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Splunk proclaims updates for multi-cloud and hybrid environments!

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Splunk has announced platform upgrades to address the complexities of multi-cloud and hybrid settings. The next generation of Splunk platforms has been announced by Splunk. Customers can make business decisions about data with complete fidelity, respond rapidly to data insights, and acquire those insights throughout the enterprise in a hybrid cloud with new upgrades to the Splunk Cloud Platform and the public availability of Splunk Enterprise 9.0. Customers will be able to access more data sources, uncover and operate insights, expand deployments more quickly and securely, and streamline management because of this.

Sarika Attal, VP of Enterprise Architecture and Technology Services, Papa John’s International said, “Splunk provides visibility into parts of our business that we never had before providing data across the company, not just our technology team. We now have full visibility in both our e-commerce and in-store operations with Splunk’s platform solutions helping us deliver the best service to our customers in a store, on mobile devices, via our third-party aggregators or digitally-enabled call center, Papacall.”

End-to-end visibility with better data access and optimal storage improves customer selection, control, and cost savings:

Splunk’s cloud platform data management will provide a scalable data onboarding experience on both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Support for Google Cloud Platform will be available later this summer, allowing data to flow into Splunk in minutes with an easy-to-manage hybrid cloud control plane.

Capture the moment, People may obtain data in the right location, in the right shape, at the right time, and take action on it by filtering, masking, and routing data traveling to AWS S3 storage inside or outside the Splunk platform.

Enterprise 9.0 is the latest version of Splunk. Add Microsoft Azure with SmartStore for Azure to extend cost-effective cold storage beyond Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, allowing self-managed Splunk Enterprise clients to save up to 70% on operational costs.

“Forward-thinking organizations demand full-stack integration across business processes to unlock innovation, improve security and drive business resilience despite the complexity of technology environments,” said Garth Fort, Chief Product Officer, Splunk. “The latest innovations in the Splunk Platform enable customers to address the complexities of multi-cloud and hybrid environments, rapidly identify signals from noise, and turn data insights into business outcomes.”

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