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Quantum Xchange Teams Up With Thales To Enable Quantum-Safe Key Delivery Across Any Distance, Over Any Network Media

Quantum Xchange, with its cutting-edge key distribution infrastructure, has teamed up with Thales to provide quantum-safe and crypto-agile key delivery options. End-users can use the quantum-resistant network solution to future-proof their data and communications network systems; conquer the vulnerabilities of current encryption techniques, such as keys and data travelling together, and defend against man-in-the-middle, harvesting, and future quantum attacks.

“Phio TX used in combination with Thales High Speed Encryptors (HSEs) arm customers with a powerful, enterprise security solution capable of making native encryption keys immediately quantum resistant. The standards-based solution can easily meet the risk mitigation needs of a business at any time and delivers an infinitely stronger cybersecurity posture to any network environment,” said Eddy Zervigon, CEO of Quantum Xchange.

“Quantum computing will be one of the biggest technological achievements in recent memory, but it comes with a lot of security risks. While there is no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to cybersecurity, deploying crypto-agile systems, or those with the ability to update cryptographic algorithms, keys and certificates quickly in response to advances in cyber-attacks is the next frontier in protection against the emerging threats. Today Thales is enabling businesses to deploy security algorithms in a flexible way that include quantum-resistant algorithms that provide mitigation techniques to the current and future security risks presented by the evolution of quantum computing. NIST is currently selecting finalists amongst the quantum-safe encryption algorithms being developed. In anticipation of this, Thales already supports the current finalists including Thales’ Falcon algorithm,” said Todd Moore, Vice President Encryption Products at Thales.

Sectigo Launches Secure Key Storage Solution for IoT Devices to Provide Strong Authentication and Secure Communications

Sectigo, a global provider of digital certificates and automated certificate lifecycle management solutions launched Sectigo Secure Key Storage SDK (SKS-SDK) to its portfolio of industry-leading products.

Secure key storage is a software-based library that maintains, seals, and saves encryption keys, passwords, and other private information in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It eliminates the possibility of credentials being exposed on devices that don’t have a hardware-based secure key store mechanism like a Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

IoT device makers across the industry are swiftly understanding the need to increase security in their products to protect customers from attacks that target embedded devices and expose them to data theft, service disruption, and the spread of the cyberattack to other systems. Legislation and industry standards are requiring stricter authentication in several sectors.

Although most advanced IoT devices provide a hardware platform for secure key storage, many low-cost or outdated devices lack these features. In addition, providing secure key storage to IoT devices raises the bill of materials, making hardware solutions less economical. Sectigo’s latest product bridges the gap in the IoT security field by providing an accessible alternative for lower-cost IoT devices that don’t include secure key storage hardware.

“Enhanced levels of security should be available for all IoT devices to help prevent noncompliance with ever-changing legislation and standards, device cloning, and the introduction of counterfeit devices into the market. Sectigo’s latest secure key storage solution enables IoT device manufacturers to protect private keys and critical information from hackers with special attention to affordability and compliance,” said Alan Grau, VP of IoT/Embedded Solutions at Sectigo.

Unbound Security Partners With WaveStrong To Provide Enhanced Key Security To Corporate Clients

Unbound Security, a leader in cryptographic key management and protection services, formed a partnership with WaveStrong, a market leader in cloud information security consulting services for businesses with a focus on serving the government and education sector (SLED). Offers best security solutions to its increasing number of clients.

“We pride ourselves on our best-of-breed security solutions. Key security is now a hugely significant part of any organization’s overall protection and by partnering with Unbound Security we can deliver the highest level of safety possible to our clients without any compromise of efficiency or business-as-usual. The Unbound CORE platform is unique in many ways, offering all the major advances of patented MPC technology from the market-leader,” said Harpreet S. Walia, president and chief executive officer at WaveStrong.

The new partnership with Unbound brings WaveStrong client’s access to Unbound’s patented multi-party computation (MPC) key security technology, providing the highest levels of protection for their data using Unbound’s CORE platform.

WaveStrong clients will now have access to Unbound’s patented multi-party computation (MPC) key security technology, which will provide the finest levels of information security using Unbound’s CORE platform.

The Unbound CORE platform, together with WaveStrong’s knowledge and advisory services, provides unparalleled end-to-end protection for business risk and cloud security compliance. Unbound CORE can be owned and managed by WaveStrong clients, or it can be accessed as a turnkey managed security services offering.

“The increase in digital content and cyberattacks makes key management a critical component in every enterprise security policy, especially for organizations in government and education. The challenge is to manage keys securely for different clouds, on-premise and hardware security modules. Our exciting partnership with WaveStrong helps extend the advantages of our advanced Unbound CORE platform across all enterprises. Organizations will have full confidence their master encryption key is safe from both external and insider threats,” said Rocco Donnino, vice president of strategic alliances at Unbound Security.

