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Identity and Access Management in 2022!

IAM (identity and access management) is a set of corporate procedures, policies, and technologies that makes managing electronic or digital identities easier. Information technology (IT) administrators can regulate user access to key information within their organizations using an IAM architecture. Single sign-on systems, two-factor authentication, multifactor authentication, and privileged access management are some examples of IAM systems. These technologies also allow for the secure storage of identity and profile data, as well as data governance capabilities that ensure that only necessary and relevant data is exchanged.

Why Do You Need IAM?

IAM is required by businesses to boost employee productivity and ensure internet security.

Productivity: Once you’ve logged into your primary IAM portal, your employee won’t have to worry about having the correct password or access level to complete their tasks. Not only does every person have access to the best tools for their profession, but their access can also be managed as a group or role rather than individually, saving time and money.

Security: The password is often the single point of failure in traditional security. Your firm becomes vulnerable to attack if a user’s password is compromised – or, even worse, if the email address for password recovery is compromised. IAM services reduce the chances of failure and provide tools to spot problems as they happen.

Top 5 Benefits of Identity and Access Management

Improved safety

IAM solutions aid in the detection and mitigation of security threats. Without having to hunt through various distributed systems, you may utilize IAM to identify policy violations and eliminate incorrect access privileges. IAM can also help you meet regulatory and audit obligations by ensuring that security safeguards are in place.

Sharing of information

IAM provides a centralized location for access and identity management data. You can utilize the same security policies across all the organization’s operating platforms and devices. IAM frameworks can help you enforce user authentication, rights, and validation policies.


For application owners, end-users, and system administrators, IAM streamlines the signup, sign-in, and user management processes. IAM makes providing and managing access simple, which increases user happiness.

Gains in productivity

IAM centralises and automates the identity and access management lifecycle, allowing for scenarios such as new hires and role transitions to be handled automatically. This can speed up access and identity changes while also reducing errors.

IT Costs are Lower

IAM services might help you save money. When you use federated identity services, you don’t need local identities for external purposes, which simplifies application administration. Cloud-based IAM services can eliminate the requirement for on-premises infrastructure purchases and maintenance.

Access to company resources is under rising regulatory and organizational pressure for business leaders and IT teams. As a result, they can no longer allocate and track user credentials using manual and error-prone processes. IAM automates these processes and allows for extensive access control and auditing of all company assets, whether on-premises or in the cloud. IAM is perfectly suited to the rigors of the current security landscape, with an ever-growing list of features such as biometrics, behaviour analytics, and AI.

AuthenticID and 1Kosmos partner to deliver identity proofing and authentication solutions to customers

AuthenticID and 1Kosmos have established a cross-product strategic partnership to provide governments, organizations, and individuals with a comprehensive suite of identity proofing and authentication solutions.

Organizations may use AuthenticID and 1Kosmos together to validate a user’s identity for new account creation, accelerate customer onboarding, decrease expenses associated with manual document checks, and provide a quick and simple customer experience for password-less access deployment.

CEO of 1Kosmos, Hemen Vimadalal said, “This partnership provides customers with integrated end-to-end identity verification and proofing on a global basis. The 1Kosmos and AuthenticID standards-based solution have received every major market certification, including FIDO Alliance, NIST 800-63-3 IAL-2 / AAL-2, iBeta Biometric PAD-2 Liveness, GDPR, and SOC-2 for interoperability, security, and reliability.”

“Our combined products now allow us to support every identity use case for the physical, digital, blockchain, and metaverse ‘Web3.0’ economies and become the first identity platform to achieve both highest level certifications in the areas of proofing, verification, and authentication of Digital Identity. The combined platform leverages blockchain for credential verification keeping privacy by design principle at the core,” said Jeff Jani, CEO of AuthenticID.

