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T-Mobile Launches IoT developer kits into the wild

T-Mobile Launches IoT developer kits into the wild
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T-Mobile US announced the release of an IoT developer kit to jump-start innovation on its wireless network, claiming that the action removes administrative barriers to connectivity and relevant experts. The kit is available through a self-service developer platform that was launched in March and provides access to a variety of certified equipment.

Rob Roy, T-Mobile’s senior vice president of Emerging Products, said, “T-Mobile is opening doors for innovators of all kinds, making building for wireless simple and easy…the way it should be. As an Un-carrier, we empower developers, no matter their size or stage of the development process they’re in, to create innovative connected solutions. Our IoT Developer Group, a fully functional group that seamlessly connects to our leading network, is our next big step in driving This innovation forward.

The IoT starter kit from T-Mobile costs $99. It has a CAT-M IoT SIM with 500MB of data storage and data rates up to 375Kb/s, an SDK for integrating with cloud services, embedded sensors, and radios, programming debugging tools, and access to open APIs. By encouraging the creation of pertinent goods and services, T-DevEdge Mobile’s platform seeks to pique interest in topics other than just 5G’s faster data rates.

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