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DigiCert Acquired IoT Cybersecurity Company Mocana

 DigiCert, Inc., a global leading provider of TLS/SSL, IoT, and other PKI solutions, announced that it has acquired Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity firm Mocana. The integration of DigiCert and Mocana technologies offers IoT manufacturers and operators with a comprehensive solution for controlling security throughout the whole lifecycle of IoT devices. The transaction’s terms were not disclosed.

DigiCert’s foothold in the fast-growing IoT industry will be strategically accelerated as a result of the purchase. Organizational investment in IoT platforms for operational efficiency, digital transformation, and competitive differentiation, according to IDC, will drive growth to more than 55 billion linked devices by 2025.

“IoT security has been a challenge for device manufactures and operators. With the addition of Mocana, DigiCert is building on its vision for delivering digital trust, a growing necessity in the IoT market as smart devices become ubiquitous in every corner of our personal and professional lives. We are excited to introduce new and existing customers to our integrated platform and welcome the addition of Mocana’s expertise in IoT technology and the industrial and manufacturing verticals to the DigiCert team,” said DigiCert CEO John Merrill.

“We have had a strategic partnership with Mocana for years and truly value their contribution to our product portfolio. We are excited about the backing from DigiCert as a global leader in IoT security,” said James Kline, senior director of program management at ABB Inc.

Customers can use DigiCert and Mocana together to manage device identity, secure communications, prevent device tampering, and remotely as well as securely upgrade firmware and settings once in the field. This end-to-end platform eliminates security risks and allows digital transformation, which is enabled by the convergence of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

“Mocana is excited to be joining the DigiCert team. Together, our solutions uniquely solve the challenges of IoT security, from embedding security protections on-chip or at device manufacturing to on-device secure communications and firmware updates once in the field,” said Mocana CTO Srinivas Kumar.

Immuta Announced the SaaS for Modern Data Stacks

Immuta SaaS allows data teams to automate data access control throughout their cloud data systems while avoiding maintenance and infrastructure expenses.

Immuta, the leading company in universal cloud data access control, announced  the availability of Immuta software as a service (SaaS) deployment. Immuta SaaS, which recently obtained SOC 2 Type 2 Certification, allows data teams to automate data access control while removing the need for self-management and deployment maintenance.

Immuta’s SaaS deployment is a managed cloud service designed to boost data security by allowing data teams to register data from one or more cloud data systems and be fully functional within minutes, ensuring clients a 99.9 percent SLA uptime for core functions.

Immuta’s SaaS deployment is currently available in North America and EMEA for Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Amazon Redshift, Databricks, Starburst, and Google BigQuery and Trino, with Google BigQuery and Trino coming soon. It includes Immuta’s full suite of capabilities, including:

  • Universal data cloud compatibility
  • Scalable, attribute-based access controls
  • Dynamic policy enforcement and auditing

Data masking, anonymization, and advanced privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs)

“We’re seeing huge demand from global customers who are migrating data analytics to the cloud and looking for a fully hosted data access control platform that enables them to establish controls for sensitive data to meet their regulatory and internal security requirements. Immuta’s SaaS deployment offers customers the opportunity to experience the power of fine-grained data access control and unlock the full potential of their data safely and securely with zero maintenance or infrastructure costs,” said Matt Carroll, CEO, Immuta.

PumpJack Dataworks is also one of Immuta’s early SaaS customers. They manage fan data for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and MLS’s Inter Miami CF.

“Our Customer Data Platform is tuned specifically for the sports industry to help teams, leagues, and federations unify and manage all of their fan data across their entire ecosystem. Our customers demand strict requirements across governance, user access controls, anonymization, and audit capabilities, ensuring that a layer of trust and protection is extended across their global fan communities. In this dynamic privacy environment, Immuta’s SaaS deployment enables us to provide the highest standards of protection for fan data,” said Tom Tercek, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Pumpjack Dataworks.

