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Riphean Investments invests in RapidAscent Advanced Cyber Academy

Riphean Investments, a new investment company located in Fredericksburg, Virginia announced its investment in RapidAscent, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The terms of the transaction are not disclosed to the public.

Founded in 2020 by experienced startup executives with cybersecurity expertise, RapidAscent is committed to providing real on-the-job training for cybersecurity employees which will solve the biggest recruitment crisis in American companies – the cybersecurity workforce. Its eye-catching technical solutions of the course adapt to the needs of each student’s demands and directly address the company’s cybersecurity role and the expectations of employers.

“This is the perfect opportunity for Riphean Investments to partner with a mission-focused company proving national impact. RapidAscent has all the fundamentals we look for in a venture capital investment,” said Brian DeMuth, Partner at Riphean Investments. “We’re excited about the impact and look forward to accelerating their growth.”

The Cyber Academy’s adaptive learning curriculum is¬†developed in collaboration with industry leaders in finance, retail, utilities and energy, and aerospace and defense. Students will get live and asynchronous group instruction, hands-on apprenticeships, and live fire training as part of the program, allowing them to learn role-based skills and become a great resource for their future company quickly after they graduate.

“Global cyber-disruption has become a first-order economic and security threat increasing risk-of-loss for both G-2000 companies and Governments world-wide. Reducing these losses requires access to a new class of trained experts who have the skills honed by training in the latest cyber conflict environments, and who can provide robust solutions on production tools, systems, and controls. Training students and learners to dramatically increase corporate access to such experts is the mission of RapidAscent Academy and Workforce programs,” said RapidAscent CEO Mike Lyons.

RapidAscent is currently working on its first customized curriculum for students interested in working in cybersecurity in the aerospace industry. Within the next two quarters, they want to expand to two more industries.