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Nokia Launches New SaaS applications

SIM Secure Connect and AVA Network Data Analytics Function are two new software solutions (SaaS) launched by Nokia for mobile carriers and companies.

The new services, which are focused on security, data, and monetization, build on Nokia’s current SaaS business to enable telecoms service providers (CSPs) and enterprises to increase their value by transitioning to a subscription-based, old-school, cost-effective model.

Nokia’s new SaaS solution, ISIM Secure Connect, allows CSPs and companies to manage eSIM and iSIM-enabled device registrations in a secure and medium-term manner. It also integrates all components of the eSIM / iSIM management process seamlessly, allowing services linked to a reliable digital identification system to be monetized.

The company’s second product combines AI and analytics which is a virtualization and automation (AVA) solution. Nokia AVA Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) offers analytics on the network edge, leverages 3GPP compliant analytics services, and promotes software development interactions because of its distributed architecture and open APIs.

To generate greater returns automation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) helps improve network performance and customer experience.

Regarding commercial releases, Nokia said their AVA NWDAF service would be available later this quarter with a SaaS delivery model. ISIM Secure Connect is scheduled to launch as SaaS later this year. However, other shipping options will continue to be available to customers.

BitSight and Marsh McLennan Joined forces to Strengthen Organizations’ Cybersecurity Performance

BitSight, the security ratings company and Marsh McLennan, the world’s leading professional services company in the categories of risk, strategy, and people, signed a collaboration to help businesses better understand, evaluate, and manage their cyber risks.

The recently launched Marsh McLennan Cyber Risk Analytics Center will use BitSight Security Ratings, data, and analytics to help customers better understand their cybersecurity performance by making more educated risk management decisions. Clients who have access to BitSight may obtain this information quickly, detect potential risks, and implement mitigation techniques. The two companies will also work on joint research and analysis, combining their widely renowned perspectives.

The importance of cybersecurity performance management cannot be overestimated, given the worrying rise in cybersecurity incidents. BitSight Security Ratings are the most extensively used and recognized cyber risk ratings in the market and the only solution that has been independently validated to correlate with data breach risk.

“2021 is shaping up to be one of the most challenging years for cyber risk on record, and we continue to hear from clients that cybersecurity is among their most urgent risk concerns. By collaborating with BitSight, we are providing clients with more data-driven insights to better manage risk in an increasingly difficult cybersecurity landscape,” said Scott Stransky, Head of the Marsh McLennan Cyber Risk Analytics Center.

“Cyber insurance brokers now play a critical role in helping their clients actively manage cyber risk. This marks an exciting opportunity to share our cyber risk data and expertise to help Marsh McLennan counsel their clients on reducing risk of cyber exposure. This collaboration builds on BitSight’s previous work to bring universal understanding to cyber risk, and further validates BitSight’s position as the trusted industry standard in cybersecurity ratings and analytics,” said Stephanie Snyder Frenier, vice president and general manager, insurance at BitSight.

Hexa Data and Rampiva formed a strategic partnership in Latin America

Rampiva Global, LLC, a global software company developing automation, reporting and business process management software for data processing and review platforms, today announced a strategic partnership with Hexa Data S.R.L. (HexaData), a reseller and solution provider for leading technology products in the areas of digital forensics, mobile forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, data deduplication systems, and network forensics based in Central and South America.

Rampiva Global, LLC (Rampiva), a leading technology firm specializing in automation, reporting and business process management software for data processing and review platforms, announced collaboration with Hexa Data S.R.L. (HexaData), a reseller and solution providing firm for technology products in the areas of digital forensics, eDiscovery, cybersecurity, mobile forensics, and data deduplication.

For digital forensics teams in South America, Rampiva Automate is a game changer: there is much more workload every day, and investments in process, automation, and reporting improve productivity.

Users can utilise Rampiva with the Nuix data processing engine to automate workflows, licencing management and reporting. Rampiva Automate will be used by HexaData’s clients in their digital forensics and eDiscovery environments to improve quality, speed to results, and process maturity.

HexaData, founded by Juan Carlos Jarandilla Torres, a Nuix alum, offers the competence to assist companies use automation to address problems.

“Rampiva Automate is a game changer for digital forensics teams in South America — there’s more work every day, and investments in process, automation, and reporting drive productivity,” said Torres.

“HexaData is an exciting partner for Rampiva. We founded Rampiva to help make digital forensics and data analytics more accessible. Juan Carlos’ tenure in the industry, HexaData’s consultative focus, and the priority they place on training aligns with our vision of enabling clients to harness the value of data,” shared Daniel Boteanu, CEO of Rampiva.

“This new partnership between Rampiva and HexaData is a great example of why Nuix invests in our Partner Ecosystem. Without partners like HexaData, our clients in Central and South America would struggle to evaluate and onboard technology partners like Rampiva. We’re excited to see the success of this new effort,” stated Chris Pogue, Head of Strategic Alliances.

Hive Pro, a cybersecurity startup, has received $3 million in seed funding

Silicon Valley startup Hive Pro, the company behind Predictive Vulnerability Analytics (PVA), has raised $3 million in early funding headed by Simpra Holdings. Since Vulnerability Prioritization Technology is at the apex of Gartner’s Extended Detection & Response Interactive Hype Cycle, Gartner 2020, the investor group sees enormous growth potential.

Hive Pro conducted over 300 interviews with customers around the world to determine the real challenge in vulnerability management. They discovered that vulnerability fatigue, combined with limited cybersecurity resources, necessitates a solution that is simple to use and contextual to the threat to their businesses.

The company has successfully launched its platform and has a growing customer base from a variety of industries, including banking, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, and managed service providers (MSSPs). Hive Pro has experienced 100 percent quarter-over-quarter growth and is poised to accelerate its expansion in the next months.

“We are excited with the positive traction for our platform, and now with several success stories, we are going ahead with full force to capture the market and emerge as one of the leading players in the vulnerability prioritization market,” said Anand Choudha, Founder & CEO of Hive Pro.

“Encouraged by the success, we are getting ready for the next stage of funding and expecting to announce Series A round before the end of year, which will help us expand our footprint across Europe and Asia.” Added Anand Choudha.