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Talon Launched First Corporate Secure Browser for the Hybrid Work Environment

Talon Cyber Security has developed a new secure browser solution designed to address the new threats that the workforce faces. It is designed considering employee experiences. Talon Work is a browser based endpoint security solution for distributed workforce. Talon also announced an investment from top cyber security global leaders.

“Today’s work from anywhere world demands a flexible and secure working environment, and as a result, modern security must be frictionless by design. Talon’s browser-based security solution takes a fresh approach, putting the user experience front and center while extending the security of the enterprise,” said George Kurtz, co-founder and CEO of CrowdStrike.

In order to protect its growing global hybrid workforce, Talon works with some of the leading employers in the United States via its unique technology. The corporate browser of Talon can be installed in less than an hour across the entire organisation, allowing security officials to make the browser their first line of defence with minimal complexity, cost, and no extra hardware. Talon enables organisations with dangerous operation to better secure and control access to sensitive data and resources, to accelerate onboarding in multiple working scenarios and to quickly and efficiently recover disasters.

“With the shift towards a hybrid workforce, more known and unknown devices are accessing the organization’s most sensitive data on premise and in the cloud. Therefore, we must ensure frictionless and secure access to the data, no matter the device or the employee location. Talon provides exactly that,” said John Thompson, recent former Microsoft Chairman.

“It is equally important that the next generation of cyber solutions are designed for ease of use, and optimized for a remote work environment. In this regard, Talon’s solution is spot on,” said Mark Anderson, former President of Palo Alto Networks.

The revolution of the workforce and in the pandemic the growing trust  of SaaS services turned the browser into the main entrance to the organisation in general. The browser is also the most vulnerable application and the businesses have witnessed information stealers extracting browser credentials, malicious extensions stolen zero-days in the wild. The multi-layered approach of Talon ensures enterprise level security regardless of the endpoint: device malware resilience, browser hardening, zero day exploits and browser-integrated data leakage prevention mechanisms.

“To enable this instant shift to distributed workforce, many organizations were forced to quickly patch security gaps using their current IT stack. Talon offers a new and first to market approach and a strategic alternative that is practical and more sustainable. We are honored to have the leaders who shaped the face of cybersecurity on board with us, sharing our vision and mission,” said Ofer Ben Noon, Talon’s Co-founder and CEO.