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What is IoT Security?

The entire world has stepped into the digital bubble. Cell phones are popular, tablets have substituted spiral notebooks in classrooms, and industries have created cutting-edge technology such as self-driving cars.

Everything appears to be interconnected, especially in the corporate world. Because of the compact design, low profile, and capabilities, the IoT devices dominate the corporate environment and are being used by an insider, making them a formidable tool to avoid traditional security defenses focused on external and recognized threats. 

Infosecurity Outlook experts stated that the term IoT is increasingly making its way into everyday use. However, the internet of things (IoT) has become so large that security development has had to keep up.

IoT security is a technology that helps secure IoT-connected devices and networks. It is the practice of keeping IoT systems safe. IoT security tools help protect IoT devices against threats, identify, and monitor vulnerabilities, also assist in the remediation of flaws. The IoT solution’s availability, integrity, and confidentiality are all ensured by IoT security. If devices are not well secured, allowing them to connect to the internet exposes them to a range of dangers.

The advantages of IoT are evident, but high-profile cyberattacks, combined with uncertainties about security best practices and their related costs, prevent many organizations from utilizing it. Similarly, end-users are concerned about the repercussions of IoT security vulnerabilities.

Although cybercriminals can misuse information at various locations within an IoT platform, from corporate servers to cloud storage, it means you shouldn’t abandon your work tablet in favour of a pen and paper, but simply that you must prioritize IoT security. 

Nevertheless, users can apply a few best methods to prevent threats:

  • Keep track of mobile devices update your antivirus software automatically.
  • Strong login credentials should be mandatory.
  • Install end-to-end encryption.
  • Set up device and software updates regularly. 
  • Choose an expert cybersecurity provider
  • Set up a strict access control policy for APIs.


In addition to security protocols, users should be aware of emerging technology advancements. Recently, IoT security is considered on a priority basis. Research into how to secure specific businesses, monitor IoT-related dangers, and prepare for future game-changers like 5G is ongoing. Users must understand that because the Internet of Things is a dynamic and evolving industry, its security will need to evolve and adapt over time. It also makes sure that the company’s, data, and processes are safe as you develop your IoT network.

Codenotary Cloud Detects Vulnerabilities In The System Development

Codenotary has released Codenotary Cloud, a low-cost way to identify where a vulnerability like Log4j resides.

Codenotary Cloud lowers the cost of detecting and analyzing unnecessary artifacts by up to 80%, ensuring compliance with the United States’ Executive Order on Improving National Cybersecurity.

Codenotary Cloud offers an end-to-end trusted software supply chain that is both authentic and trustworthy. It can scale to millions of integrity verifications per second and provides a way for developers to attach a tamper-proof SBOM for development artifacts such as source code, builds, repositories, and more, as well as Docker container images for their software and Kubernetes deployments. Customers, auditors, and compliance professionals can all see them right away through the SBOM.

The Co-founder and CEO, Codenotary, Moshe Bar said, “A vulnerability scan tells you a malware is present, but then the problem is you need to find all the places it exists and that can often take weeks or months. With Codenotary Cloud, it’s possible to do that in seconds – with the ability to create, track, and query your software including the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).”

Most vulnerability scanners and major cloud-native continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) solutions can be fully integrated with Codenotary Cloud. The DevOps attestation service is available as a managed service on any cloud or host, or customers can host it themselves.

Fugue and CWS Team Up to Solve Enterprise Cloud Security Gaps with End-to-End Policy as Code Enforcement

CWS, an IT services firm that helps large, highly regulated companies migrate to the cloud, has teamed up with Fugue, a cloud security SaaS company, to provide developer-first cloud security for mission-critical and time-sensitive cloud deployments. Fugue’s SaaS platform secures cloud infrastructure throughout all stages of the software development life cycle by employing the same infrastructure controls as code checks and the cloud runtime environment. CWS and Fugue have teamed together to focus on delivering safe cloud infrastructure quickly, starting with a large telecoms firm and resulting in a 90 percent faster deployment with half the engineering staff.

“Time and again we see critical cloud initiatives get bogged down in time-consuming enterprise security processes that kill development velocity. After evaluating a number of tools, Fugue was the only one that addressed cloud security end-to-end using the same set of policies, reducing delivery times for security-critical cloud infrastructure from months to days and requiring only a fraction of the engineering investment previously needed,” said Rajat Sharma, founder of CWS.

