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Imperva Announces its Data Security Fabric for Data Protection

Imperva unveils that Imperva Data Security Fabric (DSF) offers data-centric protection and compliance for enterprise data lakes which is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It has been done with regards to its commitment to data protection as it empowers AWS consumers to secure their data with one platform. It impacts an integrated security model without utilizing any changes to their current data infrastructure across Amazon Aurora, Amazon Athena, Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, and AWS CloudFormation.

Dan Neault, SVP and GM, Data Security, Imperva, said, “AWS allows organizations to quickly and securely build solutions that help them to reach new markets and deliver new services to end users. Imperva Data Security Fabric gives organizations building data lakes on AWS a streamlined experience for securing data, and confidence that their data lakes comply.”

Utilizing services like AWS Lake Formation and AWS Glue, Imperva Data Security Fabric finds data lakes that have been established and categorised to overcome these problems. By employing its internal data classification engine or by importing categorization scans from Amazon Macie, it can determine where sensitive data is stored across services like Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon RDS. To audit when a user accesses raw data files kept in Amazon S3 or runs analytical queries on the data using services like Amazon Athena or Amazon EMR, Imperva DSF gathers data access logs from providers like Amazon CloudWatch.

Identification of doubtful data access patterns, like the suspected network connections, extensive access to sensitive information, and the utilization of eminent service accounts by interactive users are included in Imperva DSF includes User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). With these capabilities, companies discover and find important data breaches without the involvement of expert data security analysts. Lastly, security operation teams can build playbooks to automatically remove threats utilizing native features of AWS such as security groups included in Imperva DSF. This allows companies remain compliant while also preventing data breaches.