CrossBar Releases ReRAM, a New Hardware Security and Secure Computing Application

CrossBar Inc. world’s leading ReRAM technology company, introduced a new application of its Resistive RAM (ReRAM) technology for use as a physical unclonable function (PUF) in secure computing applications to create cryptographic keys.

CrossBar’s ReRAM technology, which was formerly used as a non-volatile semiconductor memory, is now launched for hardware security applications using its ReRAM-based cryptographic PUF keys, facilitating a more secure and cost-effective range of devices and systems.

“CrossBar is expanding the use cases of our Resistive RAM technology with a new class of secure computing. We believe the state-of-the-art use of our unique technology as PUF cryptographic keys will provide higher security for our customers’ products and open new markets for CrossBar’s technology,” said Mark Davis, President at CrossBar, Inc.

Computer, mobile phone, and infrastructure cyberattacks are on the rise. These attacks also put brand-name products in danger of counterfeiting. Devices are incorporating hidden cryptographic “keys” to provide secure communications and control in order to thwart such attacks. While there are a variety of technologies that can be used to create PUF keys, the most prevalent method relies on semiconductor static random access memory (SRAM). Unfortunately, there are a number of flaws in this technology that limit its security and usefulness. CrossBar’s latest ReRAM-based PUF cryptographic key technology has a higher level of randomness, lower bit error rate, is resistant to invasive attacks and can handle a variety of environmental variations without the use of fuzzy extractors, helper data, or heavy error correction code when compared to SRAM PUF.

The ReRAM keys are unique to each semiconductor integrated circuit (IC), taking advantage of the ReRAM technology’s inherent unpredictability. Identification, encryption/decryption, and authentication will all be done with these keys.

“After analyzing numerous PUF technologies, we believe CrossBar’s ReRAM has significant advantages for use as next generation physical unclonable function (PUF) keys. Due to its unique stochastic and electrical characteristics, CrossBar’s ReRAM PUF enables significantly more secure systems compared to incumbent PUF technologies,” said Dr. Bertrand Cambou, Professor of Nanotechnology and Cybersecurity at Northern Arizona University, and formerly a top executive at Gemplus and several other Silicon Valley technology companies.

CrossBar’s ReRAM PUF technology enables a new kind of safe computing by solving many of the shortcomings of other PUF implementations. ReRAM PUF is also an excellent choice for semiconductor applications that require both high security and embedded non-volatile memory (NVM), particularly in foundry nodes lower than 28nm, where embedded NVM is not widely available.

WhiteCryption, a pioneer in mobile application security acquired by Zimperium

WhiteCryption, a prominent provider of advanced application shielding and cryptographic key protection, acquired by Zimperium, the global leader in mobile security, has expanded its range of mobile application protection solutions. WhiteCryption was purchased by Zimperium from a group of investors led by Intertrust, a pioneer in trusted computing and digital rights management (DRM) tech. Current whiteCryption clients will be supported by Zimperium, and whiteCryption’s products will be integrated into Zimperium’s Mobile Application Protection Suite (MAPS), resulting in the world’s most advanced mobile application protection solution.

Enterprises can use Zimperium MAPS to create secure mobile apps that are naturally resistant to cyberattacks. MAPS is the only platform that safeguards mobile apps from conception through deployment. MAPS now offers app scanning, app shielding, runtime protection, and the security of sensitive cryptographic keys in one platform, thanks to the addition of whiteCryption’s technology. The integrated threat management dashboard provided by MAPS enables real-time threat visibility as well as the capacity to respond to emerging threats and attacks discovered.

“With mobile applications containing and processing an increasing amount of critical personal and business information, the risks and attacks have increased too. In response, organizations want to unify mobile application protection to improve visibility and prevent security gaps between point products,” said Phil Hochmuth, Program Vice President of Enterprise Mobility, IDC.

“To provide our customers with the best security and the most value, Zimperium believes that every part of a unified mobile application protection solution should be best-in-class. We are excited to join forces with whiteCryption, whose team has developed the most advanced mobile application code and key protection solutions available,” said Shridhar Mittal, chief executive officer of Zimperium.

“Zimperium and whiteCryption are a match made in heaven to heal a world full of increasing cyberthreats. The combination of the two technologies will provide a powerful antidote to today’s increased threats in mobile and IoT, and we wish the combined Zimperium-whiteCryption team all the very best,” said Talal G. Shamoon, chief executive officer of Intertrust.