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Deloitte Cyber partners with HGC Group to protect Hong Kong Companies from Cyber Risks under Rapid Digitization

Deloitte Cyber has partnered up with HGC Group to provide a holistic solution to protect Hong Kong companies from cyber risks during the digital era.

This partnership will provide adaptive security protection by different stages, which includes predict & prevent, detect, protect, and response, and enhance the CyberSecurity capabilities for corporations, as Deloitte Cyber is a leader in various worldwide CyberSecurity research for its Global Advisory network and has expertise in compliance and data protection.

Deloitte Cyber has partnered with HGC Group to assist businesses in combating cyberattacks, utilizing HGC Group’s full-service telecommunications, data centre services, ICT solutions, and broadband services for local, international, corporate, and mass markets.

“The cyber threat has become a board-level risk in today’s business world. If you’re operating online, you’re at risk. An attack can lead to financial and reputational damage, both of which can be irreparable. A reactive response is no longer good enough, prevention measures must be put in place well in advance and proactive detection of threats is a must,” said Mr. Miro Pihkanen, Partner, Deloitte Cyber.

“HGC Group is continuously expanding the digital transformation to local and international markets, cybersecurity is one of the most prominent consideration during this digital journey. Riding on our full-fledged digital infrastructure, we’ll continue to invest millions of US dollars in different phases to further enhance our capabilities in cybersecurity. The partnership between HGC Group’s Macroview and Deloitte can offer a 360-degree view of cybersecurity services across all industry segments to protect our customers’ digital assets, and support them in operating an anti-risk environment while developing their business,” said Mr. Andrew Kwok, CEO of HGC.

“With our proven record of successful cases in the industry, Macroview has been well recognized as a trustful Digital Transformation Partner to our customers for many years. With our self-owned Security Operation Centre (A.SOC) in operations for several years serving different major financial and monetary organizations, we’ll continue to expand our cybersecurity solution in different sector,” said Mr. Victor Share, CEO of Macroview Telecom, a HGC Group Company.

Deloitte Acquires Industrial Cybersecurity Business aeCyberSolutions from aeSolutions

Applied Engineering Solutions, Inc., based in Greenville, S.C., sold its industrial cybersecurity business (aeCyberSolutions) to Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory (aeSolutions). With the aeCyberSolutions company’s well-tested frameworks, processes, and technology-enabled tools for industrial control systems / operational technology (ICS/OT) security, Deloitte’s existing cybersecurity capabilities will be enhanced. Professionals from aeCyberSolutions will be brought in as well, with extensive experience in industrial sector standards creation and risk advice services.

“Cyberattacks on industrial controls systems for critical infrastructure are increasingly sophisticated and far-reaching, making cyber resilience and regulatory compliance more important than ever. As industrial organizations digitally transform to adopt more emerging technologies like 5G, the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence, our acquisition of the aeCyberSolutions business helps us to offer leading-edge ICS/OT technologies and related advisory services,” said Wendy Frank, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory Cyber 5G and IoT leader and principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

“Knowing our clients’ needs are only expanding, we’re aggressively growing our cyber practice to meet that need, aiming to bring innovative solutions as well as top industry executives with deep experience to help our clients achieve enhanced cyber resilience. Acquiring the aeCyberSolutions business’ highly certified, credentialed and experienced security professionals and tech-enabled solutions allows us to hyperscale our offerings to help clients advance their cybersecurity programs for the industrial sector and beyond,” said Deborah Golden, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory Cyber and Strategic Risk leader and principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

“Since 2014, our cyber services and solutions have helped industrial sector organizations meet their most pressing ICS/OT cybersecurity needs by providing corporate and plant-level assessments, remediation recommendations, program frameworks, and training. Joining Deloitte will enable us to scale the depth and breadth of our services, increasing our ability to help clients build more trustworthy, resilient and secure environments,” added John Cusimano, vice president of industrial cybersecurity for aeSolutions and incoming Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory managing director, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Deloitte’s sixth cyber purchase in 2021 is the aeCyberSolutions business, illustrating the firm’s commitment to aggressively growing services and improving capabilities that assist clients to solve a wide variety of cyber threats.