The organizations will now collaborate to provide frictionless KYC onboarding and authentication to the workforce, end consumers, and citizens. The combined benefits of AuthenticID’s proofing and 1Kosmos BlockID password-less authentication technologies are also helpful in expanding use case support, lowering operating expenses, and enabling speedy and cost-effective scalability, all while adhering to worldwide privacy rules.

Omada and SecZetta Collaborate to Decrease Threat of Third-Party Breaches

Omada, a worldwide provider of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution announced an integration with SecZetta, a leading provider of third-party identity risk management solutions. Companies will be able to minimize the risk of third-party data breaches as a result of the integration.

SecZetta delivers easy-to-use, purpose-built third-party identity risk solutions to assist organizations in implementing risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for third-party non-employee populations such as contractors, supply chain, suppliers, partners, bots, and more. SecZetta information on managing third-party identities, onboarding, role changes, contract extension, termination, and identity risk management is used by Omada to help third-party users make better access decisions.

Companies are in danger because of this absence of protocol with non-employees; an estimated two-thirds of data breaches nowadays are caused by a third party. Businesses require a way to track and manage all of the people and things who have access to corporate systems. SecZetta uses a collaborative onboarding process to gather contextual information on third-party non-employees, which it then sends to Omada for providing and de-provisioning of access, as well as identity governance and access for SecZetta’s customers.

“Organizations are hyper-focused on adopting Zero Trust policies in the hope of reducing the risk of access-related cybersecurity incidents. Our integration with Omada enables organizations to extend the diligence they have around providing least privilege access to employees to their riskier, non-employee users,” said Jeremy Rohrs, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Business Development, SecZetta.

“With most organizations today relying on third parties to achieve business goals, it’s critical to get access management right. It’s a balance between security and productivity – and that’s what this integration provides. Organizations can work confidently with non-employees, knowing they are all fully accounted for without creating a drag on IT resources,” said Michael Garrett, CEO, Omada.

SentiLink Identity Verification startup raised $70 million in Series B funding

SentiLink announced that they have raised $70 million in Series B funding, led by David Sacks of Craft. The funds are already being used to develop new products, beginning with the launch of “KYC Insights” product at the end of September, as well as to research new fraud issues such as credit washing, J1/F1 fraud, and the laundering of stolen public benefits funds. And as new issues arise with their partners, they will address them as well.

Identity verification is especially bad in the United States. The SSN is the United States’ national identifier, which is supposed to be unique and secret but is neither. Citizens’ identification cards are rarely used and are easy to fabricate. Organizations spend a lot of time and money on this problem, but fraud persists, and honest people are subjected to unnecessary friction and false positives.

SentiLink believes that determining whether someone is who they claim to be can and should be simple and effective. Organizations should be able to detect and prevent fraud in such a way that consumers are unaware. It should be simple, inexpensive, and functional.

SentiLink announced that they’ve raised $70M in Series B to make this vision a reality, led by David Sacks at Craft. The company is already using these funds to develop new products, starting with the launch of our “KYC Insights” product at the end of September, and to research new fraud issues, like credit washing, J1/F1 fraud, and the laundering of stolen public benefits funds.  And as they discover new issues with our partners, they will tackle those as well.

SecurEnds Raises around $21 Million in Series A Funding to Democratize Identity Management and Cloud Governance

SecurEnds, a cloud-native Identity Governance firm, announced that it has raised around $21 million in a Series A round led solely by Elephant. The investment follows a 340 percent rise in annual recurring revenue y-o-y, making it one of the largest A-rounds in Atlanta’s expanding cybersecurity and digital startup sector to date. SecurEnds, which was formerly self-funded by its founders, today has approximately 100 customers and maintains important technological and reseller connections all around the world.

SecurEnds automates user access reviews, entitlement audits, access requests, and segregation of duties for the world’s most forward-thinking enterprises. The platform helps firms save time and money on adoption and maintenance while lowering audit expenses by up to 60%. The funds will be used to increase operations and product development, as well as geographic expansion into untapped regions across Europe and Asia, in order to fulfil the fast increasing demand. 

