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Prosimo and AWS Bring New Advanced Services to Simplify Cloud Networking

Prosimo, an Application Experience Infrastructure firm, announced new cloud networking features developed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) innovations to ease hybrid and multi-cloud networking. Clients who want to develop an elastic and scalable transit with AWS Cloud WAN for cross-region connectivity can use the Prosimo Application eXperience Infrastructure (AXI) platform, which includes cloud-native integrations. Furthermore, the availability of Containers Everywhere in the AWS Marketplace allows businesses to deploy Prosimo AXI edges across their hybrid architecture using a single AWS portal. Businesses prefer a secure and optimised network transit that utilises cloud-native constructs, auto-scales as the footprint tends to grow as business requirements change, and continues to work consistently across multiple cloud regions, edge locations, and co-locations.

“AWS is delighted to work closely with Prosimo as we share a common vision in helping customers simplify and automate cloud networking to support distributed workforces and digital transformation strategies. This work delivers tightly integrated services that leverage Prosimo AXI for comprehensive hybrid and multi-cloud networking with industry-leading cloud services from AWS to simplify the onramp, migration and management of the enterprise journey in the cloud of our customers,” said Chris Grusz, Director of Business Development, AWS Marketplace.

Hybrid architectures and multi-cloud networks have become progressively complex and dynamic as a result of the heterogeneous nature of enterprise cloud adoption. For enterprises to support distributed workplaces and deliver excellent customer experience, enterprises must provide a consistent, reliable, and secure experience throughout all business-critical and latency-sensitive applications for clients in any location. Moreover, as more organisations use cloud-native architectures to revamp application frameworks and deliver applications faster, ‘application to application’ networking offers a simplified, elastic, and scalable solution.

Prosimo AXI is a self-contained multi-cloud networking solution built on cloud-native frameworks that provide complete and accurate observability as well as ML-insight-driven recommendations and orchestration. Prosimo AXI provides enterprises with fine-grained command over routing for optimised application performance, as well as the capacity to create security policies based on a Zero Trust framework.

“Our work with AWS makes it easy and seamless for any enterprise to simplify and realize autonomous cloud networking at any stage of the multi-cloud journey from hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and to the edge. We are ecstatic to be working closely with AWS on go-to-market, collaborating on product integrations and delivering compelling new services to customers,” said Ramesh Prabagaran, CEO and co-founder of Prosimo.

“With these new features and functionality on the AXI Platform, Prosimo will be ideally suited to meet our goals:  enable modern infrastructure capabilities using newer AWS networking constructs such as CloudWAN, built-in observability for applications, and remove as much complexity as possible,” said Kevin Paige , CISO, Flexport.

 Clients can now orchestrate Transit Gateway, Virtual Private Cloud peering and PrivateLink, as well as AWS CloudWAN, using the Prosimo AXI platform, which utilises cloud-native connectivity frameworks. Clients can also easily migrate to the favoured cloud-native networking option, such as AWS CloudWAN, and create detailed, accurate and contextual policies while offering a fast, secure, and smooth on-demand application experience for users worldwide with no disruption to end-users using Prosimo AXI.

Accenture Announced Joint Investments and Extended Relationship with AWS to Help Organizations Get to Cloud Value

Accenture announced that its strategic joint business group with Amazon Web Services, Inc. is renewed (AWS). Accenture and AWS will make an extra joint investment for the next five years to help customers encourage innovation on the Cloud Continuum and boost business value at scale by providing solutions through the Accenture AWS Business Group, building on a 13-year relationship (AABG).

Following thousands of cloud projects, the extending AABG relationship announced will assist organisations in dealing with the technology, human, and business dimensions of cloud transformation at scale with greater speed and certainty. Accenture’s investment in AWS provides timely resources for Accenture Cloud First, a multi-service group that provides the full stack of cloud services designed specially to assist clients in becoming cloud-first businesses, letting them to fast-track their digital transformation, innovate faster, and create differentiated, sustainable value.

Accenture will build a series of new accelerators over the next five years to solve the most difficult challenges in cloud migrations, with the goal of enabling AWS innovations to be adopted up to 50% faster. Accenture will also continue to invest in data-driven solutions for talent development and organisational change as part of this investment, which are critical and frequently cited as a key barrier to realising cloud value.

