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Siemens Energy to Provide Cybersecurity Solutions with AWS Partner Network

Siemens Energy, in a recent announcement stated that they are going to be a part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), a global community of partners that offers program, resources, expertise to create, market, and sell consumer offerings.

As part of this expanded partnership, Siemens Energy has added its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) industrial cyber security solution to the AWS Marketplace, an online catalog that enables users to quickly identify, assess, and begin utilising AWS-powered software and services.

An integrated energy technology business with a focus on the full energy value chain created this MDR security product in the AWS Marketplace for the energy and utility industries. Siemens Energy’s MDR on AWS lowers the economic and technological obstacles to providing powerful, quick, all-encompassing cyber defence, which is something energy firms are working to safeguard physical infrastructure from growing cyber threats.

Leo Simonovich, Vice President and Global Head of Industrial Cyber, Siemens Energy, stated, “The energy transition relies on seamlessly connecting physical assets with digital technologies to foster innovation, reduce emissions, and improve efficiency, but this future depends on strong cybersecurity across the whole supply chain. Siemens Energy’s AI-driven industrial cyber monitoring and detection platform is purpose-built to help CISOs identify, prevent, and mitigate cyber threats to the energy sector’s digital business model. Energy companies at every scale can now access and integrate advanced cyber threat detection across their operating environment, leveraging AWS’s secure cloud platform to build and defend the foundation of a digital energy ecosystem.”

The industrial monitoring and detection solution from Siemens Energy safeguards vital infrastructure from cyberattacks, assisting in preventing supply chain disruptions in communities all over the world. Chief information security officers (CISOs) in the energy industry now can identify and stop attacks before they are carried out because to MDR’s technology and AWS’s capabilities.

For CISOs and industrial security analysts, secure cloud capabilities that can integrate digital applications and exploit sensitive data, including real-time monitoring and detection, add a crucial and affordable weapon to their defensive toolbox.

Jeff Miers, Director of Partners and Alliances, Energy & Utilities Business Unit at AWS, commented, “Cloud is accelerating innovation across the energy value chain and a key enabler to more resilient energy infrastructure. With the convergence we are seeing across operational technology (OT) and information technology, we are excited to expand our relationship with Siemens Energy through the AWS Partner Network to provide OT cybersecurity solutions purpose built for the energy and utilities market.”

Cloudflare Announces Email Security Solution

Cloudflare has announced that it will make enterprise-grade email security features available to its customers, after the acquisition of Area 1 Security. Email remains one of the most significant security concerns to businesses of all kinds, yet old email security solutions are frequently expensive, unnecessarily complex, and difficult to adopt.

Cloudflare with the acquisition of Area 1 Security, will be able to deliver businesses with a simple method to take advantage of robust phishing and malware detection as part of an integrated, Zero Trust approach to securing all their organization’s applications.

CEO and co-founder of Cloudflare, Matthew Prince, said, “Email is the largest cyber-attack vector on the Internet, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to be a Fortune 100 company to be secure from email threats.”

Large email carriers’ spam protection is frequently enough for preventing unpleasant spam, but they are not suited to tackle sophisticated phishing attacks. Because email remains a popular entry point for more sophisticated cyber-attacks, businesses of all sizes must incorporate email security into their entire security strategy. Legacy email security technologies are frequently expensive, sophisticated, and need physical or virtual infrastructure that many firms without a strong IT team cannot afford.

Cloudflare users will benefit from Area 1 Security’s cutting-edge email protection, which is simple to use and highly effective and can be enabled in just one click. We’re designing Cloudflare’s email security tools to use email data to trigger additional security actions like automatically routing suspicious links through remote browser isolation or displaying phishing insights within the recently launched Cloudflare Security Centre because it’s integrated with Cloudflare’s suite of Zero Trust solutions.

Following the acquisition of Area 1 Security, all enterprise plan clients will have access to Area 1 Security’s email security features. Customers on all other premium plans will be able to use it in the future. Customers on the Enterprise plan will be able to use analytics to gain more control, customization, and advanced visibility.

T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom Launch T-IoT for Enterprises

T-Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom AG introduced T-IoT, a complete enterprise solution for global IoT connectivity, support, and administration.

T-IoT provides businesses with a single worldwide staff and a single global solution to manage all of their cross-border connections! It will be offered in 188 destinations and on 383 networks around the world.