Billie, a fast-growing fintech organization based in Berlin that is reinventing how small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) handle invoices, adopted Immuta’s SaaS deployment to rapidly automate data access control and data protection. According to Igor Chtivelband, Billie’s co-founder and VP of data and CRM, “If we didn’t have Immuta, then Billie’s expansion as a business wouldn’t be possible. I’m not sure how we could do it without Immuta.”

With Immuta’s SaaS deployment, users can start experiencing the power of dynamic, fine-grained access control faster than ever. A recent GigaOm report found that Immuta’s attribute-based access controls require 75x fewer policy changes and offer significant cost savings compared to competitive solutions. Immuta was also the first data access control solution to be included on Snowflake Partner Connect.

Billie, a Berlin-based fast-growing fintech company that is trying to reinvent how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) manage invoices, chose Immuta’s SaaS deployment to quickly automate data access control and data protection. “If we didn’t have Immuta, Billie’s expansion as a business wouldn’t be possible, I’m not sure how we’d manage without Immuta,” says Igor Chtivelband, Billie’s co-founder and VP of data and CRM.

With Immuta’s SaaS deployment, users can experience the intense power of dynamic, fine-grained access control faster than ever before.  Particularly in comparison to competing solutions, Immuta’s attribute-based access controls require 75 times fewer policy changes and provide significant cost savings, according to a recent GigaOm report. Snowflake Partner Connect featured Immuta as the first data access control solution.

Customers can begin with a free trial and quickly convert to a production deployment, making it simpler to handle complex use cases and enjoy maintenance-free deployment. Immuta’s fully containerized self-managed deployment option allows customers to control their own cloud system if they are unable to use Immuta SaaS.

Frog Teams Up With Slack To Increase The Awareness About Key Software Development Events

JFrog has introduced a new Slack integrator For JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray. The new JFrog app for Slack enables developers to notify an extended team of stakeholders in real-time about significant software development events, such as new security vulnerabilities or licensing compliance violations, allowing them to optimize release cycles and reduce time-to-resolution.

“Collaboration has always been an integral part of DevOps, but when it comes to security-related events, you need to communicate early and often. We are thrilled to work with Slack – one of the world’s leading collaboration tools – on enhancing the way developers work today so they can deliver stronger features, faster releases, continuous updates, and improved security for their entire DevOps pipeline,” said Stephen Chin, vice president of Developer Relations, JFrog.

The JFrog app for Slack combines artefact management and security with operational efficiency to boost company results. It lets one or more Slack channels to receive notifications, information, and actions connected to specific software incidents. For example, developers can communicate vulnerability and licensing compliance notifications with a broader team of stakeholders directly from their workstations, based on policies set up in JFrog Xray.

The interactive notifications allow receivers to take action, such as create “ignore” rules, view details, and so on. From within the Slack channel, you can pause, delete, or invoke the JFrog Platform for more information about notifications.

Opsview Introduces Two New Products – Opsview Log Analytics and Network Topology

Opsview, a firm that delivers a broader view into dynamic IT operations, has released two new products: Opsview Log Analytics and Network Topology.

Opsview Log Analytics connects with Opsview Monitor and Opsview Cloud to assist IT Operations teams in identifying the root causes of warnings and predicting security problems before they cause business disruption. These critical log events are directly correlated with metrics in Opsview’s IT infrastructure monitoring solution, resulting in a single pane of glass view with detailed insights that show employees why issues come up.

“Opsview Log Analytics automates the manual processes of log management. Combined with Opsview Monitor and Opsview Cloud, it provides a faster time to resolution for IT Operations teams. With SIEM functionality, Opsview Log Analytics correlates events and identifies security incidents such as brute force attacks or DDoS,” said Mike Walton, CEO of Opsview.

With the inclusion of Network Topology to the Opsview Network Analyzer module, IT Operations teams can collaborate with their networking teams to create a unified view of an organization’s IT estate. Network Topology automates network discovery, lowers the security risk of unidentified hosts in the environment, and detects network misconfigurations.

