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Noblis Releases Run Solutions Suite to Offer New Levels of Automation and Insight to Complicated Federal Processes

Noblis, Inc., a leading provider of science, technology and strategy services to federal government, announced the launch of its Run with Noblis solutions suite, which is aimed at getting new levels of efficiency, visibility and insight throughout all complex federal processes. These digital solutions, when combined with Noblis’ decades of experience tailoring services to meet changing client needs, will assist government agencies in using automation and analytics to streamline complex workflows, expedite and enhance¬†decision making to achieve greater IT modernization goals.¬†

The suite’s first solution, RunCyberAssurance is now available to assist federal agencies and cloud service providers (CSPs) in streamlining FedRAMP and other cybersecurity compliance processes. Additional Run solutions will be released in the future with the goal of simplifying complex federal work streams such as acquisition and grants management. RunCyberAssurance is a cloud-based solution that can be implemented as a private stand-alone or client-based application, depending on the objective of the organization.

“As a science and technology organization, Noblis is founded on strong research and development practices. The addition of scalable, digital solutions is a natural evolution that aligns to our clients’ transformation priorities and our strategic growth goals. RunCyberAssurance is the beginning of a long-term strategy pairing tailored software-as-a-service offerings with our government services expertise to best serve our customers as they modernize and innovate,” said Amr ElSawy, Noblis president and CEO.

RunCyberAssurance enables agencies to go to the cloud faster and more securely. As per the Biden Administration’s recent Cybersecurity Executive Order, which emphasises progress toward Zero Trust Architecture. Scalability is enabled by this solution, which enables agencies and cloud service providers to securely share and track their strategies as well as manage the complexity and progress of their cloud compliance with current teams.

“Our government clients are seeking digital solutions that enable faster, smarter service delivery to their stakeholders and constituents. We designed these solutions to meet the unique needs of our government clients and help them analyze information, automate manual processes and make data-driven decisions,” said Mile Corrigan, senior vice president of Noblis Federal Civilian Solutions.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) challenges | Intelligent Automation, AI and Machine Learning

Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) are increasingly being incorporated into AML Technologies:

Financial outlook is experiencing a revolutionary transformation, tech-savvy customers expect banks to deliver smoother and swifter experiences. As a result, financial enterprises are embracing new technology innovations and integrating intelligent automation with AI and ML into their AML compliance solutions which is the future banking. Intelligent automation, AI and ML are crucial as it empowers banks to manage large volume data-sets, combat and prevent frauds quickly thereby optimizing operational efficiencies, by reducing costs and maximizing profits.

AI and ML identify patterns and supports the systems in acquiring configuration rules based on the patterns and information detected. Furthermore, ML aids in detecting suspicious financial transactions and money-laundering activities thereby flagging suspicious activities and helps in reducing false positives. Hence, it is crucial for banks to adapt to intelligent automation, AI, and ML and incorporate them into AML solutions.

AML Key Drivers_Intelligent Automation, AI and Machine Learning

The AML software, when coupled with intelligent automation, Al and ML can offer a lot of benefits like reduction in compliance costs, enhanced transaction monitoring process thereby providing an enhanced and effective solution.