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LexisNexis Announced LexisNexis AmplifyId to Boost Identity Management

LexisNexis AmplifyID improves identity management across critical agency tasks, from benefits access to beneficiary enrolment. AmplifyID is a reliable and secure platform, and it offers improved coordination of services, fraud prevention, program integrity, policy comprehension, and decision-making. 

LexisNexis Risk Solutions developed the LexisNexis AmplifyID platform to help federal, state, and local governments ensure equitable access and fraud prevention. A comprehensive understanding of the individuals and families served by public benefits programs is required. The government agencies are tasked to balance user-friendly access to critical services quickly and accurately while maintaining privacy, security, and fraud mitigation.

Haywood Talcove, CEO Government, LexisNexis Risk Solutions said, “In our communities, successful outcomes are driven by connection not division. Data is no different. Silos are purpose-built for grain, not people. Eliminating the huge backlog agencies are facing in unemployment insurance distribution is just one of the ways this new solution will prove invaluable for government agencies. The power of AmplifyID to create cross-agency visibility, coordination, and trust is truly innovative and we are incredibly excited by the potential of this person-centered platform to bring agencies and people together.”

The AmplifyID platform combines government program data with unique identifying information to produce person-centred analytics and visualizations that help government decision making. The result is a best-in-class identity view tailored to government agencies looking to modernize and scale their approach to helping underserved populations. AmplifyID is a module-based platform that addresses government identity concerns with its two significant services LexisNexis AmplifyID Identity Risk Navigator and LexisNexis AmplifyID Master Person Index.

AmplifyID Master Person Index provides a consistent view of an individual to government agencies, allowing for data sharing and care coordination across programs. It also gives government organizations the ability to comprehend important identity insights, such as regularly updated contact and demographic data, as well as clinically proven socioeconomic determinants of health.

AmplifyID Identity Risk Navigator increases fraud protection by combining and integrating data from different sources, including internal agency information and donated identity intelligence from throughout the government, to guard against the full range of existing and emerging identity fraud threats. The importance of shared intelligence cannot be overstated. It provides authorities with a much more comprehensive view of known fraudulent identities, habits, and fraud schemes. The advantages of such scrutiny are substantial.

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