“With Opsview’s Network Topology providing overlays with real-time status information, this will provide valuable time savings to IT teams as well as reducing potential security risks. The risk of the unknown is drastically reduced with Network Topology,” said Scott Heyhoe, VP Products at Opsview.

Nozomi Networks and Cervello formed Partnership to Provide Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions to Railway’s OT, IT & IoT Environments

Nozomi Networks, world leader in IoT and OT security and Cervello, the company specializing in the field of railway cyber security, announced their partnership to ensure extensive cybersecurity in the whole railway industry. The partnership brings security, visibility, and scale. With Cervello’s security software strengths and its extensive experience in rail operation and safety to the leading industry in OT & Internet of Things (IoT). Nozomi Networks and Cervello together provide superior visualisation to all OT, IoT and IT railway networks, early detection of cyber threats, cyber compliance management and efficient rehabilitation to ensure operational continuity.

“Digital transformation of the world’s rail systems increasingly require IoT and cloud-based solutions to improve railway safety, operational efficiency, and reliability. Of course, this purposeful proliferation and utilization of IoT opens the door to new cyber threats and increases the rail and transport attack surface. That’s why Nozomi Networks has partnered with Cervello to help railway operators ensure safe and reliable transportation, while avoiding operational disruptions. We have several joint projects underway with advanced rail systems in Europe, and this now formalized global partnership enables us to more rapidly expand our joint efforts worldwide,” said Chet Namboodri, Nozomi Networks Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances.

Railways need a specifically developed cybersecurity solution for their constraints, methodologies and proprietary systems. In order to simplify, scale and strengthen rail safety operations, Cervello complements the cybersafety portfolio of Nozomi while helping clients identify and efficiently deal with cyber threats before they enter their critical network and operations via the converged IT/IoT/OT functionality of Nozomi’s networks. The Cervello Platform integrates seamlessly and protects rail communications, signalling and monitoring systems from potential or current security threats.

“As a growing number of transportation organizations embrace the benefits of digital convergence, the need to implement cyber security for their operational networks is paramount. We are pleased to be partnering with a leader in the rail and transport industry to help secure critical transportation infrastructure systems with OT and ICS visibility and security,” Chet Namboodri continued.

“Our partnership with Nozomi Networks will enable us to provide customers with a one-stop shop for best-in-class railway cybersecurity. With the continued rise of cyber threats facing rail organizations around the world, customers are looking for the best, easiest, and most efficient ways to protect operating environments and reduce cybersecurity risk. Our partnership delivers the industry’s most complete, vendor-neutral railway cybersecurity portfolio, empowered by both companies’ exceptional technologies,” said Roie Onn, CEO and Co-Founder, Cervello.

IT Ally and Ascend Technologies launched SMB Fortify™ to offer small and mid-sized businesses a solution for managing cybersecurity threat

IT Ally, cybersecurity advisory company serving small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) called has released SMB Fortify™, an end-to-end cybersecurity solution that combines Ascend Technologies’ security and network operational excellence with strategic cyber advisory, governance, risk, and compliance expertise.

Program management, network and security operations capabilities are all included in SMB Fortify™. The integration of IT Ally’s strategic advice and Ascend’s operational excellence results in a unique and geared solution to secure against business-impacting cyber incidents.

“As SMBs have emerged as the new targets for ransomware and government sponsored hacking, we are seeing many of our clients shift their position on risk tolerance in the cybersecurity arena. Clients are also seeing increased demands from their customers to implement more robust cybersecurity protection. SMBs have typically under-invested in this area and having appropriate cybersecurity protection is beginning to surface as a competitive differentiator and strategy to preserve the valuation of their business. The SMB Fortify solution provides the resources, expertise, tools and techniques specifically designed for SMBs to become more resilient and cyber ready,” said Michael Fillios, Founder & CEO, IT Ally.                                                        – 

“The SMB Fortify™  solution represents a perfect union of the capabilities of our two companies. With staggering statistics such as 60% of companies going out of business within 6 months of experiencing a security breach and, 74% of companies not getting their data back after paying a ransom, we consider cybersecurity to be the primary threat to the success of any company in the SMB space,” said Wayne Kiphart, CEO, Ascend Technologies.

