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Hive Pro, a cybersecurity startup, has received $3 million in seed funding

Silicon Valley startup Hive Pro, the company behind Predictive Vulnerability Analytics (PVA), has raised $3 million in early funding headed by Simpra Holdings. Since Vulnerability Prioritization Technology is at the apex of Gartner’s Extended Detection & Response Interactive Hype Cycle, Gartner 2020, the investor group sees enormous growth potential.

Hive Pro conducted over 300 interviews with customers around the world to determine the real challenge in vulnerability management. They discovered that vulnerability fatigue, combined with limited cybersecurity resources, necessitates a solution that is simple to use and contextual to the threat to their businesses.

The company has successfully launched its platform and has a growing customer base from a variety of industries, including banking, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, and managed service providers (MSSPs). Hive Pro has experienced 100 percent quarter-over-quarter growth and is poised to accelerate its expansion in the next months.

“We are excited with the positive traction for our platform, and now with several success stories, we are going ahead with full force to capture the market and emerge as one of the leading players in the vulnerability prioritization market,” said Anand Choudha, Founder & CEO of Hive Pro.

“Encouraged by the success, we are getting ready for the next stage of funding and expecting to announce Series A round before the end of year, which will help us expand our footprint across Europe and Asia.” Added Anand Choudha.