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Marclay is acquired by BlueVoyant in order to expand its managed and consulting service capabilities in the United Kingdom

BlueVoyant, a cybersecurity services company, announced that it has acquired Marclay Associates, a UK-based cybersecurity consultancy that helps global organizations protect themselves against highly sophisticated threat adversaries and cyber risk vectors by providing world-class incident response and cyber investigation services. BlueVoyant will receive $30 million in investment from current investors to support this transaction, helping to encourage additional business expansion across the sector.

Marclay Associates’ services are concentrated on its digital forensics and incident response teams, as well as its governance, risk, and compliance practice. Marclay Associates’ Marclay One secure communications platform, a cloud-based IT solution that serves users globally, supports professional services.

“The UK is of critical strategic importance to BlueVoyant; extending our regional presence through this acquisition strengthens BlueVoyant’s support for customers in the UK and beyond. Marclay Associates’ expertise is well-recognized throughout the industry; combining our capabilities to help customers best protect their environment made absolute sense,” said Robert Hannigan, Chairman, BlueVoyant International.

With new malware, ransomware variants and hybrid attacks threatening to compromise sensitive data, BlueVoyant’s combined suite of Managed Security Services, Professional Services and Threat Intelligence, and Third-Party Cyber Risk Management capabilities will provide unrivalled expertise and service to UK customers.

“The acquisition of Marclay by BlueVoyant combines the global cyber expertise of our former UK intelligence and security services personnel, and our industry-leading services, with BlueVoyant’s advanced cybersecurity portfolio. Now, with the support of BlueVoyant we can continue to help both new and existing customers meet their cybersecurity requirements with an exciting UK service offering,” said Jake Hockley, Senior Partner, Marclay Associates.

“We are delighted to join BlueVoyant at this stage of its growth journey. We have been delivering cybersecurity professional services to our clients for over eight years, and the opportunity to combine our existing services with BlueVoyant’s pioneering cyber technology in its first and third-party cyber risk management solutions and managed security SOC services, gives us a powerful proposition to take to the UK market and beyond,” said James Tamblin, Senior Partner, Marclay Associates.

Securonix, a Cybersecurity firm, has formed a Strategic Partnership with Alonos to Invest in Global Leadership Development

Securonix, Inc., a leader in Next-Gen SIEM, declared a new investment in its team’s development through a collaboration with consulting company Alonos® to deploy the “Leadership & Executive Accelerated Development Program – L.E.A.D. Core.” Securonix is boosting the skills and knowledge of its leaders around the world with this investment, which will cover a wide range of areas within the organization, including Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Management, Customer Success, Cloud Infrastructure, Architecture, Content and Threat, Quality Assurance, and Corporate Functions.

“Securonix has reached a critical point in our growth as we expand globally at an unprecedented rate. As we scale, our CEO, Sachin Nayyar, is very committed to people growth. When you invest in people who lead other people, there’s an immediate multiplier effect. To reach our expansion goals, we are deploying high end leadership development through the L.E.A.D. Program and building the muscle that will propel us forward,” said Dilshan Ratnayake, Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Securonix.

Securonix developed a three-month L.E.A.D. Core Program in collaboration with Alonos’ doctoral-level leadership training practitioners to establish and refine core capabilities. Building high-performing teams, communication, feedback, and coaching, performance management, driving team commitment, delivering and measuring results, understanding leadership styles, leadership decision-making, and harnessing the power of a diverse and inclusive workforce are just a few of the topics covered.

Executives had to complete various learning modules, actively participate in group discussions, attain minimum scores on weekly knowledge examinations, and present an application-based capstone case analysis to graduate from the program’s Core level. Graduates received a validated digital micro-credential through Alonos because this required a high degree of commitment and engagement.

“Investments like these are like oxygen to an organization. If you want to multiply a company’s capabilities, leadership development is a critical component of that growth,” said Ratnayake.

Accenture has acquired Sentor, a Cyber Defense and Managed Security Services company based in Sweden

Accenture has acquired Sentor, a cyber defense and managed security services company based in Sweden. Financial terms of acquisition were not disclosed.