Mission Secure and XONA partners to offer zero-trust OT cybersecurity solutions to industries relying on remote operations capacity

Mission Secure, the world’s leading Industrial control (ICS) cybersecurity tech firm, announced a strategic partnership with XONA, the developer of a zero-trust user access solution for remote industrial operations, to provide more comprehensive and integrated operational technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions across several industries.

Remote operations capability is becoming extremely important in a pandemic-affected operational landscape for sustaining resiliency, enhancing efficiency, and accomplishing corporate goals. However, as IT and OT systems converge, businesses are exposed to cybersecurity vulnerabilities that standard IT security solutions can’t address. In order to protect essential infrastructure and business data from malicious attackers, organizations need OT-specific cybersecurity features.

In the defence, critical infrastructure, and process industries, Mission Secure offers comprehensive OT security solutions. This partnership improves their security by bringing a zero-trust user access layer to their product offerings, which include integrated closed-loop multi-factor authentication (MFA), browser-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), moderated secure file transfer, system connection segmentation and monitoring, protocol isolation, and deep user access forensics, all offered through a single platform.

“Mission Secure is proud to bring XONA’s ‘best-in-class’ solution to our customers Our OT/ICS customers often face challenges with remote access, but the XONA technology adds an important feature set to our Platform-as-a-Service that will bridge the gap between cyber protection and operational efficiency. That’s especially important now as threat actors increasingly turn their attention to vulnerabilities in OT/ICS to avoid the increased security in IT infrastructures,” said John K. Adams, Mission Secure’s CEO.

“Simple to deploy, zero-trust user access empowers companies to embrace OT remote operations capacity without compromising cybersecurity. As ransomware and other cybersecurity threats increase in scope, frequency and severity, it’s critical that companies fortify their remote operations to account for a shifting threat landscape. We’re excited to partner with Mission Secure to deliver just those necessary capabilities,” said XONA CEO, Bill Moore.

Together Mission Secure and XONA will offer a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that protects companies as they embrace remote operations.

First Health Advisory and Nuvolo formed an OT Security Risk Management Partnership

Nuvolo and First Health Advisory announced an industry-first suite of operational Nuvolo and First Health Advisory launched an industry-first suite of operational technology (OT) security risk management services to secure network-connected medical and facilities systems.

External cyberattacks are increasingly targeting network-connected medical equipment (OT) as well as facilities systems including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) controllers. This partnership addresses these security issues by merging First Health Advisory’s comprehensive OT security mitigation services with Nuvolo’s OT security orchestration and automated response (SOAR). This innovative new product integrates Nuvolo’s single, trusted medical and facilities device inventory system and common data model with industry-leading OT security monitoring and discovery tools.

“Our strategic partnership with Nuvolo is an important step forward in meeting the OT security needs of the healthcare community we serve. By combining the capabilities of Nuvolo with First Health’s OT security risk management services, we will address crucial resource gaps and deliver on our mission to serve the security, privacy and OT orchestration needs of our clients,” said Carter Groome, CEO, First Health Advisory.  

The merged risk management services and Nuvolo solution capabilities will minimise HTM teams’ workloads, provide stakeholders with up-to-date statuses, assist and assure that OT devices are maintained safe, accessible, and available at all times.