“We’ve built the industry’s first fully-cloud-native and configurable Identity Governance platform, empowering organizations to secure identities, protect against data breaches, and meet security and compliance needs. The platform’s ease of use allows organizations to rapidly build identity-driven cyber risk and compliance programs. We’re thankful to Elephant for embracing our vision of democratizing Identity and Cloud Governance and look forward to working together as we continue to scale,” said Tippu Gagguturu, co-founder and CEO of SecurEnds.

SecurEnds plans to roughly increase its employment in the next 12 months, filling more than 125 sales, marketing, and product engineering positions in the US and around the world. Elephant Partners Jeremiah Daly and Christopher De Souza will join the Board of Directors as part of the deal.

“SecurEnds’ rapid growth over the past two years has been particularly impressive when considering the many challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the highly competitive cybersecurity landscape. Both Chris and I believe Identity Governance is becoming more critical to businesses around the world and needs disruption. SecurEnds provides that disruption by delivering an innovative and elegant cloud-native solution that customers love. We are excited for a long and fruitful partnership that helps SecurEnds execute on their vision for the future of Identity Governance,” said Daly.

SecurEnds has created a versatile product based on AI and machine learning-enabled predictive analytics that outperforms incumbent legacy on-prem solutions in terms of ROI, time to value, and total cost of ownership. The cloud-native set of technologies integrates seamlessly with current customer applications such as Active Directory, ServiceNow, Ping, Workday, and Okta, among others, allowing businesses to meet their risk and compliance criteria.

“Customers gravitate to SecurEnds because we have simplified Identity and Cloud Governance by creating a business user centered product. We’ve carefully constructed our platform to have intuitive workflows that allow end-users without IGA expertise to meet compliance and security goals,” said Deven Reddy, co-founder and COO.

XYPRO and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are expanding their partnership to offer a full suite of security solutions on HPE NonStop systems

XYPRO Technology Corporation (XYPRO), a global leading organization in cybersecurity,  identity management, analytics and secure database management software, announced the expansion of a decades-long cooperation with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to deploy its whole package via HPE NonStop systems. HPE NonStop systems, which are designed for mission-critical situations that require 100 percent fault tolerance, now include extended XYPRO solutions for improved threat detection and security management capabilities.

This expansion is in line with XYPRO’s growth plan and broadens the availability of mission-critical database management, security, and integration solutions into new sectors throughout HPE’s customer base. XYPRO’s flagship product, XYGATE SecurityOne, a patented security, compliance, and threat detection platform, and XYGATE Identity Connector, the first and only Sailpoint and CyberArk integrations for HPE NonStop systems, are among the solutions that help customers protect their mission-critical environment. Customers can now use HPE NonStop systems to meet criteria for securing and monitoring mission-critical investments.

HPE offers the whole XYPRO cybersecurity product family, including XYGATE SecurityOne (XS1) and Integrations.

“In our history of delivering risk management solutions for HPE NonStop systems customers longer than anyone has, we strive for meaningful and strategic business relationships while providing great support and leading edge security solutions. Our strong relationship with HPE is why several XYPRO solutions have shipped with the HPE NonStop operating system for more than a decade,” said Lisa Partridge, CEO, XYPRO. “Making the rest of the XYPRO’s solution suite available through HPE further strengthens security within the HPE NonStop system ecosystem, providing customers security and consistency at significant value.”

“Ensuring reliable cybersecurity and management capabilities is critical for customers running always-on, 100% fault-tolerant environments with sensitive data exchange,” said Jeff Kyle, vice president and general manager, Mission Critical Solutions, HPE. “By building on our long-standing partnership with XYPRO to expand security capabilities with new analytics and automation features on our HPE NonStop systems, we are furthering our ability to deliver trusted platforms for mission-critical needs that are easy to manage while meeting strict data governance requirements.”