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Bitdefender and ThreatQuotient have teamed up to improve Threat Detection capabilities through Shared Intelligence

Bitdefender, a leading cybersecurity company, announced a strategic partnership agreement with ThreatQuotient, a leading security operations platform innovation, to integrate Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence with the ThreatQ™ Platform. ThreatQuotient customers, such as enterprises with a security operation centre (SOC), managed security service providers (MSSPs), and managed detection and response (MDR) providers, will benefit from the partnership because it will give them greater visibility across the global threat landscape, allowing for more accurate detection and faster response to threats.

“The proprietary real-time threat intelligence provided by Bitdefender strengthens our clients’ ability to accurately detect, assess and validate emerging threats so they can take faster actions to eliminate them from environments. Bitdefender is recognized globally for having best-in-class threat intelligence and threat detection capabilities validated by MITRE and other leading independent testing organizations. ThreatQ customers will have contextualized insights on advanced persistent threats (APTs), malicious email campaigns and other dangers under one centralized view to quickly assess, validate and respond. Our collaboration has proved invaluable to our customers by increasing visibility into malicious campaigns as threat frequency and sophistication continues to rise,” said Jonathan Couch, senior vice president, strategy at ThreatQuotient.

Bitdefender’s threat intelligence feeds, such as file hashes, IP addresses, and domains connected with advanced persistent threats (APTs); malware domains; IP addresses associated with attacker command and control (C&C) servers and phishing campaigns, all are integrated with ThreatQuotient’s ThreatQ™  Platform. These feeds are incorporated into the ThreatQ platform by security teams based on unique threat detection needs, thanks to easy-to-use and  integration. All of the newest threat updates are delivered to SOCs and internal security teams without the need to modify configurations or build new software code.

“Our collaboration with ThreatQuotient helps organizations become more cyber resilient as methods for evading detection become increasingly advanced. Threat intelligence platforms like ThreatQ greatly improves detection capabilities and situational awareness across the entire operation while prioritizing SOC activities based on threat risk and potential impact,” said Andrei Florescu, vice president of product management, Bitdefender Business Solutions Group