In addition, there is limited flexibility in how businesses pay for IoT. Each carrier has its own payment strategy, making it difficult for companies to efficiently deploy IoT globally. Scalability will be even more crucial with 5G to enable meaningful use cases, analytics, data insight, and ROI.

T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom have teamed up to bring T-IoT to the masses. This global service embodies two terms that aren’t often connected with the Internet of Things: simple and versatile.

President, T-Mobile Business Group, Mike Katz said, “The Un-carrier rewrote the rules of wireless. Now, as America’s 5G leader, with the fastest, largest, and most reliable 5G network, we’re writing the rules of the 5G era, and we’re doing it in favor of customers and businesses. With T-IoT and our award-winning networks, we’re poised to help businesses realize the true potential of IoT by completely disrupting the status quo of how IoT is purchased and managed.”

“One provider. One solution. That’s ‘making it simple’ taken at its word. Many industries, such as healthcare or automotive, depend on international supply chains. And their customers today rely on receiving service and assistance anywhere in the world. We’re able to do that with this transatlantic collaboration, with our networks, for the best customer experience worldwide,” says Hagen Rickmann, Managing Director Business Customers, Telekom Deutschland.

Senior Vice President Research and Development, Volker Lang says, “We combine digital medical solutions and state-of-the-art communication technology. With Home Monitoring, the patient’s vital data is digitally available to the medical team and is constantly analyzed. If threshold values are exceeded, the medical team can react immediately. This only works with an absolutely reliable network that transmits the data reliably at all times. We are active in over 100 countries. The T-IoT infrastructure is indispensable for us.”

AuthenticID and 1Kosmos partner to deliver identity proofing and authentication solutions to customers

AuthenticID and 1Kosmos have established a cross-product strategic partnership to provide governments, organizations, and individuals with a comprehensive suite of identity proofing and authentication solutions.

Organizations may use AuthenticID and 1Kosmos together to validate a user’s identity for new account creation, accelerate customer onboarding, decrease expenses associated with manual document checks, and provide a quick and simple customer experience for password-less access deployment.

CEO of 1Kosmos, Hemen Vimadalal said, “This partnership provides customers with integrated end-to-end identity verification and proofing on a global basis. The 1Kosmos and AuthenticID standards-based solution have received every major market certification, including FIDO Alliance, NIST 800-63-3 IAL-2 / AAL-2, iBeta Biometric PAD-2 Liveness, GDPR, and SOC-2 for interoperability, security, and reliability.”

“Our combined products now allow us to support every identity use case for the physical, digital, blockchain, and metaverse ‘Web3.0’ economies and become the first identity platform to achieve both highest level certifications in the areas of proofing, verification, and authentication of Digital Identity. The combined platform leverages blockchain for credential verification keeping privacy by design principle at the core,” said Jeff Jani, CEO of AuthenticID.

The organizations will now collaborate to provide frictionless KYC onboarding and authentication to the workforce, end consumers, and citizens. The combined benefits of AuthenticID’s proofing and 1Kosmos BlockID password-less authentication technologies are also helpful in expanding use case support, lowering operating expenses, and enabling speedy and cost-effective scalability, all while adhering to worldwide privacy rules.

Stellar Cyber Universal EDR Enhances Event And Alerts Data Across EDR Solutions

Stellar Cyber published Universal EDR an open, heterogeneous Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) system that optimizes and augments event and warning data from any single or combination of EDRs from any vendor.

Data from various EDRs is suitably analyzed using the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform, resulting in cohesive, low-noise findings regardless of EDR source. As a result, high-fidelity detection of real-world threat activity is operationalized for quick and effective reaction.

Universal EDR protects the accessibility of the Stellar Cyber platform while integrating data from third-party EDRs or multiple EDRs as if they were incorporated directly into the platform. Companies can switch or use different EDRs at the same time, and Universal EDR will automatically calibrate the data for overall exact attack detection.

Senior Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow, Jon Oltsik said, “With this announcement, Stellar Cyber can enable enterprises and MSSPs to retain investments in and increase the value of any existing EDR tool within an XDR environment. Users can now enhance their favorite EDR tools with full integration into an XDR platform, combining their EDR data with telemetry from other security tools and obtaining greater visibility.”