Deloitte Acquires Sentek to Expand Systems Engineering and Cyber Offerings

Sentek Consulting, Inc. (Sentek Global), a systems engineering and cybersecurity firm that primarily serves the US Navy, announced that Deloitte has bought essentially all of its assets.

Mike Canning, US Government & Public Services Industry leader and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP said, “The acquisition of Sentek Global’s business will expand Deloitte’s existing presence in San Diego, while also bolstering our current mission-focused systems engineering capabilities and cyber offerings to other military branches and federal agencies.”

“Deloitte is focused on delivering mission-relevant, complex and technology-enabled engineering, analytics and transformation solutions to our clients in the Department of Defense (DoD). The addition of Sentek Global’s capabilities expands our complement of skilled system engineering and cybersecurity professionals that will enhance DoD’s ability to accelerate its engineering and acquisition processes to ensure effective and reliable systems for our warfighters.  And, it enables us to welcome those Sentek Global professionals who are former members of the Armed Forces into our existing veteran workforce,” said Heather Reilly, Deloitte’s Defense, Security and Justice sector leader and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

“As cyber threats to all organizations — particularly U.S. federal agencies — continue to proliferate and become more complex, we’re investing to help our clients prevent, detect and remediate those emerging threats.  The addition of Sentek Global’s capabilities allows us to do just that,” Mark Nace, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory’s Government & Public Services leader for the Cyber & Strategic Risk practice and  principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Sentek Global provides program management and integrated logistics services to the Defense, Security and Justice sectors (USA) in addition to systems engineering and cybersecurity.

“Sentek Global and Deloitte share many common values, not the least of which is providing high quality services and solutions for the agencies that serve our country.  We are joining Deloitte to help our government clients solve complex systems engineering and cybersecurity challenges, while also accelerating the scaling of our services for defense, security and justice sector organizations,” said Eric Basu, CEO and founder, Sentek Global.

Deloitte Acquires Zero Trust Network Access Provider TransientX

Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory announced that it has acquired all of the assets of TransientX, Inc., a Hoboken, New Jersey-based Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) startup. Deloitte’s existing Zero Trust capabilities and solutions will be enhanced by TransientX’s staff and its innovative, dissolvable, cloud-native application networking technology for ZTNA.

“As organizations modernize their enterprise environments to deal with evolving business models and complex, hyper-connected IT ecosystems, they’re typically shifting from a perimeter-centric approach to the risk-based, Zero Trust approach that enforces the concept of least privilege. TransientX’s technology offers the unique capability to embed Zero Trust Network Access into Deloitte’s products and services, differentiating and evolving how we deliver our offerings to our clients — which will lend support to our clients’ Zero Trust adoption efforts as well,” said Andrew Rafla, a Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory Zero Trust leader and principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

“Our cyber practice acquisition strategy — inclusive of the acquisition of TransientX’s business — is squarely focused on hyper-scaling to support our own services and solutions delivery, as well as to transform the way we help our clients build cyber resilience, enable agile operations and promote more resilient security practices. Acquiring TransientX’s business will help Deloitte truly differentiate how it delivers to the market by infusing ZTNA capabilities into a broad portfolio of products and services,” said Deborah Golden, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory Cyber and Strategic Risk leader and principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP.

“Zero trust transformation is not easy.  We created TransientX to help organizations adopt Zero Trust Network Access in a flexible, frictionless and expansive manner across a variety of use cases. In joining Deloitte, we’ll be able to offer our novel approach to ZTNA in a way that improves security for remote work and vendor collaboration,” Egemen Tas, CEO and founder of TransientX.

Deloitte’s acquisition of the TransientX business is the firm’s fourth cyber acquisition in 2021.