The extended strategic relationship will assist clients in achieving industry differentiation by leveraging the unrivalled AABG joint portfolio of 175 assets and 20,000 cloud specialists with 24,000 AWS certifications, placing Accenture among the world’s top systems integrators with extensive AWS resources. Accenture and AWS have co-created nearly 40 solutions for 16 industries with proven use-case relevance to date in order to jumpstart client value.

Organizations should implement change under extreme time constraints in today’s hyper-competitive age of compressed transformation. Generali Vitality, a division of one of the world’s largest insurance and asset management companies, needed to scale quickly to reach new clients. Working with Accenture and AWS to leverage cloud-native technology, Generali Vitality is now ready to deploy new features at the touch of a button in order to continuously improve their products and customer engagement level.

Simon Guest, CEO of Generali Vitality said, “We have successfully launched in multiple European markets and our user base is constantly growing. Part of this journey has been enabled by smart use of cloud native technology and Accenture’s outstanding software engineering capabilities.”

“We’ve learned through experience that our customers’ success often hinges on two key factors: speed and the ability to adopt new ways of working. Our investment to create reusable accelerators and mechanisms with Accenture is intended to make cloud transformation and change programs easier and more predictable — so customers can continuously innovate and lead their industries,” said Matt Garman, senior vice president of sales and marketing at AWS.  

“On the Cloud Continuum, breakthrough innovations will continue at a rapid pace. Harnessing those innovations for competitive advantage will require a commitment to permanent reinvention. Together, we’re investing with AWS to help companies prioritize and invest in people transformation as much as tech transformation, which yields an average of 60% higher cloud return on investment,” said Karthik Narain, global lead of Accenture Cloud First.

Starburst Announced Saas Product Galaxy To Solve Cross-Cloud Analytics Challenges, Giving Access To Data Anywhere

Starburst, an analytics anywhere firm, announced the industry’s first cross-cloud analytics solution with the latest instalment of its SaaS product Starburst Galaxy announced it at AWS re:Invent, hosted by Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). This most recent version of Starburst Galaxy, first released in February 2021, now enables clients to query data across cloud platforms smoothly without compromising speed or access.

“Analyzing data across cloud providers is a growing concern for enterprises as data is increasingly generated and stored in multiple clouds, as well as on-premises data centers. Starburst is at the forefront of helping enterprises address this issue with its Starburst Galaxy managed service, which enables SQL queries to be federated across data stored in cloud object stores and data warehouses, on multiple clouds, without data movement,” said Matt Aslett, Vice President and Research Director at Ventana Research.

As a result of this year’s rapid digitization, countless companies are now using multiple cloud providers. Until now, running a business on multiple cloud providers’ platforms has been inefficient due to data access issues and pricing. Clients can now operate efficiently on AWS and other major cloud providers with Starburst Galaxy, removing data silos and challenges of the past.

“Many vendors make their products available in each of the major cloud providers and refer to them as ‘multi-cloud.’  Starburst is taking the industry to a new frontier, as the first to offer “cross-cloud” analytics, enabling SQL joins across tables living in different clouds. At Starburst, we believe you should own your own data and have the freedom to decide where it lives. With Galaxy, we’re excited to bring the first cross-cloud analytics SaaS platform to market, and proud to say it includes native security features, a flexible consumption model, and a great user experience,” said Justin Borgman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Starburst.

“Starburst and AWS are working together to provide a seamless, easy-to-access architecture across the cloud environment to meet customers’ demands in today’s modern, cloud-first workforce. Starburst Galaxy on AWS empowers organizations across industries with a cloud-based managed service that streamlines the querying and analysis of data so companies can quickly make data-driven decisions,” said Sabina Joseph, General Manager, Technology Partners at AWS.

Cloud analytics is offered by other vendors in the data analytics industry, but the Starburst Galaxy offering is significantly different. Until now, there has been no other architecture in the market that addresses these issues of cross-cloud analytics.

“We’re very excited about the future of Starburst Galaxy and cross-cloud analytics. The demand for an intuitive, easy to use platform where our customers can query across their cloud infrastructure is very high. Starburst Galaxy opens the door to meet this demand and help companies gain new insights that were previously impossible in the time they were needed,” said Michael Cesino, President at Visible Systems Corporation.