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Claroty Completed The Acquisition Of Medigate, A Leader In Healthcare IoT Security

Claroty, a cyber-physical systems (CPS) security firm for industrial, healthcare, and enterprise sectors, announced that it has finished the acquisition of Medigate, a leading healthcare IoT security firm. Claroty is now in a unique position to secure the Extended Internet of Things (XIoT) by providing unrivalled visibility, protection, and threat detection for all linked enterprises through a single solution.

“Highly interconnected CPS have become pervasive in industrial and healthcare environments in recent years in order to drive innovation, resilience, sustainability, and better health outcomes. However, greater connectivity begets greater exposure to risks, with serious consequences for patient safety, public safety, and the environment. Together, Claroty and Medigate will combine our deep domain expertise and specialized technologies into a comprehensive platform that will extend across all types of CPS and connected devices to secure the XIoT. We envision a future where cyber and physical worlds safely connect to support our lives, and with Medigate’s talented team and powerful capabilities, we have what it takes to make this vision a reality,” said Yaniv Vardi, CEO of Claroty.

Across 2021, ransomware attacks targeting CPS in all industries hit new highs, with 82 percent of healthcare systems reporting IoT cyber intrusions in the last 18 months. As a result, a slew of new security legislation have emerged, pushing corporations to take action.

“By joining forces between Medigate and Claroty, we are forming the only cybersecurity company that can deliver a best-of-breed solution for all the critical assets across healthcare, industrial, and enterprise environments that comprise the XIoT. Our combined talent, technology, and IP empowers us to truly change the way organizations identify, secure, and manage these connected assets on a massive scale, thereby delivering even greater value for our customers,” said Jonathan Langer, co-founder and CEO of Medigate.

Claroty’s $400 million Series E round, announced in December 2021, was used to fund the transaction. SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Bessemer Venture Partners, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Standard Investments, Team8, and ISTARI were among the investors in the round (a global cybersecurity platform established by Temasek). 

First Health Advisory and Nuvolo formed an OT Security Risk Management Partnership

Nuvolo and First Health Advisory announced an industry-first suite of operational Nuvolo and First Health Advisory launched an industry-first suite of operational technology (OT) security risk management services to secure network-connected medical and facilities systems.

External cyberattacks are increasingly targeting network-connected medical equipment (OT) as well as facilities systems including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) controllers. This partnership addresses these security issues by merging First Health Advisory’s comprehensive OT security mitigation services with Nuvolo’s OT security orchestration and automated response (SOAR). This innovative new product integrates Nuvolo’s single, trusted medical and facilities device inventory system and common data model with industry-leading OT security monitoring and discovery tools.

“Our strategic partnership with Nuvolo is an important step forward in meeting the OT security needs of the healthcare community we serve. By combining the capabilities of Nuvolo with First Health’s OT security risk management services, we will address crucial resource gaps and deliver on our mission to serve the security, privacy and OT orchestration needs of our clients,” said Carter Groome, CEO, First Health Advisory.  

The merged risk management services and Nuvolo solution capabilities will minimise HTM teams’ workloads, provide stakeholders with up-to-date statuses, assist and assure that OT devices are maintained safe, accessible, and available at all times.

“Protection of operational technology (OT), including network connected medical and facilities devices, is mandatory for healthcare providers, OEMs and independent service organizations (ISOs).   With a growing and pervasive cyber threat, OT security is now a prerequisite for ensuring patient and environmental safety. For the first time, mature solutions are available to deliver OT device discovery together with security orchestration and automated response (SOAR), coupled with expert resources to deliver on remediation and risk mitigation.   Nuvolo, in partnership with First Health Advisory (FHA) can deliver expert visibility, advise, planning and remediation for OT security, on demand.   This important partnership is a core tenant of our go-to-market strategy for OT security globally.  We are excited to lead the market with FHA, serve the community and help address a growing cyber security threat facing our healthcare customers,” said Tom Stanford, CEO of Nuvolo.  

Nuvolo and Mayo Clinic Collaborate to Introduce Innovative Industry-Leading OT Security Standards

Nuvolo, the workplace services company, announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to provide Industry-Leading Standards that will strengthen Nuvolo’s existing Operational Technology (OT) Security solution.

Nuvolo OT Security with Industry-Leading Standards will assist healthcare and other OT-intensive businesses in dealing with the rising threat of cybersecurity attacks on network-connected devices. These gadgets are becoming increasingly vulnerable to security flaws and exploits, which might have severe repercussions for patient safety.

“We are incredibly proud to collaborate with Mayo Clinic on these innovative Industry-Leading Standards for the implementation of OT device security procedures,” said Tom Stanford, CEO, Nuvolo. This structured approach ensures that medical devices and healthcare facilities are equipped with what they need to meet organizational and security requirements throughout the OT device lifecycle.”

Using a single database, Nuvolo OT Security delivers complete device context. Nuvolo OT Security matches, contextualizes, and correlates security threats and vulnerabilities using this shared data model. It then orchestrates an automatic response to issue work orders, assigns technicians and guarantee that the problem is resolved quickly.

When the capabilities of the solution are combined with the Mayo Clinic innovation, stronger OT device security will be possible for every medical device and facility system during its full lifecycle.

Paubox Launched Zero Trust Email Security

Paubox, the leader in HIPAA-compliant email, has announced Zero Trust Email, a new addition to the Paubox Email Suite. Zero Trust Email is the first and only solution of its type, designed to help healthcare institutions protect sensitive data and Protected Health Information (PHI) against cyber-attacks.

Because more than 93 percent of healthcare businesses have had at least one security breach in the last three years, a solution to counteract phishing assaults that infiltrate email security systems was critical. Attackers are creating accounts on GoDaddy, AWS, and Mailgun servers, which are all controlled by American infrastructure corporations. This enables these thieves to bypass spam and malware detection software used by the sector. Paubox responded by launching Zero Trust Email.

Hoala Greevy, Founder CEO of Paubox said “A core tenet of Zero Trust security is multi-factor authentication (MFA). While most of us associate MFA with text messages or authenticator apps, there is a broader definition. MFA simply means more than one piece of evidence is required to authenticate a user. As it relates to Zero Trust Email, we built a system whereby an additional piece of evidence from the sender’s mail server is required before it passes our Inbound Security checks. The additional evidence is determined by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm we created. In effect, we are incorporating email AI into the core of Paubox. Healthcare continues to be a primary target for cybersecurity attacks. This extra layer of verification is critical to keeping bad actors at bay.”