Universal EDR from Stellar Cyber provides convenient EDR integration and data optimization without the need for manual integration, significantly reducing time to value. Simultaneously, Stellar Cyber enhances existing EDR security technologies, allowing SOC teams to act more swiftly on results from existing EDRs or supplementing that data with vital alert data from other essential systems.

VP of Product Management at Stellar Cyber, Sam Jones said, “Some XDR vendors can do one-way or even two-way integrations between their core platform and third-party EDR products, but that’s not really enough to ensure accurate detection and response – it requires careful study and treatment of EDR alert and event data with critical enrichment to evolve from simply alerting to truly informing. In addition, as environments change and evolve, a company may need more EDR integrations. With Universal EDR, our platform performs automated integration, customized data processing, and event correlation to deliver the best detections and faster responses regardless of which EDR product is being used.”

Founder and CTO at Stellar Cyber, Aimei Wei said, “For a company that doesn’t build an in-house EDR, we find ourselves at the leading edge of endpoint-based security research. This gives our customers full confidence that they can integrate their EDR of choice and get outstanding results through the Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform.”

CoSoSys Endpoint Protector Improves Enterprise Data Security

CoSoSys has released Endpoint Protector, introducing a host of new features, including Advanced Content Discovery.

Endpoint Protector allows organizations to develop more targeted data protection policies, reduce misconceptions, and deal with the growing complexity of their mixed workplaces.

With Advanced Content Access Rules, regulators are able to formulate more powerful policies. In Endpoint Protector, it is possible to define complex content scanning conditions. This includes combining multiple terms (such as PII, dictionary words, and common expressions) using logical characters (AND / OR), as well as the ability to apply rules for finding content for specific file types only (such as text files, Excel files, and more.).

Endpoint Protector also introduced a new integration with Okta SSO to direct and automate the process of managing user accounts, information, and rights in third-party systems.

Roman Foeckl, CEO and Founder of CoSoSys, said, “The latest version of Endpoint Protector comes with advanced capabilities to help our customers strengthen and simplify data security. With new features and integration, we want to empower businesses to stay afloat before safety risks and help them stay productive and focused on their work.”

Cofense Validator Detects Security Overlaps In Email.

Cofense released Cofense Validator, a technology that allows businesses to validate the effectiveness of their secure email gateways (SEGs) with active, live phishing threats on their own.

Secure Email Gateways consume a large percentage of an organization’s budget to prevent phishing attempts. Cofense Validator allows you to compare your spending to that of your colleagues using real-time phishing data.

Cofense CTO and co-founder, Aaron Higbee said, “There are numerous options out there when it comes to selecting a secure email gateway, and they often promise to block 99% of bad emails, some at a much higher cost than others. Until now, customers had to rely on ridiculously contrived bake-offs conducted by the SEG vendors using self-serving datasets. Of course, they are going to pass their test. They know how difficult it is for customers to curate live phishing data to perform their independent testing. Cofense’s 24×7 visibility into threats such as BEC, ransomware, credential harvesting, and malicious attachments that have bypassed major SEGs allows Cofense Validator to be the only objective analyzer of SEG performance.”

The Cofense Validator tests a customer’s SEG by transmitting real, in-the-wild phishing threats recognized by Cofense to see how effective it is at stopping those active threats. Customers see an immediate return on investment thanks to reports that provide quickly actionable data.

Cofense Validator applies what we know about advanced phishing strategies from Cofense Intelligence to evaluate SEG efficacy against the current, verified, live phishing threats – not older threats already found on popular access deny lists or threats cherry-picked to make an SEG review look good.

Zentera Helps Enterprises Protect Against Insider Threats And Ransomware

Zentera System has announced a major update to its Zentera Air Zero Trust Services platform, which now offers a variety of choices for SMEs to manage common cybersecurity concerns using next-generation Zero Trust Security technology. 

Many of the same cybersecurity challenges affect SMEs and large corporations: ransomware affects business continuity, external compromise generates compliance and data security issues, and theft by malicious insiders jeopardizes a company’s long-term competitiveness.

Both have a spread workforce and a reliance on third-party contractors, and both are moving to cloud computing. SMEs, unlike large corporations, often have limited IT and Infosec resources and do not have the financial resources to invest in substantial infrastructure updates to stay up with the shifting threat landscape.

