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Flosum cybersecurity

Flosum Trust Center by Flosum for Secured Salesforce Environments

Flosum Trust Center by Flosum is an integrated security solution that monitors, alerts, and scans for potential threats in a Salesforce environment. It enables businesses …

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BlackBerry Cyberattack

Blackberry and NXP Semiconductors Partnered to Counter Cyber Attacks

BlackBerry has announced that it will support quantum-resistant secure boot signatures for NXP Semiconductors’ crypto-agile S32G vehicle networking processors as part of a demonstration to …

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Fortinet cybersecurity

Fortinet Launched FortiNDR to Help Identify Cyberattacks

Fortinet FortiNDR is a new network detection and response offering that uses artificial intelligence and pragmatic analytics to enable faster incident detection and threat response. …

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Cohesity Cybersecurity

Cohesity & Palo Alto collaborated on cyber resilience

Cohesity has partnered with Palo Alto Networks to integrate its Cohesity Helios next-generation data management platform with Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex XSOAR security orchestration, automation, …

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QuSecure cybersecurity

QuSecure Introduced Post-Quantum Cybersecurity

QuSecure launched QuProtect an end-to-end PQC software-based solution tailored to protect encrypted communications and data with quantum resilience utilizing quantum secure channels. In an industry-first …

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ForgeRock cybersecurity identity

ForgeRock Autonomous Access Against Attacks

ForgeRock Autonomous Access prevents identity-based cyber-attacks and fraud by monitoring login requests in real-time to block malicious attempts, adding authentication steps for anomalous behaviors, and …

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AT&T threat protection

AT&T and Meraki Launched SASE

AT&T SASE with Cisco Meraki is a new managed service designed to help businesses improve network performance, enable resilient access, and protect sensitive data. The …

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Trend Micro cybersecurity platform

Trend Micro Introduces a New Security Platform

Trend Micro One provides critical risk assessment functionality, and yet the ecosystem partners enhance this to make it the most comprehensive platform in the industry. Customers …

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Catalogic Software launches Newest Version of DPX!

Threat Intelligence – Everything You Need To Know

Threat intelligence (cyber threat intelligence) is information that an organization uses to understand the threats that are currently targeting it. This data is used to prepare, …

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Cisco Patches 14 Vulnerabilities In Small Business RV Series Routers

Cisco has a security update for 14 vulnerabilities in its Small Business RV Series routers, the most critical of which might allow attackers to get unauthenticated …

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Organizations Neglecting Microsoft 365 Applications

According to Ensono’s study, nearly half of firms are not using the entire set of tools and applications available in Microsoft 365. Most importantly, many …

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Crosspoint Capital Partners Invests in Software Security ReversingLabs

Crosspoint Capital Partners Invests in Software Security ReversingLabs

Crosspoint Capital Partners, a private equity firm specialising in cybersecurity, privacy, and infrastructure software, announced that it led a Series B funding in ReversingLabs

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