“Security is the rate-limiting factor for how fast enterprises can go in the cloud, and key to changing this is developer-centric security based on policy as code and automated enforcement.  CWS has a track record of helping engineering teams innovate fast in challenging regulatory environments, and we’re thrilled they’ve chosen Fugue as their platform for operationalizing cloud security across the software development life cycle,” said Josh Stella, co-founder and CEO of Fugue.

Cybersecurity Company Netrust Announced Partnership With Leading Biometric Technology Firm IDmission To Improve Cybersecurity Solutions

A renowned provider of cybersecurity services in the Philippines, Netrust Philippines Corporation, has partnered with IDmission to provide improved security solutions to its clients in the Philippines and the wider ASEAN market. Due to increased cyber risk, digital transformation and remote work became the norm in many firms during the past year as a result of the pandemic.

“In this age of digital transformation, it is imperative for leaders to put a digital-first approach to stay competitive. As such, we in Netrust, whose main focus is on securing Identities, are thrilled with our partnership with IDmission, a leader in the eKYC and identity proofing space. This partnership will complete our Identity portfolio and allow us to provide the best technology for a seamless customer onboarding journey. Our partnership will provide that competitive edge for our clients to serve their own customers in the most efficient and secure manner,” said Ms. Jennifer Tongco, CEO of Netrust Philippines Corporation.

Using standard compliant security, passive liveness biometrics, artificial intelligence, and industry expertise, IDmission creates a seamless end-to-end encrypted identity verification procedure.

Because of this partnership, Netrust’s security will improve to the next level protecting the digital identities, applications and data of all of its clients. To combat the threat posed by increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, new and more complex detection systems are needed. IDmission’s biometric identity verification system uses biometric identifiers to increase security, speed up the verification process, and prevent attackers.

“IDmission has been serving customers in the Asia Pacific for a few years. The Netrust partnership is a big step in the direction of providing new and existing customers better access to state-of-the-art identity technology and local support.” says IDmission CEO Ashim Banerjee,

SecureReview Rebrands as SessionGuardian

SecureReview, an industry leader in cybersecurity for distributed workforces, has announced the launch of a new brand name and identity. SessionGuardian will be the firm’s new name, indicating their strong commitment to developing a new global standard for endpoint security. A new logo, brand name, and visual identity are all part of the rebranding.

“After launching the next evolution in remote endpoint cybersecurity, we felt it was the right time for a brand evolution. Our new SessionGuardian.com website and brand identity reflect our industry-leading position and clearly demonstrate the evolution of our endpoint security software and company. Our team is excited to deliver the future of cybersecurity as SessionGuardian,” said Jordan Ellington, founder and CEO of SessionGuardian.

Ellington and his market advisors founded SessionGuardian in 2017 after noticing a significant gap in conventional endpoint security procedures. They introduced software that uses biometric technology to enforce second-by-second facial recognition throughout remote user sessions, from log on to log off, in order to address this widespread threat that end users pose. 

SessionGuardian is better positioned to expand their impact on worldwide cybersecurity landscape with a new identity. They are proud to adopt a name that more precisely and strongly communicates the end-user vulnerability protection they provide.

LogPoint to acquire SecBI, bringing native SOAR and XDR solutions to the company

LogPoint, a worldwide cybersecurity innovator, has announced the acquisition of SecBI, a disruptor in automated cyber threat detection and response based in Tel Aviv. LogPoint’s capabilities will be enhanced by the addition of playbook-based automation that improves cyber threat detection and response. SecBI’s universal SOAR and XDR platform will integrate seamlessly with LogPoint, supporting the company’s objective to transform client’s cyber resiliency through innovation by simplifying the complex work of security operations.

“Combining SecBI with LogPoint SIEM and UEBA will immediately drive tremendous value to our current and future customers. As organizations large and small face the most critical cyber threats, security teams need solutions that will help them be more effective and efficient in protecting their organization. This integration will allow customers to quickly launch automated notifications and security remediations using our full-native SOAR capabilities. This is a major step forward in delivering our XDR-enabled operations platform giving our partners and customers one of the most innovative, intuitive, and proven solutions available,” said Jesper Zerlang, LogPoint CEO. 

LogPoint will continue to move toward overcoming the complex cybersecurity concerns that SOCs confront today with the quick integration of SecBI SOAR and XDR technology. Clients will be able to remove false positives and automate incident response as a result of the acquisition. These comprehensive, complementary platforms will work together to automate repetitive tasks, coordinate threat remediation workflows, and autonomously analyze, prioritize, and execute playbooks, allowing analysts to focus on genuine threats and better secure enterprises.

