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Confluera Introduces Cloud eXtended Detection and Response solution

Confluera, the leading provider of next-generation cloud detection and response, has launched Cloud eXtended Detection and Response (CxDR) solution to secure cloud-native systems from new threats. Confluera CxDR is a SaaS-based next-generation detection and response solution that is specifically designed to address the new advanced threats that exist in the cloud.‍

Threat detection, threat analytics and cloud security all are part of the company’s CxDR solution, which brings together the finest security features from the otherwise silo-ed category of solutions. Confluera’s verified signal analytics from numerous sources, such as APIs, third-party intelligence and Confluera’s patented real-time threat storyboarding capability, are all part of the tiered solution. Confluera CxDR decreases the time to detect and mitigate advanced cyberattacks from months to hours, decreasing the requirement for highly experienced cyber security professional.

“Navigating the modern threat landscape requires a modern approach to cloud security. With rapid detection and response built on cloud-native architecture, Confluera gives us confidence that we can mitigate cyberattacks before they can do any harm,” said Jack Roehrig, Chief Information Security Officer at Turnitin.

“Despite the recent innovations in the detection and response industry, organizations continue to play catch up to protect themselves against modern cloud cyberthreats. With Confluera CxDR, we are evolving cloud security beyond other solutions today, providing organizations the intelligence, accuracy and context – all in real-time – to stop threats,” said John Morgan, CEO of Confluera.

“The cybersecurity market has evolved in a very siloed manner and threat detection functions have often been pushed out to the edge of the network mimicking legacy perimeter security models. Recent detection and response categories offer enhanced capabilities but continue to evolve isolated from other solutions. This is where CxDR comes into play. By providing extended detection and response in the cloud, enterprises seeking cyber-attack mitigation will now have the ability to quickly and accurately detect modern cloud cyberattacks. Confluera is leading the charge in this market, allowing their customers to have sufficient time, and forewarning to keep attacks at bay within the cloud,” said Chris Steffen, Research Director, EMA.