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Stairwell Announces Partnership with Cyderes

Stairwell Announces Partnership with Cyderes
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Stairwell Inc, a leading cyber security platform, collaborated with a managed security, identity and access management solutions provider, Cyderes. It is the first managed security services provider (MSSP) of Stairwell’s flagship product, the Inception platform. Following this collaboration, Inception will efficiently expand the capabilities of Cyderes’ managed detection and response solutions for the modern enterprise.

Using Inception, security teams can now recognize malware and suspicious artifacts that have eluded point-in-time security controls. The platform continuously examines an organization’s surroundings in comparison to the most recent threat intelligence gleaned from numerous sources, exposing threats that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. Inception accelerates the triage, investigation, and remediation processes when malware-led attacks are discovered and enables the development of customized defenses that attackers are unable to test against.

Mike Wiacek, CEO and Founder at Stairwell, said, “It’s extremely satisfying to bring the Inception platform’s recursive contextual threat analysis, detection, and response capabilities to the Cyderes solution stack. This combination delivers expanded visibility into malicious activity that traditional point-in-time defenses miss and empowers our joint customers with tailor-made defenses that attackers can’t evade. Not only are our solutions better together, we also have parallel visions about how cybersecurity must change to outsmart sophisticated attackers, and a driving commitment to achieving that goal.”

Through this partnership, Cyderes will also be able to improve its in-house cloud technology platform, CNAP (Cloud Native Analytics Platform). CNAP is offered as a Security as a Service (SECaaS) offering to overcome the established limitations of conventional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology. This reduces the administrative burden of data management, maximizes analyst productivity, and enhances the effectiveness of analytics. Security operations teams employing CNAP are now better equipped to outsmart attackers, thanks to Inception’s direct integration.

Eric Foster, President at Cyderes, said, “As cyber threats grow at unprecedented rates, enterprises need the ability to detect and respond to suspicious activity at warp speed. By integrating Cyderes’ proprietary CNAP platform with Inception, we are adding critical capabilities to our service so that our clients can rest assured their systems are not compromised,” said. “With this partnership, we are introducing an innovative and truly ground-breaking solution that empowers organizations to stay a step ahead of threat actors.”

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