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AuthenticID and 1Kosmos partner to deliver identity proofing and authentication solutions to customers

AuthenticID and 1Kosmos have established a cross-product strategic partnership to provide governments, organizations, and individuals with a comprehensive suite of identity proofing and authentication solutions.

Organizations may use AuthenticID and 1Kosmos together to validate a user’s identity for new account creation, accelerate customer onboarding, decrease expenses associated with manual document checks, and provide a quick and simple customer experience for password-less access deployment.

CEO of 1Kosmos, Hemen Vimadalal said, “This partnership provides customers with integrated end-to-end identity verification and proofing on a global basis. The 1Kosmos and AuthenticID standards-based solution have received every major market certification, including FIDO Alliance, NIST 800-63-3 IAL-2 / AAL-2, iBeta Biometric PAD-2 Liveness, GDPR, and SOC-2 for interoperability, security, and reliability.”

“Our combined products now allow us to support every identity use case for the physical, digital, blockchain, and metaverse ‘Web3.0’ economies and become the first identity platform to achieve both highest level certifications in the areas of proofing, verification, and authentication of Digital Identity. The combined platform leverages blockchain for credential verification keeping privacy by design principle at the core,” said Jeff Jani, CEO of AuthenticID.

The organizations will now collaborate to provide frictionless KYC onboarding and authentication to the workforce, end consumers, and citizens. The combined benefits of AuthenticID’s proofing and 1Kosmos BlockID password-less authentication technologies are also helpful in expanding use case support, lowering operating expenses, and enabling speedy and cost-effective scalability, all while adhering to worldwide privacy rules.

Artera Partners With Deepwatch to Secure Its Infrastructure

Deepwatch declared Artera Services has chosen Deepwatch’s MDR solution to secure its operations.

Artera is a leading provider of comprehensive vital and critical infrastructure services in the United States, providing maintenance and construction to energy utilities, infrastructure businesses, municipalities, and cooperatives.

Artera began investigating MDR providers in 2021 to reduce the risk of business and consumer disruption. Artera chose Deepwatch for its MDR service, which includes 24/7/365 monitoring with a named squad of experts and integrations with security tools such as Splunk Enterprise and leading endpoint detection and response (EDR), vulnerability management, and firewall solutions, after evaluating several MSSP and MDR providers with the help of their trusted VAR partner, Defy Security.

Director of cyber security at Artera Services, Sean Fuller said, “The transfer of assets, data, and resources is complex, and requires expert-level integration to ensure business continuity and reliability are continuous for our utility customers. It’s very important that I’m able to determine when we are under attack. And that’s where the partnership with Deepwatch comes in. When something does happen, we are in a good position to respond to it, minimize the impact to the company, and restore our security posture as quickly as possible.”

Artera turned to Deepwatch after looking for an MDR supplier that could integrate with their preferred SIEM, Splunk. Artera now has Splunk Enterprise integrated and tailored to provide only high-priority warnings to their tiny in-house team, thanks to Deepwatch’s MDR solution. Through the Deepwatch platform, Artera has complete visibility across the whole security environment, thanks to this integration and powerful endpoint detection and response.

CEO at Deepwatch, Charlie Thomas said, “The security requirements Artera Services has as a supplier for the critical infrastructure and energy sectors are complex. Our mission is to help customers like Artera stay ahead of threats and mitigate risks that could impact its business and their customers’ businesses, which provide energy and utility services to consumers across the United States. Our named squad of security experts gives Artera an extended security team that monitors systems around-the-clock to protect Artera’s service reliability.”

“Artera’s requirements for advanced managed detection and response, including the ability to use a best-in-class security technology stack, led us to recommend Deepwatch. The ability to push data into the Splunk SIEM that was stood up immediately and managed by Deepwatch is a game-changer for Artera, and gives their in-house team opportunities to work on other strategic security projects,” said Justin Domachowski, president and founder of Defy Security.

HUMAN Bot Insights Services Secures Companies Against Advanced Bot Attacks

HUMAN Security has announced HUMAN Bot Insights services to support BotGuard for Applications customers in detecting advanced bot attacks.

Security teams are overworked and understaffed, according to the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), with a cyber security skills deficit affecting 67 percent of businesses. Many businesses lack the staff, time, or resources necessary to speed the web application security enhancements needed to protect vital internet platforms from today’s sophisticated bot attacks. Furthermore, sophisticated bots can readily avoid bot detection tools in traditional app security solutions such as CDNs, WAFs, and CAPTCHAs, leaving apps vulnerable to abuse.

John Grady, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group said, “As organizations have shifted to more online-focused business operations, a trend further accelerated by the pandemic, attackers have doubled down on their efforts and increased the frequency of bot-driven fraud and logic abuse.”

Application vulnerabilities must be identified, and mitigation solutions must be deployed and configured to meet each customer’s specific architecture and requirements in order to be effective. Businesses must choose a specific bot management system, but HUMAN understands that winning against attackers requires more than just technology. HUMAN verifies the humanity of over 15 trillion client-side interactions per week and monitors over 3 billion devices online each month, giving Bot Insights Services customers a level of visibility that no other company can match.

Gavin Hill, Vice President, Human Insights said, “HUMAN Bot Insights Services are designed to help businesses reduce the impact of malicious bots. By enhancing their security program with dedicated bot experts from HUMAN, customers collaborate with analysts that focus 100 percent of their time on protecting businesses from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud. Our Human Insights analysts and data scientists act as an extension of your security team providing custom bot attack surface analysis and advanced policy configuration, event investigations, priority responses, and detailed threat intelligence so that customers can protect and respond more quickly to automated attacks.”

