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Digital Asset Exchange BlockQuake™ Collaborates with Prominent Cybersecurity Firm Friedman CyZen

BlockQuake™, a regulatory-driven digital asset exchange announced collaboration with Friedman CyZen (“CyZen”), a prominent cybersecurity company with decades of experience in technological compliance with multiple regulatory frameworks. CyZen, a subsidiary of Friedman LLC, offers services such as continuous security log auditing, penetration testing, cybersecurity control, processing audits, and compliance consultation. BlockQuake™ will use CyZen for a number of these services, boosting investor security and privacy while also allowing for a higher level of self-regulation. BlockQuake™ just completed a penetration test conducted by CyZen that found no serious vulnerabilities or other cybersecurity flaws that may be exploited. 

“We are proud to partner with CyZen, which will support us in maintaining the highest standards of security on the BlockQuake™ Exchange. With the prevalence of large-scale security breaches and crypto scams, cryptocurrency traders, especially new investors, are rightly concerned about how to choose an exchange that is legitimate and safe. This partnership should bring confidence to our investors, who know they are trading on an exchange that prioritizes their safety and security,” said Antonio Brasse, CEO, and Co-founder of BlockQuake™.

Cyberattacks are a threat to all businesses, including cryptocurrencies. Several cryptocurrency exchanges have had huge security breaches in the last year, with hackers compromising investor data and stealing millions of dollars.

BlockQuake™ has added CyZen with BSA-compliant Custodian Prime Trust, Chainalysis, and Fireblocks as another regulatory-forward partner ahead of its impending launch. These significant vendor collaborations will aid BlockQuake™ in mitigating potentially disastrous security risks, as well as contributing to the resolution of key security concerns raised by traders in the cryptocurrency space.

“Hackers do not just go after multi-million dollar institutions. Cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming more frequent targets of ransomware and other cyberattacks. With CyZen’s vast experience in cybersecurity, we bring peace of mind to BlockQuake™ and its investors that their funds are always protected. We also provide the multifaceted services they need to navigate evolving cyber threats,” said William Mendez, Managing Director of Operations for CyZen.