“Protection of operational technology (OT), including network connected medical and facilities devices, is mandatory for healthcare providers, OEMs and independent service organizations (ISOs).   With a growing and pervasive cyber threat, OT security is now a prerequisite for ensuring patient and environmental safety. For the first time, mature solutions are available to deliver OT device discovery together with security orchestration and automated response (SOAR), coupled with expert resources to deliver on remediation and risk mitigation.   Nuvolo, in partnership with First Health Advisory (FHA) can deliver expert visibility, advise, planning and remediation for OT security, on demand.   This important partnership is a core tenant of our go-to-market strategy for OT security globally.  We are excited to lead the market with FHA, serve the community and help address a growing cyber security threat facing our healthcare customers,” said Tom Stanford, CEO of Nuvolo.  

Nuvolo and Mayo Clinic Collaborate to Introduce Innovative Industry-Leading OT Security Standards

Nuvolo, the workplace services company, announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to provide Industry-Leading Standards that will strengthen Nuvolo’s existing Operational Technology (OT) Security solution.

Nuvolo OT Security with Industry-Leading Standards will assist healthcare and other OT-intensive businesses in dealing with the rising threat of cybersecurity attacks on network-connected devices. These gadgets are becoming increasingly vulnerable to security flaws and exploits, which might have severe repercussions for patient safety.

“We are incredibly proud to collaborate with Mayo Clinic on these innovative Industry-Leading Standards for the implementation of OT device security procedures,” said Tom Stanford, CEO, Nuvolo. This structured approach ensures that medical devices and healthcare facilities are equipped with what they need to meet organizational and security requirements throughout the OT device lifecycle.”

Using a single database, Nuvolo OT Security delivers complete device context. Nuvolo OT Security matches, contextualizes, and correlates security threats and vulnerabilities using this shared data model. It then orchestrates an automatic response to issue work orders, assigns technicians and guarantee that the problem is resolved quickly.

When the capabilities of the solution are combined with the Mayo Clinic innovation, stronger OT device security will be possible for every medical device and facility system during its full lifecycle.

Deloitte Acquires Industrial Cybersecurity Business aeCyberSolutions from aeSolutions

Applied Engineering Solutions, Inc., based in Greenville, S.C., sold its industrial cybersecurity business (aeCyberSolutions) to Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory (aeSolutions). With the aeCyberSolutions company’s well-tested frameworks, processes, and technology-enabled tools for industrial control systems / operational technology (ICS/OT) security, Deloitte’s existing cybersecurity capabilities will be enhanced. Professionals from aeCyberSolutions will be brought in as well, with extensive experience in industrial sector standards creation and risk advice services.

“Cyberattacks on industrial controls systems for critical infrastructure are increasingly sophisticated and far-reaching, making cyber resilience and regulatory compliance more important than ever. As industrial organizations digitally transform to adopt more emerging technologies like 5G, the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence, our acquisition of the aeCyberSolutions business helps us to offer leading-edge ICS/OT technologies and related advisory services,” said Wendy Frank, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory Cyber 5G and IoT leader and principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

“Knowing our clients’ needs are only expanding, we’re aggressively growing our cyber practice to meet that need, aiming to bring innovative solutions as well as top industry executives with deep experience to help our clients achieve enhanced cyber resilience. Acquiring the aeCyberSolutions business’ highly certified, credentialed and experienced security professionals and tech-enabled solutions allows us to hyperscale our offerings to help clients advance their cybersecurity programs for the industrial sector and beyond,” said Deborah Golden, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory Cyber and Strategic Risk leader and principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

“Since 2014, our cyber services and solutions have helped industrial sector organizations meet their most pressing ICS/OT cybersecurity needs by providing corporate and plant-level assessments, remediation recommendations, program frameworks, and training. Joining Deloitte will enable us to scale the depth and breadth of our services, increasing our ability to help clients build more trustworthy, resilient and secure environments,” added John Cusimano, vice president of industrial cybersecurity for aeSolutions and incoming Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory managing director, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Deloitte’s sixth cyber purchase in 2021 is the aeCyberSolutions business, illustrating the firm’s commitment to aggressively growing services and improving capabilities that assist clients to solve a wide variety of cyber threats.