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GoVanguard completes acquisition of Gotham Security

GoVanguard  technology security company has accomplished the acquisition Gotham Security. The acquisition enables GoVanguard to expand its cybersecurity leadership, strengthening its staff and experience to support clients’ growing need to prevent and mitigate disruptive threats like ransomware cyberattacks. The move is a crucial part of GoVanguard’s mission to raise security awareness and equip its customers with elite-level cybersecurity services.

GoVanguard provides security solutions to a wide range of sectors. Several worldwide enterprises, medium-sized companies, and small local businesses are among their clients, which span the financial, healthcare, insurance, and technology industries.

GoVanguard’s reputation has been established on its adversary simulation, risk reduction, threat management, and information security strategy techniques. By acquiring a five-year partner and market leader in red-teaming and pentesting—The two key services for firms protecting against security threats and staying ahead of dangers to corporate information are accomplished. 

“As threat actors become more sophisticated, it’s become obvious that the best defense is to go on the offensive. Adversary simulation has become increasingly valuable for organizations looking to quickly gauge and improve their security position. Afterall, if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Gotham Security has been a close partner for years and this was a natural next step to allow our red-teaming experts to take our clients’ defenses to the next level and continue our dedication to finding the security gaps before cybercriminals do,” said Mahdi Hedhli, GoVanguard CEO.

Blake Shalem, Gotham Security COO, will be joining GoVanguard as its Chief Customer Officer. Blake said, “This move allows us to elevate what we do best, which translates to a superior class of protection for our clients.”

With the acquisition of Gotham Security by GoVanguard, clients will be able to stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals, particularly in the areas of red-teaming and pentesting, which will help businesses remove security vulnerabilities before hackers strike.

“We’re doubling down on our commitment to improve the cybersecurity landscape by honing our focus on red teaming. We feel this is the area where GoVanguard makes the biggest impact for our clients and the industry as a whole,” Hedhli said.