Sentor was established in 1998 and is based in Stockholm, with offices in Gvle and Malm as well. Advisory services, security testing, managed detection, and incident-response capabilities are all part of the company’s offering, which is backed up by a security operations centre in Stockholm that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Finance, insurance, manufacturing, and retail are just a few of the industries that it serves.

The approximately 80 cybersecurity experts from Sentor will join the Accenture Security team in Sweden, boosting Accenture’s local resources and skills and meeting the increasing demand for domestic cybersecurity and managed security services.

Åse Holmberg, Sentor CEO, said, “Maintaining a high cybersecurity posture is not an IT-issue, but a major concern for businesses and organizations around the world. Sentor’s goal has never been to ‘just’ help our clients with cybersecurity. We strive to raise the bar throughout the entire region to ensure organizations in the Nordics have a strong cybersecurity presence. Joining forces with Accenture’s global team will help us towards that goal, and together we can provide an unmatched level of advanced technical skills needed to tackle the cybersecurity challenges of the 21st century. As a result, we not only help clients better defend themselves against the imminent threat adversaries pose but give our employees more opportunities to grow.”

“Sentor has a very strong reputation in the cybersecurity community in Sweden through its long-lasting experience in delivering advanced cybersecurity services to the Swedish market. They have managed to attract exceptional talent and grow a technical security culture that is unique in the industry. We are very excited to welcome this highly talented group of professionals that will strengthen our ability to provide world-class cybersecurity to our clients,” said Bala Periasamy, who leads Accenture Security in Sweden.

“With the daily barrage of cyberattacks, it’s time for organizations to take a new view on managing cyber risks. Securing a business ecosystem can’t be piecemeal; it takes the right talent, investments and technology know-how. The acquisition of Sentor further expands our ability to help clients match this challenging cybersecurity environment. We are excited about what we can achieve together to help organizations in Sweden become more resilient,” said Kelly Bissell, who leads Accenture Security globally.

Dragos, Inc. and Garland Technology have teamed up to offer a comprehensive ICS/OT cybersecurity solution

Garland Technology, a leading provider of Network TAP, Network Packet Broker, Inline Bypass solutions and Dragos Inc. a worldwide leader in cybersecurity for industrial controls systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) environments, declared a collaboration that will improve visibility, control, and cyber resilience across vital infrastructure network systems.

The Dragos Platform and Garland Technology’s network TAP products integrate to make ICS/OT network infrastructures more secure. The Dragos Platform receives the appropriate data at the right time from Garland Technology’s visibility solutions.

“Securing industrial networks is an exciting space as more ICS/OT teams embrace cybersecurity best practices. To ensure tools like the Dragos Platform protect industrial networks without creating added vulnerabilities, we have specialized network TAPs and accessories for these environments. Our OT solutions are ideal for networks prone to small spaces, vibration, extreme temperatures, and data diode requirements. Connecting security tools to OT networks using our data diode TAPs ensure tools see the required traffic and never send unwanted traffic back into the industrial network. We enjoy removing obstacles with our products so ICS/OT teams can successfully protect their industrial networks.” states Chris Bihary, CEO of Garland Technology.

The Dragos Platform allows customers to visualise industrial assets and their communications, detect threats as they happen, and applies prescriptive workbench tools for more effective investigations and reaction while minimising operational implications on the existing security team.

The integrated solution increases visibility for OT and IT teams, lowering the risk of production line disruption across critical infrastructures in energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and building automation.

Josh Carlson, Senior Business Development Manager at Dragos states “The Dragos Platform employs threat behaviour analytics to provide unparalleled detection of adversaries targeting industrial control systems (ICS). Furthermore, the Dragos threat behaviour analytics map to the ICS-ATT&CK framework from MITRE, an ICS-specific threat behaviour framework built to characterize the activity found uniquely in ICS/OT environments. Protecting your operation from threats and anomalies requires deep packet-level visibility and accurate information. Together, we reduce blind spots, enabling safe, continuous monitoring of industrial networks for asset identification and threat detection, helping to eliminate the barriers to digital transformation.”