligently mitigate cybersecurity risks while maintaining regulatory compliance.

“Understanding new supply chain security requirements and regulations can be time consuming and costly without partners that grasp both the threat and regulatory environment and have done this at scale in U.S. critical infrastructure. By partnering with GBA Sentinel, we are helping to proactively address many of the pain points GBA members will face in navigating this complex and evolving regulatory and cyber threat landscape,” said Peter Kassabov, executive chairman and cofounder of Fortress Information Security.

The Fortress now protects critical infrastructure supply chains for more than 40% of the US power grid and collaborates closely with key federal agencies to improve supply chain cyber resilience.

The Global Business Alliance, which represents 200 of the world’s largest foreign corporations operating in the United States, is launching this effort for the first time.