Zentera Air’s newer technologies are based on the CoIP Access platform’s proven security, which has been used at scale by major businesses, and has been tuned to enable Zero Trust Security controls easy to deploy in minutes.

After signing up for Zentera Air services from one of Zentera’s worldwide ports of presence, administrators may easily onboard essential application servers and begin limiting user and application access to enforce Zero Trust principles.

Zentera’s CEO, Jaushin Lee said, “Zero Trust is one of the hottest topics in cybersecurity, but real adoption has been limited to the largest enterprises due to infrastructure and operational concerns. Zentera Air brings the game-changing benefits of Zero Trust Security to SMEs with a non-disruptive, overlay-based solution that is easy to adopt. Our simple flows and ML-assisted configuration makes it possible for SMEs to embrace Zero Trust Security, even if they are short of cybersecurity expertise.”

InterVision RPaaS Helps Businesses in Combating Ransomware Attacks

InterVision launched Ransomware Protection as a Service (RPaaS), a new solution that aims to help businesses combat the growing threat of ransomware by providing cyber threat protection, detection, recovery, and strategic support.

Every 39 seconds, a cyber-attack occurs. These attacks are not only more common but are also more sophisticated, requiring more comprehensive planning. Businesses typically invest in protection and recovery platforms by integrating and managing multiple different solutions, but InterVision’s RPaaS combines protection, response, and recovery into a single, fully managed service. SLAs and a specialized team of experts are also in place to protect against attacks before they occur.

CEO of InterVision, Jonathan Lerner says, “Companies must start planning for ransomware attacks with urgency as they are no longer just a ‘what if’, but a ‘when’ scenario. Implementing tools and software is just one part of the solution. InterVision’s RPaaS also includes strategic support to help customers create a security roadmap and give them experts to turn to for help in the event of an attack.”

The InterVision RPaaS solution comprises the following features:

  • SOCaaS (Security Operations Center as a Service): A trained team of professionals uses preventative measures to detect threats and protect enterprises from ransomware.
  • Ransomware Response as a Service (RRaaS) is a hybrid of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS) that focuses on ransomware protection and recovery strategies.
  • A virtual CISO provides strategic support: During ransomware threat detections, a specialized vCISO directs the maturation of security and risk mitigation and functions as a counselor to a business.

CTO of InterVision, John Gray says, “Ransomware continues to threaten the IT landscape, requiring companies to evolve from traditional, disconnected cybersecurity tools to a comprehensive managed platform, RPaaS is designed to provide the holistic solution businesses need to protect themselves, ultimately gaining peace of mind.”

HEAT Bypasses Traditional Security Defenses

Menlo Security has discovered an increase in cyber threats defined as Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT), that bypass traditional security defenses.

HEAT attacks are a type of cyberattack that uses strategies to evade detection by several layers in today’s security stacks, including firewalls, Secure Web Gateways, sandbox analysis, URL reputation, and phishing detection. HEAT threats are used to transfer malware or compromised credentials, leading to ransomware attacks in many circumstances.

The research team concluded that 69 % of malicious domains used HEAT methods to deliver malware after analyzing over 500,000 of them. By adapting to the intended environment, these attacks allow bad actors to transmit malicious content to the endpoint. HEAT attacks have increased by 224 % since July 2021.

CEO of Menlo Security, Amir Ben-Efraim said, “With the abrupt move to remote working in 2020, every organization had to pivot to work from an anywhere model and accelerate their migration to cloud-based applications. An industry report found that 75% of the working day is spent in a web browser, which has quickly become the primary attack surface for threat actors, ransomware, and other attacks. The industry has seen an explosion in the number and sophistication of these highly evasive attacks and most businesses are unprepared and lack the resources to prevent them. Cyber threats are a mainstream problem and a boardroom issue that should be on everyone’s agenda. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, ransomware is more persistent than ever before, and HEAT attacks have rendered traditional security solutions ineffective.”

ESG Senior Analyst, John Grady said, “Highly Evasive Adaptive Threat (HEAT) attacks evade existing security defenses by understanding all the technology integrated into the existing security stack and building delivery mechanisms to evade detection. Organizations should focus on three key tenets to limit their susceptibility to these types of attacks: shifting from detection to a prevention mindset, stopping threats before they hit the endpoint, and incorporating advanced anti-phishing and isolation capabilities.”