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Styra added Repo Scan in its Declarative Authorization Service

Styra added Repo Scan in its Declarative Authorization Service
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Styra  has added Repo Scan as a feature in the Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS). This addition will provide Styra with scanning of configuration files in GitHub so that the platform teams have the power to prevent errors from making their way into production. 

Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, as well as the individual components of cloud applications, are all governed and managed by automated, adaptable tooling. It takes thousands of lines of configuration code to manage all of this tooling. This massive collection of code-based instructions has grown so complicated that it frequently creates room for error and raises the possibility of violating the law. 

Chris Hendrix, Director of Product Management at Styra stated, “No human can keep up with scanning thousands of lines of code, with infinite repetition, to ensure configuration changes and app updates don’t have unintended consequences. At Styra, we want to make our users’ jobs easier while ensuring that the applications and infrastructure they’re building are secure and compliant. This new addition to Styra DAS lets our customers shift their security policy left, all the way to code check-in time, to catch errors even earlier, and remediate risk from the start.” 

Platform teams now have a way to scan policy-as-code files in GitHub, and Repo Scan finds and flags problems to reduce the risk to availability, compliance, or security. Customers of Styra will be able to quickly identify errors and demonstrate their correction through dynamic compliance reporting thanks to this new capability. Utilizing an OPA-based policy that is completely extensible across platforms and tooling, empowers developers and promotes tool diversity. Automated policy enforcement that tracks and upholds policy boundaries from GitHub check-in to CICD to production deployment will increase productivity. 

Styra offers an OPA-based authorization platform for access control and security across cloud-native systems and applications. Styra expanded its policy-based authorization to microservices, gateways, and cloud-native entitlements management after focusing on policy-as-code guardrails for Kubernetes initially to ensure workload compliance for internal and external regulations. The business continues to offer clients and the OPA community enterprise authorization with the additions of Repo Scan to Styra DAS. 

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