Accenture has acquired Sentor, a Cyber Defense and Managed Security Services company based in Sweden

Accenture has acquired Sentor, a cyber defense and managed security services company based in Sweden. Financial terms of acquisition were not disclosed.

Sentor was established in 1998 and is based in Stockholm, with offices in Gvle and Malm as well. Advisory services, security testing, managed detection, and incident-response capabilities are all part of the company’s offering, which is backed up by a security operations centre in Stockholm that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Finance, insurance, manufacturing, and retail are just a few of the industries that it serves.

The approximately 80 cybersecurity experts from Sentor will join the Accenture Security team in Sweden, boosting Accenture’s local resources and skills and meeting the increasing demand for domestic cybersecurity and managed security services.

Åse Holmberg, Sentor CEO, said, “Maintaining a high cybersecurity posture is not an IT-issue, but a major concern for businesses and organizations around the world. Sentor’s goal has never been to ‘just’ help our clients with cybersecurity. We strive to raise the bar throughout the entire region to ensure organizations in the Nordics have a strong cybersecurity presence. Joining forces with Accenture’s global team will help us towards that goal, and together we can provide an unmatched level of advanced technical skills needed to tackle the cybersecurity challenges of the 21st century. As a result, we not only help clients better defend themselves against the imminent threat adversaries pose but give our employees more opportunities to grow.”

“Sentor has a very strong reputation in the cybersecurity community in Sweden through its long-lasting experience in delivering advanced cybersecurity services to the Swedish market. They have managed to attract exceptional talent and grow a technical security culture that is unique in the industry. We are very excited to welcome this highly talented group of professionals that will strengthen our ability to provide world-class cybersecurity to our clients,” said Bala Periasamy, who leads Accenture Security in Sweden.

“With the daily barrage of cyberattacks, it’s time for organizations to take a new view on managing cyber risks. Securing a business ecosystem can’t be piecemeal; it takes the right talent, investments and technology know-how. The acquisition of Sentor further expands our ability to help clients match this challenging cybersecurity environment. We are excited about what we can achieve together to help organizations in Sweden become more resilient,” said Kelly Bissell, who leads Accenture Security globally.

Newly Discovered Dell BIOS Bugs Impact 129 Models around 30 Million PCs

After uncovering various vulnerabilities that might allow attackers to execute arbitrary code in Dell PC’s BIOS, security researchers have warned that 129 models and at least 30 million Dell PCs could be at risk.

Eclypsium Discovered the security flaw in the BIOS system and they stated “Eclypsium researchers have identified multiple vulnerabilities affecting the BIOSConnect feature within Dell Client BIOS. This chain of vulnerabilities has a cumulative CVSS score of 8.3 (High) because it allows a privileged network adversary to impersonate Dell.com and gain arbitrary code execution at the BIOS/UEFI level of the affected device. Such an attack would enable adversaries to control the device’s boot process and subvert the operating system and higher-layer security controls.”

“The Eclypsium team has coordinated with Dell PSIRT throughout the disclosure process. Dell has issued a Dell Security Advisory and is scheduling BIOS/UEFI updates for affected systems and updates to affected executables from Dell.com” mentioned Eclypsium.

“These vulnerabilities enable an attacker to remotely execute code in the pre-boot environment. Such code may alter the initial state of an operating system, violating common assumptions on the hardware/firmware layers and breaking OS-level security controls. As attackers increasingly shift their focus to vendor supply chains and system firmware, it is more important than ever that organizations have independent visibility and control over the integrity of their devices,” said Eclypsium.

Evergreen Services Group Enters MSSP Market With Agreement to Acquire VirtualArmour

Evergreen Services Group, a family of leading managed IT services firms said that it has signed a deal to buy VirtualArmour with acquisition of all assets under management. VirtualArmour is a leading worldwide managed security services provider (MSSP). The deal is likely to finish in the second quarter or early in the third quarter of 2021, after which the firm will operate independently under its current leadership team, led by CEO Russ Armbrust.

Jeff Totten, Evergreen’s CEO said, “We are excited to expand our cybersecurity capabilities by joining forces with VirtualArmour,” “From our first interaction, we were impressed by Russ, the VirtualArmour team and the company they have built. We look forward to partnering with the VirtualArmour team to bring a comprehensive managed cybersecurity offering to Evergreen’s customers.”

“Evergreen is a proven growth partner which will bring long-term vision and resources to support our growth while we continue independent operations. Evergreen will enable us to continue providing great service to our customers while we expand our capabilities in furtherance of our mission to be the industry’s leading provider of managed security services,” said Armbrust.

Evergreen sees VirtualArmour as a way to improve its capabilities in the fast developing cybersecurity services industry, which is highly complementary to Evergreen’s MSP offering. VirtualArmour manages the whole security lifecycle, from initial assessment through implementation and remediation, through its Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) offering, professional services, and best-in-class cybersecurity capabilities.

“VirtualArmour’s success stems from our absolute dedication to client satisfaction and world-class service. With Evergreen’s investment, we are further affirmed in the quality of our company, our team, and our abilities as a premier cybersecurity managed services provider. It will be exciting to continue building VirtualArmour with our new partner Evergreen!” said CTO Andrew Douthwaite.

“With the ever-increasing importance of cybersecurity for all businesses, we knew we wanted to find an MSSP to partner with, and we think VirtualArmour is a perfect fit. We’re excited to support VirtualArmour in growing its business alongside our MSPs and expanding the company’s partner program,” said Ramsey Sahyoun, Evergreen’s Head of M&A.