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WALLIX PAM4ALL Protects User Access

WALLIX PAM4All is a unified solution that combines WALLIX’s current technologies, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Remote Access Management, Session Management, Password Management, and Least Privilege Management, into a single solution. Customers can still purchase the solutions individually, but by opting for the complete package, they will be able to improve security across their infrastructure and meet compliance requirements.

WALLIX has launched its vision, PAM for all, to address the evolving cyber security challenges that organizations face in today’s digital world.

WALLIX will offer WALLIX PAM4ALL by combining all its technologies to provide customers with a unified solution that secures all user access, human or machine, in an organization by utilizing the principle of least privilege.

PAM4All not only secures privileged accounts but also protects user access and workstations based on the principle of least privilege to keep enterprises safe from malware or ransomware. WALLIX PAM4ALL also provides complete visibility into all users whether they are employees, suppliers, partners, or machines, and their networks, monitoring all endpoints, sessions, and strategic assets.

Edwige Brossard, Product & Marketing Director at WALLIX stated, “WALLIX’s new unified solution PAM4ALL is the promise of a secure digital transformation available to all organizations experiencing a rapidly changing digital landscape. By combining all WALLIX technologies, we are offering an enhanced approach to security. Enterprises can quickly implement a Zero-Trust architecture, thanks to strong user authentication, access control adapted to each user – either human or machine -at the right time, and integration traceability in the IS. The solution also provides a dynamic view of all activity on enterprise networks, providing the best protection from advanced threats, particularly emerging-malware types.”

The main challenge for businesses today is to provide correct user access at the right time and at the right privilege level, allowing employees to perform tasks from any location, whether in the office or remotely. The unified WALLIX PAM4ALL offering was developed to assist enterprises in addressing the issue of user access and enabling organizations to easily implement Zero-Trust architecture.

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Keeper Secrets Manager, the First Zero-Trust, Zero-Knowledge and Cloud-Native Solution for Securing Infrastructure Secrets

Keeper Security, a global leading provider of zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity software that includes password management, dark web monitoring, digital file storage, and messaging, has launched Keeper Secrets Manager, a new cloud-based, zero-knowledge solution for securing infrastructure secrets such as API keys, certificates, database passwords, access keys, and other types of private information.

“Over 80% of successful data breaches involve compromised credentials, and to a cybercriminal, the most desirable credentials are the ones with full access to an organization’s most sensitive data. Yet these highly sensitive and privileged credentials are almost always hardcoded into source code, CI/CD systems or config files. Keeper Secrets Manager enables organizations to protect these ‘hidden’ credentials across all of its infrastructure,” says Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-founder of Keeper Security.

Keeper Secrets Manager is a completely managed and cloud-based security solution that leverages an innovative patent-pending security architecture. Keeper’s top-rated enterprise password management (EPM) technology also uses the same zero-knowledge security methodology. Keeper Secrets Manager seamlessly integrates into nearly any data environment without requiring additional hardware or cloud-hosted infrastructure, whereas competing secrets management solutions require customers to buy special hardware, install a proxy service, or use a specific cloud services provider. It integrates with a range of DevOps tools out of the box, including Github Actions, Kubernetes, Ansible, and others.

“Fast and seamless integration into organizations’ existing tech stacks is where Keeper Secrets Manager shines. Organizations can get Keeper Secrets Manager up and running in about 20 minutes, which is less than the time it would take just to download competing solutions’ appliances.  Keeper Secrets Manager is an elegant and secure solution for managing infrastructure secrets, without any added complexity, maintenance or security issues,” notes Craig Lurey, CTO and Co-founder of Keeper Security.

Keeper Secrets Manager is a logical complement to Keeper Enterprise Password Management (EPM). Keeper’s Advanced Reporting and Alerts Module (ARAM), BreachWatch, Webhooks, SIEM connectivity, and compliance tools are all integrated within the Keeper Web Vault, Desktop App, and Admin Console.

Sectigo Launches Secure Key Storage Solution for IoT Devices to Provide Strong Authentication and Secure Communications

Sectigo, a global provider of digital certificates and automated certificate lifecycle management solutions launched Sectigo Secure Key Storage SDK (SKS-SDK) to its portfolio of industry-leading products.

Secure key storage is a software-based library that maintains, seals, and saves encryption keys, passwords, and other private information in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It eliminates the possibility of credentials being exposed on devices that don’t have a hardware-based secure key store mechanism like a Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

IoT device makers across the industry are swiftly understanding the need to increase security in their products to protect customers from attacks that target embedded devices and expose them to data theft, service disruption, and the spread of the cyberattack to other systems. Legislation and industry standards are requiring stricter authentication in several sectors.

Although most advanced IoT devices provide a hardware platform for secure key storage, many low-cost or outdated devices lack these features. In addition, providing secure key storage to IoT devices raises the bill of materials, making hardware solutions less economical. Sectigo’s latest product bridges the gap in the IoT security field by providing an accessible alternative for lower-cost IoT devices that don’t include secure key storage hardware.

“Enhanced levels of security should be available for all IoT devices to help prevent noncompliance with ever-changing legislation and standards, device cloning, and the introduction of counterfeit devices into the market. Sectigo’s latest secure key storage solution enables IoT device manufacturers to protect private keys and critical information from hackers with special attention to affordability and compliance,” said Alan Grau, VP of IoT/Embedded Solutions at Sectigo.

1Password Launches Events API To Provide Real-time Data Streaming To Third-party Platforms

1Password, the industry leader in enterprise password management, announced the release of Events API, a new way for security teams to gain more data visibility and actionable insights. While events have always been available to administrators in 1Password, this new feature focuses on the information available by allowing events to be piped directly to tools like Splunk and other SIEM platforms, providing a holistic view that can be correlated with data from other sources.

In commercial contexts, the number of attacks and breaches has never been higher. While recent news cycles have focused on the most serious incidents, smaller but harmful attacks occur on a daily basis, if not more frequently. Losses from cybercrime have increased six times by 2020. Nearly half of the organizations in the United Kingdom have experienced some type of cybersecurity attack, with the average cost of a data breach approaching $4 million.

According to 1Password’s own research, 77 percent of DevOps and IT experts admitted to still having access to prior employers’ infrastructure, posing a significant security risk to affected firms.

1Password is the first line of defence for over 80,000 corporates globally securing passwords, confidential documents, and infrastructure secrets to protect their employees, customers and intellectual property. This  announcement is yet another step in solidifying the company’s position as a reliable enterprise solution for safeguarding mission-critical data. The 1Password Events API extends beyond the platform, allowing event data to exit while maintaining client privacy and data security.

Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password said, “With today’s launch of the 1Password Events API, our enterprise customers are able to access far deeper information than ever before, and most importantly, that information can now be used in an actionable way through the SIEM tools already in place. This will enable administrators to prevent future attacks, and if something does happen, take fast and decisive action. We’ve managed to do all this while protecting the privacy and security of our customers.”

Brian Jack, CISO at KnowBe4 said, “We’ve been using 1Password for over 4 years and it’s been a huge asset in securing our employee passwords and other sensitive information. With over 1000 employees, understanding who is accessing and using data within 1Password is very important to us. Events API has allowed us to integrate with our SIEM and use that data to highlight suspicious activity that will help us protect against future threats, as well as enabling us to quickly react to any active insider attack, should it ever happen.”