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Alcor launched AccessFlow, an IAM Product with Automated, Centralized, Seamless Integrations

Alcor, a leading and global provider of cloud solutions, security, and implementation services, launched its IAM product, AccessFlow. It is an automated, self-service access management product built on the Service Now platform that helps organizations in achieving automated, centralized, and seamless integrations with different platforms. As a Built on now application, AccessFlow provides the performance, Security, and GUI of the Service Now platform – designed and tested for fast, agile, secure, resistant, and allied digital transformation. 

To automate access provisioning, improve visibility, and optimize process compliance, AccessFlow now enables businesses to relish the benefits of: 

  • Assembled Access Management: Seamlessly verifies and manages crucial tasks such as – access provisioning, de-provisioning, license management, visibility into third-party integrations, and also offers a single source of information with consolidated reporting and dashboards.  
  • Secured Compliance: Automation of the entire access management lifecycle ensures secure operations. This helps organizations maintain data integrity, extend audit support, and proactively identify, monitor risk-based roles and leaves no place for error. 

Chairperson, and Senior Principal at Alcor, Monisha Singh says, “The updated version of AccessFlow takes access governance to a new level by providing efficient third-party integrations, ServiceNow GRC collaboration, and SOC1 Compliance with effective internal controls for data protection. This automated and unified approach of managing access over extended integrations with other robust features like SoD, Role-Based Access Matrix, Training Prerequisites, Dormant Account Alert, and more will enable organizations to significantly reduce time, cost, and effort. The all-new AccessFlow is bigger, better, and bolder with a single view of accesses, compliance assurance, and multiple brand-new features curated to meet the IAM needs of modern organizations.”  

AccessFlow Product Manager, Jenifer Rubavathy adds, “Over a past few years, we have seen a big increase in the demand of automating the access management processes for granting authorizations in accordance with compliance requirements. As a result, AccessFlow has collaborated with ServiceNow GRC and also extended Integrations with Azure AD and middleware platforms. Some of the essential holistic approaches to IAM that enable you to develop your cyber security posture include preventive Segregation of Duties into the access request process, effectively controls for permission level risks, and offering enterprise-wide access visibility increases the organization’s security, process efficiency as well as avoids the penalties for noncompliance.”  

Macnica Networks and NightDragon Networks formed an Innovative Partnership to Expand Portfolio Company Go-to-Market Reach

NightDragon, a dedicated cybersecurity, safety, security, and privacy investment company, announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Macnica Networks, Japan’s largest distribution firm and a global technology solutions distribution company, to expand the reach of its portfolio companies in Japan.

Macnica Networks, a subsidiary of the Macnica Group, is a value-added distributor specializing in getting new latest technology to the Japanese market. Macnica Networks has a track record of accelerating net new growth for well-known technology startups in Japan and the Asia-Pacific area. It has seen great success in the cybersecurity sector, notably assisting market leaders such as FireEye, CrowdStrike, and Exabeam in launching their Japanese operations.

Macnica Networks will distribute the products of NightDragon’s portfolio firms in Japan as part of this cooperation, giving its clients access to cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies.

“The demand for cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy technologies is greater than ever before against a rapidly evolving threat landscape,” said Jun Ikeda, President, Macnica Networks. “NightDragon is unparalleled in its ability to recognize today’s market-leading and innovative products and we are proud to partner to make these technologies available to our customers and serve as a foundation for future go-to-market growth in the region,”

“NightDragon is committed to being a true venture partner to our portfolio companies, not only providing capital but also supporting their go-to-market growth needs to help them reach their maximum potential,” said Dave DeWalt, Founder and Managing Director, NightDragon. “By aligning ourselves with a global distribution leader like Macnica Networks, we are making it easier than ever for our portfolio companies to grow into new markets and achieve new levels of success.”

NightDragon plans to structure more partnerships as part of its newly formalised NightDragon Network, an exclusive community with partnerships and networking opportunities for its portfolio firms and executive leadership, to accelerate go-to-market and facilitate business operations for its companies around the world.