“We are excited to join LogPoint and integrate seamlessly to further extend the company’s foundational cybersecurity solution. With the inclusion of the SecBI technology, LogPoint takes automation to the next level to address the challenges organizations and cybersecurity analysts are facing in responding rapidly to an exponentially rising number of incidents,” said Gilad Peleg, SecBI CEO.

“The combination of LogPoint technology with SecBI XDR and SOAR, creates an end-to-end cybersecurity powerhouse that has exactly the right combination of technology, human capital, and growth potential. Merging Israeli cybersecurity expertise into the international LogPoint organization entails a huge potential for customers across the globe. We look forward to working with Jesper and his team to build a category leader,” said Yoav Tzruya, General Partner at Jerusalem Venture Partners.

Kivu and Fortalice partnered to provide cybersecurity services to their joint customers

Kivu Consulting, Inc. and Fortalice Solutions, LLC announced a strategic partnership to provide end-to-end cybersecurity services. These world-class organizations will be able to address rising customers’ demands for numerous cybersecurity areas as a result of their collaboration. Fortalice has  knowledge of offensive cybersecurity, security engineering, open-source intelligence, strategic communications, and risk and compliance experience. Kivu brings decades of experience in incident response, digital forensics, breach cleanup, and managed services to the table.

“Now more than ever, clients need cybersecurity firms to offer ‘best-in-class’ abilities across all their urgent needs. As a women-owned business headed by the first female CIO at the White House under George W. Bush, Fortalice’s excellence in handling incidents from triage to remediation perfectly complements Kivu’s reputation as the ‘go-to’ firm for incident response, post-breach remediation, and managed services,” said Chad Holmes, CEO of Kivu Consulting.

Organizations require advanced, distinct skillsets to plan for, respond to, and recover from breaches as bad actors become more sophisticated. Professionals with diversified and highly specialized backgrounds make up the Fortalice and Kivu Consulting teams. “The professionals at Fortalice and Kivu have spent time reimagining how to provide solutions that meet clients exactly where they are in that moment. Our combined teams bring to the industry some of the globe’s leading expert problem-solvers, many of whom have decades of experience”This combination assures our clients have access to a deeper bench of professionals, all at the top of their game, bringing the highest skill levels to all stages of cybersecurity,” said Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions.

Kivu and Fortalice will collaborate to service clients based on their needs as a result of the partnership. Together, the two companies will provide a broad range of services throughout the breach lifecycle.

Unbound Security Partners With WaveStrong To Provide Enhanced Key Security To Corporate Clients

Unbound Security, a leader in cryptographic key management and protection services, formed a partnership with WaveStrong, a market leader in cloud information security consulting services for businesses with a focus on serving the government and education sector (SLED). Offers best security solutions to its increasing number of clients.

“We pride ourselves on our best-of-breed security solutions. Key security is now a hugely significant part of any organization’s overall protection and by partnering with Unbound Security we can deliver the highest level of safety possible to our clients without any compromise of efficiency or business-as-usual. The Unbound CORE platform is unique in many ways, offering all the major advances of patented MPC technology from the market-leader,” said Harpreet S. Walia, president and chief executive officer at WaveStrong.

The new partnership with Unbound brings WaveStrong client’s access to Unbound’s patented multi-party computation (MPC) key security technology, providing the highest levels of protection for their data using Unbound’s CORE platform.

WaveStrong clients will now have access to Unbound’s patented multi-party computation (MPC) key security technology, which will provide the finest levels of information security using Unbound’s CORE platform.

The Unbound CORE platform, together with WaveStrong’s knowledge and advisory services, provides unparalleled end-to-end protection for business risk and cloud security compliance. Unbound CORE can be owned and managed by WaveStrong clients, or it can be accessed as a turnkey managed security services offering.

“The increase in digital content and cyberattacks makes key management a critical component in every enterprise security policy, especially for organizations in government and education. The challenge is to manage keys securely for different clouds, on-premise and hardware security modules. Our exciting partnership with WaveStrong helps extend the advantages of our advanced Unbound CORE platform across all enterprises. Organizations will have full confidence their master encryption key is safe from both external and insider threats,” said Rocco Donnino, vice president of strategic alliances at Unbound Security.